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Mrs. Hicks is so excited that she has my Mom masturbate her!


After Mom let Mrs. Hicks masturbate me clinically (after all, she is a nurse), and I came spectacularly all over her, I ran out of the room pretending to be embarrassed! But instead I watched through a crack in the door after I left the room. Mrs. Hicks was sitting on the chair when Mom came back. "Amie, since I used my hands to masturbate your daughter, you said you'd pay me back in any way I saw fit. And I'd like that re-payment right now, if you don't mind. I'm very sexually stimulated and I want to you to help me relieve myself. Please keep all your clothes on and sit here on the chair as I stand before you. After we start, please close your eyes so you don't see my face, please." "I'll do as you say, Ann." 


Mrs. Hicks took off her panties and bra, stood in front of Mom and started rubbing her crotch against Mom's breast. She had her hands on her hips and just kept rocking back and forth. There was a big wet spot on Mom's blouse. Soon it was soaked and you could see right through it. "This feels very good, Amie. I enjoy masturbating myself like this, but I don't often get the chance. I enjoy being fully nude while others are clothed. I'm a little embarrassed by how excited I get by this, so I don't want you to open your eyes. I'm going to have my first orgasm soon, but I usually have three or four before I'm fully satisfied. Yes, that's it, just stay still for a moment, I've almost reached my climax." I could see Mrs. Hicks' face in the mirror, and her lips were pursed, her eyes were closed and her eyebrows were all the way up. "Here I go now, Amie, I'm orgasming now." Her hips moved fast over Mom's breast and her mouth opened into an "O" shape, and I could see why she wanted her face hidden, because it was a very unusual face she was making. Then she stood still, trembling slightly as she pinched and pulled on her own nipples. She exhaled loudly. 



"You can open your eyes now, Amie, but we are not done yet. I'm going to perch myself on my hands and knees here on the bed, and I want you to put three fingers in my vagina." Mrs. Hicks assumed her position and Mom knelt beside her. I could see her insert first one, then two, then three fingers into Mrs. Hicks' cunt. "That's very good, Amie, now move them very slowly, in and out, in and out. Put your other hand underneath me and milk my breasts please. Yes, that's good, a little slower. I think I'm going to need something larger. Do you have a cucumber?" "I'm so sorry, Ann, but I didn't go shopping yet." "Hmmm. I'm going to need something larger inserted in my vagina so I can orgasm that way. I remember when Patty was born, my vagina was quite stretched out, and my husband could put his entire hand inside me. Your hand is quite a bit smaller, Amie, why don't you see if you can fit it inside." "I don't know Ann, I don't want to hurt you and I-" "I said DO IT, Amie. Do it now." Mom gently put her fingers together and tried to ease them into Mrs. Hicks' pussy, and all of a sudden she bucked backwards and Mom's hand went inside all the way up to her wrist. "There, that's better, move your hand now, Amie, slowly, so that I can achieve another orgasm. Close your eyes again please, and keep milking my breasts."



Mom did as she was told, and moved her whole hand slowly in and out of Mrs. Hicks' cunt. Mrs. Hicks started to make that same blissful "O" face, I could see it in the mirror, and I knew she was going to come soon. "Ann," my Mom said, "I'm starting to get very sexually stimulated, as you say. Would you mind if I masturbated to orgasm?" "I don't want you to move either of your hands, Amie, as I'm getting closer to my climax. Why don't you have your daughter come in and masturbate you? I can see her in the mirror looking through the crack in the door." 



"Jill, is that you watching out there? Shame on you. This is a very private moment. Ann, I'm sure you understand, it would be very embarrassing for me to have my own daughter masturbate me in front of you." "Amie, I've seen everything there is to see. I am a nurse, as you know. Now, I insist upon it, Amie. Jill, would you come in here a moment?" I sheepishly walked in, acting all embarrassed. "Your Mother is becoming excited, and she needs some relief. Would you please slip your hands into her pants and panties, and fondle her clitoris until she orgasms? I understand that it might be embarrassing for you, but I need her to continue to penetrate my vagina and massage my breasts."



"Okay, if Mom says it's okay." "It's okay, honey, it shouldn't take very long." Mrs. Hicks said, "You can unbutton your Mother's pants but do not remove them." I knelt behind my Mom and unbuttoned her pants and slipped my hand inside them, and inched it further down under her panties. She was dripping wet. I didn't have much room so I just ran my finger up and down her slit a few times, and I could hear her panting. "Oh my god, Honey, I think I'm going to come already." Mrs. Hicks said, "Take your hand out of her panties, Jill, I don't want her to come until I'm finished. I need her to concentrate on my vagina and breasts. You may put both your hands into her blouse and bra and stimulate her nipples if you'd like." I reached around and unbuttoned her top two blouse buttons, and put both hands into her bra. One of my hands was all wet from her pussy.



"Good girl, Jill, keep moving your hand, Amie, I'm almost ready to climax." I said, "Wow, Mrs. Hicks, I can't believe you can fit Mom's whole hand in your pussy! I wish I could do that!" She said, "Well, you may be able to during your child-bearing years. It is quite pleasurable. In fact, I feel almost ready to finish now. Here comes my orgasm." She started to make that same excited face again, and then exhaled loudly. "There, that feels so much better. I just climaxed. Do you feel the contractions, Amie?" "Yes, oh yes. Yes, I feel them." 



My Mom started bucking her hips. She was going to come right into her panties with me only touching her nipples. "Oh yes... yes, I feel your orgasm, Ann. I'm going to come now, too." She was trying to keep calm like Mrs. Hicks did, but she was trembling. "OH SHIT I'M COMING!I'M COMING! OH MY GOD! OHHHHHHH...." My Mom started to squirt, right through her pants. All three of us looked down at her as her pussy made little noises as the squirting shot right through her pants and panties as my hands moved inside her bra. Some of it dripped right onto Mrs. Hicks' calf and ankle. "Ann, look what you've done. You ejaculated right onto me. You both expel quite a bit of fluid during orgasm, but it's not uncommon, and nothing to worry about. I'm going to get cleaned up, I have some errands to run." 



She picked up her clothes and made for the bathroom. Mom collapsed on the bed, and I said goodbye and ran to my room to call Patty as quickly as my feet could carry me.







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