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After we return home, Mom asks or neighbor Mrs. Hicks to masturbate me!


After the events in the teachers' lounge I was still nude in the car with my hands covering my breasts and pussy. Mrs Delaney forbade me from relieving myself until we were at our house. "Mom, I can't wait until we get home. I'm about to explode- I have to come RIGHT NOW!" "You heard what Mrs. Delaney said, you can't masturbate until we get home. It won't be long," she said. "I have to jerk off, Mom, how is she going to know?" "She seems to know when we're lying, I don't know how, but I don't want her to punish us even more. She already has a lot on us. Shit, is that your pussy leaking all over? Cup your hand underneath so it doesn't get on the upholstery." It WAS my pussy leaking, and I wasn't even touching it. All of a sudden my pussy started to spasm and come started gushing out of my pussy in short little spurts. It splattered onto the seat. "Mom I can't help it, it's coming out in squirts- you have to pull over!" She pulled over onto the side of the road, and I opened the door and splayed my legs so the juice could squirt out onto the sidewalk. I came without even touching myself, so technically I had not yet masturbated. It came out in about ten spurts, the longest was about two feet. There were people in houses that could see me, I'm not sure if they did or not. I sat back in the car.


"Mom, hurry up and drive!" She started driving super fast, and then I heard it: a cop car behind us. "Shit!" She said, "I'm getting pulled over. Try to cover yourself up." Two cops sauntered out of their car and Mom opened the window as she showed her license and registration. "Is that your daughter? Why is she completely nude?" One of them asked. "My daughter has a terrible fever and stripped off all her clothes, I'm just trying to get her home as fast as I can." "Why is the dashboard all wet?" "I poured my water on her to try and bring her temperature down, but I got it all over the place." For some reason, being naked in front of two good-looking cops started my pussy flowing again, and it started spasming. I knew I was going to start squirting, and sure enough, right through my fingers trying to cover myself up, spurts of my juices started to fall onto the floor with a rhythmic splat, splat, splat, splat. You couldn't not notice it, but they didn't say anything. "Okay, I'm going to let you get home, but don't let her ride around in the nude, it's actually illegal." For some reason I got so excited when he was looking at me, that I took my hand away from my spasming cunt and let my juices pour onto the floor in front of him. My hand was soaked. He looked surprised but tried not to show it, and we pulled off and away.



"Okay honey, we're almost home." She parked the car and I literally streaked into the house. I was standing at the door masturbating furiously when Mom walked in. "Hey, you heard what she said, you're not allowed to use your hands!" "Mom, please jerk me off!" "I'm not allowed to masturbate you either!" "Hurry- call Patty! She knows how to jerk me off!" My Mom dialed as fast as she could. "Shit, Patty's not there? Ann, I have a big favor to ask of you, I'll explain it when you get here." I sat rubbing my legs together, completely wet and shaking.



Patty's mom came over a few minutes later. Mom said, "Ann, thanks for getting here so fast. I don't have time to explain. I know it's going to sound crazy, but I need you to masturbate my daughter. I can't do it because there's something wrong with my hand and the doctor says she needs to release her sexual tensions. Since you're a nurse I know this won't embarrass you too much. Would you do me this favor? If not, it's okay, but if you will I will return the favor any way you want." Patty's mom said, "Well, that one's really off the wall, Amie. Why doesn't she masturbate herself? It's a very unusual request. I'm not prudish or anything, you know that as a nurse I have seen the human body at its best and worst." "I understand, Ann, but the doctor specifically said to have someone else masturbate her, I forgot to ask why." "Well.... I guess if it's for a medical reason. I see she's already nude, and she looks quite excited. Does she ejaculate?" "She might, Ann, so stand back when I tell you to, because she might spray on your clothes." "Okay. Yes, this is a new dress. Come over here, honey, and sit on this chair, and I'll sit on this one sideways and fondle your clitoris and breasts until you climax, okay? Go ahead and open up for me." "Yes, Mrs. Hicks. Thank you for masturbating me." She sat me down and opened my legs. She put her forefinger on the entrance to my asshole and used her thumb to rub up and down on my clit. With her left hand, she ran her thumb and forefinger up and down my breast and gently pinched my nipple as she went.



I was so excited I could have spewed a river onto her but I wanted to make it last as long as I could. "My goodness, Mrs. Hicks, you really know how to masturbate me very well. Have you done this for patients?" "Yes, of course, I have had to masturbate many patients during my time as a nurse, for various reasons, both men and women." "It feels so good, Mrs. Hicks. Would you mind if I took one of your breasts out so I could see it?" "Well, I'm a little shy that way, so perhaps if you ask your Mom to turn her head while my breast is out." I nodded at Mom and she turned away, but I could see her looking in the mirror. Before she could change her mind I unbuttoned her top two buttons and reached in to bring her right breast out of her bra, touching the nipple. "Oooooh," she cooed unexpectedly. I stared at her perfect breast, which was jiggling away as she masturbated me expertly. 



I asked, "Have you ever had to masturbate Patty this way?" "Just once, when I was showing her how to reach orgasm by herself. She was a very quick learner and picked it up the very first time." "Did she do it right in front of you?" "Why, yes, of course. I told her to." "Were you both nude?" "Yes, Jill, of course." "And did you masturbate also?" "Yes I did, by way of showing her how. I fondled my own clitoris to show her how. I achieved a wonderful orgasm right in front of her, and then she masturbated herself to a wonderful climax." I was quivering under her manipulations.



She said, "That's it, honey, just relax. Does it feel good?" I nodded, looking up at her gently smiling face. "It feels good, Mrs. Hicks. I'm getting ready to come. I like the way your breast is jiggling like that. I love the way you jerk me off." "Oh, you mean masturbate, don't you. You like the way I'm masturbating you. You won't tell Patty about this will you? I would be very embarrassed if she knew that I was masturbating you right in front of your mother." "Do you masturbate often, Mrs. Hicks?" Patty's Mom said to mine, "Amie, would you mind leaving the room while I discussed it with your daughter?" Mom said fine, she'd be back in a little while to check up on us. Mrs. Hicks kept her forefinger on my asshole, which was now wet with my juices, and slowly and gently flicked my clit with her thumb. She said, "Well, yes, honey, of course I masturbate, most women do. I often stimulate myself to climax right before I go to bed, it helps me get to sleep. Don't tell Patty, we never discuss these types of things."



"I won't tell her, Mrs. Hicks, just please don't stop. I'm getting ready to come. Watch out, Mrs. Hicks, because I might spray. I don't want to ruin your clothes. I'm almost there... OH.. Oh, god I'm getting close.... I'm going to come, Mrs. Hicks...." "I'd better take my dress off in case you ejaculate, Jill." She stood up and removed it, and sat down in her panties with her breast still hanging out of her bra. She had a nice, lean body. "I'm going to come now, Mrs. Hicks, here I go!" "You go right ahead, Jill. Let yourself go, and spray if you need to, I'm ready. Amie, your daughter is ready to orgasm." Ohhhh.... OHHHHH! I'M COMING! I'M COMING!" And four or five forceful jets came right out of my pussy and onto her leg. One of them went so high that it hit her exposed breast. I wanted the juices to hit in the face but they ended up on her thighs, stomach, and one on her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard. "Oh my, Jill, you ejaculated right onto me." "I'm so sorry Mrs. Hicks, I couldn't stop it, I was just so excited." "I forgive you, Dear. Go wash up now, I need to talk to your Mom for a moment." I stood up to run into the bathroom, and when I looked back Mrs. Hicks was rubbing my come onto her skin.




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