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My Experience

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Hello every one: I thank you for having a site like this. I am 23 years male, I live in south India. Till now I have not had sex, I am still a virgin. But I would like to break my virginity. All these days only masturbation has made me feel satisfied for my sexual feelings. As like others I seek for privacy to do the same. I am horny at most of the time and I have the precum filled in my unddi always. I love the wet feeling and the slippery viscous fluid that oozes out all time. Here I am going to share my experiences and masturbation how all it started. Believe me these are all true happened in my life. I started masturbating when I was 14. My friend and my self were talking about sex and exploring the same with books, that moment I had not attained puberty. After about 2 weeks later that time, when I came back from my school this white fluid was oozing out of my penis, I was scared to find that. I thought I will inform my parents that I am not feeling well with my health. But at the same time I had the continuous pleasure, which I don't want to avoid. So I dint inform any one. The very next day when I was in the class (9th standard), my mathematics (was the first hour) teacher found my pants were wet in front of my penis, as I was jerking in the class, I was not known that moment what I was doing, but was curious to have the pleasure. I was shit scared that she found me playing with my penis. She asked me to go to the loo and pee and come. When I came back to the class, she asked me to meet her in the evening after class hours. As said I went and met her, she told me that it's normal that a white fluid will ooze out from your penis, not to worry. But my excitement was very high and I became horny too. She told me that she will be teaching me how to masturbate. I was curious to know about sex that moment and I accepted too, more because she was a female. Since it was in the evening after class hours time, not many were there in the school, she took me to an empty class room and stripped my full pant down. She held my penis in her hand started pumping, I was confused but enjoying. Looking for support I held her breasts,(she asked me to inform me if I feel like Cumming) when I said that fluid is going to come out, she put my penis her mouth and started sucking it softly, and pumped in and out in her mouth. I cummed in her mouth, and she sollowed my cum, leaving no trace on the bench. then she said this is how you should masturbate. My teacher taught me how to masturbate. after this almost every evening I will go to her to have fun. we played for about a month. she left the job and went to different place to live with her family. thanks to my teacher. Since then almost everyday I masturbate. I have a lot of incidents where I masturbated for need. When I come back from school, I will ride the cycle very fast so that I can sweat a lot, then I get inside my room and start playing with myself. It will last for about an hour, when I about to cum I will stop and stay for a while. Then I will go to take bath, in the bath room I masturbate again to increase the excitement and I lay on the floor with my wet unddi on and I will cum to pleasure. In the same school days, there was a girl next to my home, she was too, attained her puberty that time, I will make her sit on my lap with her ass on my penis and I will start masturbating. She never complained. But after that in myself I had guilty that masturbation is sin and bad to health. So I avoided that and every thought that excites me. it was almost 5 months I dint masturbate and had many wet dreams. As this went on, in the week ends I use to feel bored staying alone in the hostel. One of my friends he also has a house in a village with his joint family staying together. So one week end he took me to his village house in the joint family. There was a separate room in the upstairs where his cousin's room is there. There his cousin's wife, she was feeding her baby milk from her huge breast, I was shocked to see that one reason I had never seen a bare breasts and another that she was too masturbating, with the baby sucking her nipples. First time in my life I saw a female masturbating. I was excited and I came back, without making any noise. in the same night my friend asked me to sleep in his cousin's room in the upstairs. I was given a small adjacent place to sleep. that night my friend's cousin's wife and his cousin started playing with each other, and stated having sex. all this I was watching from the corner of the adjacent room. I was very excited and the precum started almost filled my undddi completely wet. With out my control I stated jerking and I had an intense orgasm thrice, that I did masturbation after 5 months. Hostel was just a paradise. I can masturbate any time and go to attend class, the next moment. I have friends who are girls too; staying with them will make my penis to ooze out the precum. I know these friends of mine girls are too, like me, there are horny and masturbate in the class itself. They put a pencil in their pussy, though they will be wearing jeans, salwar kameez (Indian dress). I can literally see their breasts sizing up like pumped balloons and their eyes turned red and dreamy. This builds up my excitement; I go back to hostel and cum like mad for 2 to 3 times sometimes. That was really awesome. I wish I could have had sex with them. But I am the unlucky one cos these girls every one of them and my friends had sex. I was not known about sex that time and was very shy to talk about sex to them. Still I don't have a girl friend in my life. ( I wish some one comes in my life.
Then at one moment I went to my friend's house his name starts with 'V'. He had to go along with his girl friend to some near by hill to enjoy. I went to watch cricket match (as there was no TV in my hostel). His parents were also had gone out of station, that very morning. So I was left alone in his house, to watch cricket. Since no one was there at home I felt bored, thought listening to music and I took a nameless cd, looked pretty old, and played in the CD player. I was shocked to find that it was a pornographic movie, which my friend and his girl friend were watching some time before I went to their house. I was excited and started oozing out my precum. I knew I was alone, but then I wanted to go to the bath room and masturbate, since I dint want to leave any trace in the hall. In the bath room I found my friend's mom's soiled bra and panties. That cummed me with out jerking. I wore the wet soiled bra on myself and took the panties smelling awesome. I found two 500 ml milk pockets kept in the refrigerator, added them to fill in the bra to look like exact breasts, she really had the big boobs. Then I started masturbating for about two hours. I had the great masturbations, 4 times in two hrs of time. I wish I have a girl friend. I know this could be wired but I am helpless. These were in my college days. When I started to go for work, small office, but the office had no work. One of my co worker, she is too horny too and masturbates in office in front of me, making me wet and jerk if front of her. I like her sweat odor from her underarms and the wet pussy smell for hers when she pees in the loo. She too likes my precum and enjoys the smell of my body odor. But we never had touched each other, though we knew each other well. At another time, one of my friend's mom and he stays at home, as his father is away for some reasons for a long while. My friend's mom likes me a lot and is very horny to have sex with me. But I avoid her, as I will be doing injustice to my friendship. She shown me her body completely and makes me smell her panties and bra. That really excited me. I masturbate there itself. There again she eats my cum always. But I never touch her. all these days only masturbation made me feel satisfied for my sexual appetite. Thank to this site that has solved many of my doubts. Now I am ready to do anything happily, and I am always wet and hot. I know the girl who is going to get me is the luckiest one and will feel proud of me. ( I wish some one comes in my life, to whom I can make love with my soul and heart romantically truthfully) .
thankz S. G.



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