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My Experimentation

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I've never seen anyone experiment in this way. Enjoy!


My first masturbation and orgasm happened when I was in the 6th grade. I decided to investigate my pussy and I remember the fear I had about insertion. I had some vague understanding about what happened during sex, but I wasn't sure how I'd execute my exploration.
I enjoyed crocheting at that time and had a crocheting hook that was going to play a part in this. I decided I wanted that inside me, but not poking straight in. The idea of hurting myself kept me very cautious. For those who don't know, a crochet hook is about the length of a pencil and this one was about the same size around too. The only difference was that at one end there is a small hook. That is what I held on to.
I was lying down in my bed and spread my lips open so I could slide the hook just past my lips. I didn't push it straight in. The hook was vertical, not horizontal. I began to wiggle the hook around a bit, just trying to get used to it. I remember feeling really naughty for doing this. I'm sure this added to my excitement.
I noticed that the faster I wiggled the end of the hook the better it felt. I could slowly move and press myself against it as I made quick circling motions with the hook. The hook rested against the hood of my clit (of course, I didn't know anything about all that back then!) But as I continued writhing against my hook I began feeling this electricity building up inside me. My clit would get harder and harder.
It didn't take long for me to get there. The sensation of build-up and aching that was happening inside me was both scary and exhilarating. I remember softly moaning as the spasms inside my pussy reached their peak. As I lay there resting from this high, I remember thinking that I was going to do this again.
I know I used that hook to masturbate with many more times. I also switched to using pencils, still not liking the idea of penetration (silly me!) I experimented with just using my fingers but never really had the same kind of explosive orgasms I could have using the first method I had discovered.
I don't know if anyone else has this experience, but I find that I am more aroused and more able to have a very intense orgasm by having a slight urge to urinate before I masturbate. If my bladder is too full, it prevents pleasure. It has to be just right.
I also found that by not having anything penetrating me could feel the contractions of my pussy as I climax much more. It wasn't until years later when I became sexually active did I realize the difference in sensations. Not that one is better than the other, both are wonderful, just different.
This was the main way I masturbated for the first half of my life. Of course, I tried other ways, but that was my fave. Only until quite recently did I find a method that would come to replace my first.
If anyone doubts the validity of those people describing using electric toothbrushes, let me assure you, it is true. Some of the most satisfying and amazing orgasms I have ever experienced (during masturbation or from sexual intercourse) have come from an Oral B toothbrush. More about that another time.



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