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My first, best friend

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My first, best friend by
I am 22 years old and first I want to say I just discovered this site and I love it! My story is about my first experience ever with masturbation. I started masturbation when I was about 10 and my first mutual happened when I was about 12 yrs old with my be friend brian. It actually happened when we were swimming in the pool. It started off like any other day swimming in my pool. We we all alone in my backyard and were fooling around. We keep climbing out and diving back in when I got the bright idea that I would pull brian's pants down when he was getting out next time. But when I pulled his pants down they got stuck around his ankles.

While he was standing on the stairs struggling with his pants he started getting a hard on. He finally just fell back into the water so he could pull his pants up and I dove under the water to get a better look at his hard on while he pulled up his pants. Well, I'm definitely not gay or anything but I was curious about sexuality and the was the first person, besides myself in the mirror, that I had ever seen naked. He kinda got embarassed and asked me if it ever happened to me. I was a little embarasses but I said it had and he told me it wasn't fair that I got to see his hard on and he didn't get to see mine. Next thing I new we kept taking turns with the goggles and diving down to see each other's hard ons. This eventually progressed to some light petting until my dad almost caught us.

We eventually moved over to his basement so we could continue experimenting. He had some clay and said he wanted to make a clay model of my hardon. I told him i would only pull mine out if he did. The clay was a great excuse to play with and examine each others hard ons until we both finished our models. I kept making tha excuse that I need to fix mine so I could play with his hard on and eventually we stopped making clay models and just started masturbating each other and talking about sex with girls. Needless to say we both ended up cuming (me for the first time). We never did repeat the experience and never talked about it after that but i still think about it ever once in a while and wonder what that summer could have been like if we did.



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