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My Experiences With Naturism

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I've seen a number of wonderful stories concerning nudism on this site, so I thought I would share my own.


I was first introduced to nudism when I was 9 years old. My friend Hannah and her family moved into town, and Hannah was in my class. We had many things in common, so it was only natural that we became friends. As it turned out, Hannah's family, her parents and two younger brothers were nudists. I didn't learn this until the first time I slept over at their house, when everyone but me was just hanging around naked. It didn't take long for me to join them, and soon enough I was enjoying the freedom of nudity. Every time I would go to Hannah's house after that I was nude. In the summer, we would hang out at her pool and I would go skinny dipping. I fell in love with nudism, even though it was something I knew my parents probably wouldn't approve of, so I kept it secret from them.

When we were about 13, Hannah taught me about masturbation. We were at her house and her parents were out with the boys, so we had the place to ourselves. We went to her room and laid on the bed facing each other. She spread her legs and I watched as she began gently rubbing her fuzzy pussy. She moaned as she slipped a finger in and rubbed her clit. I did the same, spreading my legs, rubbing my pussy and fingering myself. Watching her got me more horny and pretty soon we both came. It was great, and we would do this all the time together for a long, long time.

A few years later, Hannah's parents decided on a vacation at a nudist resort in Europe. I was invited, though I had to omit the nudist resort part when asking my parents. So for a month, we were going to be at the resort. Not a stitch of clothing the entire time. This place was a real eye opener. I had never been around so many naked people before, but mainly I had never seen boys my age naked! I had seen Hannah's dad, who was an attractive older man, but he was an older man. And her brothers were too little. But now I was seeing boys my age, and seeing all their dicks just hanging out, well, it got me horny. Every day, I would rush into the shower before dinner so I could get myself off.

Hannah and I befriended a boy named Amary. He was our age and from France, and had some similar interests. He was a really nice guy and I liked him a lot. For the first couple weeks, we mostly would hang out with Amary at the pool. One day we went back to his room. I don't remember exactly how the conversation came up, but we started talking about sex. I'm sure it was Hannah's doing, she was curious and very forward. So we talked for a while and it didn't take long for Amary to show his arousal. I had seen Hannah's brothers with erections before, but this was different. This was a boy my age, and I was attracted to him, and it wasn't an accident. His boner was the result of our conversation. I decided to see if I could make something of this.

I asked Amary if he ever masturbated. Of course he did, and then I asked him if he ever saw a girl do it. He hadn't, so I made a deal with him. Hannah and I could watch him and he could watch us. Amary liked this idea. We sat on the floor, Hannah and I facing Amary. We spread our legs, and my hand went quickly to my dripping wet pussy. I watched as Amary wrapped his fingers around his hard cock and slowly started pumping it. I slipped a finger in, and rubbed my clit, watching as he pumped away at his hard on. I could hear Hannah breathing heavy next to me, and Amary began to grimace as he came closer and closer to orgasm. He grabbed a towel and came all over it. Seeing him spurt his semen did it for me, and I exclaimed as I came myself. A few seconds later, Hannah followed.

This became a routine for the rest of the vacation. I never did see Amary after that, but I often mention him when Hannah and I are masturbating together.



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