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My Ex-wife's Friend

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Althea, my ex-wife's friend, surprised me in many different ways. One could say she seduced me. Although we never had sex per se, we kissed and cuddled a few times, and it was special.  


Althea and her husband visited, often, and the four of us went out together often. There were times when she alone visited. She'd just drop in and my then wife and her would sit together and talk and laugh for what seemed like hours. They had once worked at the same bank - that's where they met and became friends. Ex-wife changed jobs, but Althea remained at the bank where they had met.

There were times Althea came around and I would be at home alone. On those occasions we talked - sometimes she'd stay for a short while only and then leave again. I found her to be unusually uninhibited. At first I was surprised, but later accepted it as just how she is.

It was not innocent. Her talk with me when we were alone was not the same as when my wife was there. I think she did it to turn me on or tease me.

One story she told me - I'm not sure it wasn't just made up - was about her "masturbating" in public. I use " " because it was hands-free.

In small talk I'd asked about work and stuff and she told me she had done a course at work, boring, some foreign exchange stuff. "Fortunately the course presenter was hot". Her words, followed with giggles. He'd walk up and down in the front of the lecture facility and she enjoyed watching him and fantasizing.

I asked, about the fantasy. She was vague, oh kissing and touching. But then she went on to describe pressing her thighs together and the pleasure would ripple through her lower body each time she did it.

There were about 8 colleagues taking the course. She knew she'd orgasm if she continued, but, she explained, their being there did not bother her. She'd done this many times when bored in other situations and knew her responses; she could control her responses. When it came she'd stop squeezing her legs together, wait a few seconds, then squeeze again. She'd delay cumming a number of times. When finally she let go she knew there would be a few involuntary jerks, but she'd cover that up by repositioning, crossing her legs the other way, moving deliberately to hide the involuntary spasms. She could feel/hear her heart pounding as she came. Breathing would be harder too and she'd probably be unable to prevent her eyes shutting momentarily, but not so that others would notice. And then she'd let the pleasure wash over her.

I don't know if she made it up. Just to see my reaction perhaps. It certainly sounded genuine. I wondered if I could cum in public. I doubt I could do it. I'd be too anxious - too many other thoughts like what if they notice? And also, which doesn't apply to Althea, I'd be wet and anticipating all that wet in my underwear would be off-putting.



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