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My Dad is Furious With Me!

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I was sent away because of my 'bad behavior' and I lived with relatives for a few months. I just got home about a week ago. And last night, I got in trouble again. This time, my dad handled it differently.


I know I'm too old to be living at home, but my parents have paid for me to go to college. and I haven't ever had a real job. I just hang out, and have fun. I got in trouble though, and I was sent to live with relatives. I just got back last week. I'd gotten in trouble because I've been caught masturbating, and then my neighbor told my parents that we'd been fucking. He was mad because I didn't want to do him anymore. The neighbor is an intern for my dad and he made it sound like I'd come on to him -- it was just awful.
So I got home last week, and I've been getting settled. I've missed my house, and my big bathtub, and my big bed, and bedroom, and I was good for a few days. But old habits are hard to break. When my parents left the house, I'd start touching myself. At first it was just in the mornings, in my bedroom. But when I come, I come hard and it feels so good that it happens in waves. I have multiple orgasms, and I can't stop the moaning or the groans. It's intense.
I learned that I could make myself squirt and this was fun, even more intense and it made my body shudder. I started getting bolder, and I began masturbating in the other rooms. My dad's office, the den, and then in the kitchen, on the counter, and I'd squirt into the kitchen sink. I liked that best because I knew it was the dirtiest. It felt good to be bad.
I always had to time it right. It had to be when the housekeeper wasn't here, and when my parents weren't due home. for a while. I don't like to just masturbate and be finished. I like to have a masturbating marathon. That takes a while. But it feels great.
I see some of my friends at night, but most of them are in Europe for the summer, and they won't be back for another week. It's been lonely. So last night, my parents were going out for the evening and I had the house to myself. I was so excited I was tingling.
I took off my clothes, and I rubbed body oil all over me. I love the way it feels and smells. And I rubbed it in slowly, to make my skin tingle, and my body start quivering. Then I looked at myself in the mirror. My nipples were hard, and my pussy was throbbing. I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my first orgasm.
I went into the kitchen and I sat my ass on the cold granite counter and spread my legs out as far as they could go. I'm very limber, so my legs can do almost anything. It's great. Then I started touching my nipples. I pulled at them, and made circles around them with my fingers. I was really wishing someone was here to suck them. I've actually had an orgasm just from that. I didn't think it was possible, but I'm a very sexual person, and orgasms come easily.
My pussy was on fire, it was throbbing, and the pain was almost unbearable. I moved my hand down and touched myself. I couldn't believe how wet I was. Then I inserted three fingers inside me, and curled them around ... and before I knew it, my body was convulsing. I was having a slow orgasm ... the kind that starts out like a sensation, but then reaches heights you couldn't believe.
I was moaning, and I moved my hips up and down. I arched my back and then felt it coming faster. I moved my body faster and before I knew it, I was coming hard, and I was moaning and almost crying out it felt so good. Then I just let go, and I squirted so much that I didn't think I had that much inside me. It went into the sink, but also the side of the cabinet, the floor, and my body was pulsating. I was having mini orgasms after the huge one I'd just had. I was just getting my body back to normal when I started touching myself again. I just didn't want to waste any time.
But just as I had my fingers running over my clot, I heard the door slam. My dad was standing there, and I had no idea how long he'd been there.
"Breeana!" He growled. "What the hell are you doing?" I couldn't speak. I just turned my head and my hair, which is long, fell over the side of the counter. "Look at me young lady, right now." But I couldn't. He came over and moved my head toward him. I was lying there, without clothes on and the mess was everywhere. He moved my head to face him and he said, "I came back for the theater tickets, and left your mother with the Carson's. But I get back and I find you like this?" He picked me up and threw my over his shoulder ... I"m short, and small so it wasn't hard for him. Then he took me into his room and I knew that meant trouble. For as long as I had lived, going into that room meant real trouble. I still hadn't covered myself, but he didn't seen to notice.
He sat down on the bed, and he put me over his knee. I couldn't believe it. I was too damned old for a spanking. I protested. "What are you DOING?"
"I'm going to give your ass something it should have gotten a long time ago. I'm going to spank the hell out of you and shame you into ever doing this again."
The first blow hurt like hell. But then about the 4th or 5th smack, I started getting wet again. I didn't want to say anything, but I started moving around because I couldn't help it. I was throbbing and I was afraid he'd be able to tell.
Then I noticed he moved me up on his knee a little, and my pussy was close to his cock. I didn't know if he'd meant to, or if that was just a better angle. Because he didn't stop smacking my ass, hard. I was breathing heavily, and I noticed his pants get a bulge in them. I could feel it on my pussy. He moved up and the spanking stopped and he started rubbing my ass, just in circles. Then I moved my hips forward, and my pussy touched his bulging pants. He said, "Stop that. Right now." But he was still rubbing my ass. I was so turned on. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. He didn't seem to hear me. He just kept rubbing my ass, then felt my pussy touch his cock and he let out a sigh. "Bree, stop girl. This is wrong."
I didn't stop. He wasn't yelling, and I didn't stop. I just kept moving more. I felt his bulge getting bigger. He reached dawn and unzipped and started stroking his dick, and he said "Go ahead. Just touch yourself. I moved off him and laid across the bed, and I started playing with my pussy and I watched my dad stroke himself. He was still sitting on the edge of the bed while I was on the bed. He looked at me sideways and watched what I was doing. I moved around a lot, and put on a little show for him since he seemed to enjoy it, but it was when I arched my back that he came hard. He shot his load, and moaned so loudly I was shocked. Then I started coming, and I squirted but this time it went all over my dad. Then my body started thrashing around, and I was moaning and finally, just as the last orgasm raced through my body, I yelled out like I hadn't in my life. My dad put two fingers inside me to calm my throbbing pussy. He told me this would calm me. He couldn't believe the contracting that my pussy was doing. He said we had to set limits. We couldn't ever do that again, and I had to start taking responsibility for each thing I was doing. I just nodded. Then he told me to go to my room, and get dressed. He didn't say anything else to me, so I wasn't sure when he'd gone, but I stayed up all night, just being responsible ... having orgasms but just from my own bedroom. It had turned out to be a better night than I'd thought.



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