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My First and Second Dates With A Very Hot Gal - Part 2

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Getting Close and Cozy and Intensely Aroused With More Foreplay At Her Place


Meanwhile, after the theater we needed to pick up some Chinese dinners to take back to her place but it wasn't food we were immediately wanting, so we decided to wait awhile and have a glass of wine first. Seated on her sofa, we started in with some passionate kissing again as well as some serious touching and feeling -- not quite being able to get enough of having our hands all over each other.

She soon had moved and positioned herself on her back with her head and shoulders across my lap and her legs straight out to my left on the sofa and I began running my hand over her breasts and belly and down over her pubic area, and then down over the tops of her legs and between her thighs...when we had first arrived at her home she went to change into 'something more comfortable' (which turned out to be no panties and a pair of stretch lounge pants (perfectly alright with me!) and soon she was telling me again, more than a bit to my surprise to: "Put your finger in my pussy". I was not entirely used to a woman being so much the aggressor, but it's an exciting scenario for sure and I agreeably did in fact 'put - my - finger - in -her- pussy', reaching down into the waistband of her pants and down over her nice pubic hair and deftly spreading her pussy lips a little so I could insert my finger into her vagina, which naturally was already very wet with her own lubrication...Wow, How Hot Was That!... and it really didn't take that long to get there to that very special private place of hers that she was so willing for me to touch and enter for our mutual pleasure and gratification!

So I played around down there for awhile, getting a very nice whole handful of pussy while also working her clit, all the time getting her and me so terribly, pleasurably aroused! She excused herself briefly to leave the room and then of course I had to sneek a sniff of my fingers to check the scent and aroma of her pussy which turned out to be exotically delightful, a bit musky and quite overwhelmingly arousing --- as if I needed any more sensory stimulation of any kind!

Next, when she came back she promptly straddled my legs and sat facing me and soon I was helping her get her top off and then her bra (have mercy--somebody help me---not really) and then I got to see another part of her I was desperately wanting to see: her rather large, full beautiful breasts staring me right in the face, close enough to, well you know, and then she was again directing the scene and saying: "I want you to suck my nipples", which because I 'who ain't no fool', had concurrently been totally and anxiously thinking about doing...I think her nipples had already been looking erect but when I started sucking on them and alternately feeling and squeezing her breasts, her nipples became even more exquisitely taut...I was telling her things like how much I loved her tits and her nipples and she was squirming and kind of bouncing up and down on my lap and telling me to suck them hard and even harder and we were getting so intensely more aroused and both saying things like "oh baby that feels soo goood", etc. etc....AMAZING!

So then the next other great idea she came up with when she got off my lap and knelt down beside me on the sofa was to start helping me undo my belt and unzip my pants and pull them half-way down to my knees...and then she was touching and stroking my cock, which by that time was pretty much totally hard and erect (standing up very nicely, thank you) and then she said: " I just want to kiss it" and then I didn't really have to say anything since there was no way in Hades I was going to object to that!! Thinking back now (and I'm not sure what else I was thinking then), I can imagine making an amusing anecdote or cartoon out of this delightfully momentous situation--- something like:' I was hearing the little voice in my head warning me that this was just a trick and she wasn't just going to kiss it, and you should make her promise that she was only going to do that because she was probably lying and wanted to take more liberties with you, like actually (gasp!) putting it in her mouth---oh no not that, how could she'!!

Well, in reality the first thing she did in fact was kiss it , but then she did slip my cock in her mouth---and while not deep-throating it, went up and down the shaft of that bad-boy just about twice and with a nice rather gentle suction---which of course she didn't have to stop right there on my account, notwithstanding that she had already exceeded the boundary of her initial so-stated objective to "just kiss it"---just enough to qualify it as a real genuine cock-teasing gesture---but what the heck, I took it in the spirit of being playful and fun and figured there would be more to come for sure when we most certainly and eventually and hopefully within about five seconds would exit, stage left, to the boudoir!!! [ To Be Concluded in Part 3 ]



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