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My Curious Urologist Part 2

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More of my fantasy of Mr. Johnson being masturbated in a medical setting, getting handled by young women.

I was somewhat relieved that my doctor and (her colleague)  Dr. Marcus had assured me that my large volume of cum was nothing to worry about. I had noticed that I squirted a lot more than I used to, but didn't think that it might be connected to my swollen prostate. Maybe I should have told them that I usually take my time and edge quite a bit when I'm masturbating. Maybe I should have told them that I hadn't cum in over a day when Nurse Cleo made me squirt so much semen into the beaker.  Nurse Cleo ............... oh my god! That young woman sure knows her way around a penis! I was a little surprised to see such a pretty, young woman walk into the exam room and look directly at my hardon with such a hungry look, and when she started touching it and using the pump, my excitement level went through the roof! She must really love her job, and I love how she made me cum.


It had felt so good to have such a powerful orgasm in the doctor's office, I hadn't calmed down to think about the embarrassment of shooting semen in front of two women, or having a male doctor come into the room and see my erection while discussing my large volume of semen. I wondered if doctors always get a second opinion. I wondered if Nurse Cleo was telling all her colleagues about the huge load of cum she extracted from my penis.



Not long after my amazing nurse-induced ejaculation, I got a call from Dr. Marcus. He asked if I would like to participate in a research project he was in charge of. He told me about a small sex research clinic that he was involved with, and they were looking for subjects who had large ejaculations. He asked if I was uncomfortable ejaculating in front of a group of people, but assured me that they were all quite professional, just interested in me (and my ejaculation) as a statistic.



I told him that it sounded interesting and I didn't mind showing other people my orgasm. He was pleased, and informed me that although he headed the research, he left the hands-on activities to his assistants, mostly interns from the hospital. After asking me some personal information, he gave me the number of the clinic and told me to set up an appointment.



I showed up to the clinic feeling somewhat excited, knowing that the reason I was there was to cum in front of other people. Where else would I ever get a chance like that? Oh, and they were even going to pay me! Wow, masturbate for a group of people and get money for it! Maybe this was what it was like to be a porn star.



I checked in with a young girl at the desk, and she gave me a knowing smile as she asked a few more questions to get me signed in. I had given most of my personal information over the phone, but she had to confirm a few things before they could start their research. 



"And, Mr. Johnson, have you refrained from ejaculating for two days, as instructed?" she asked as she went down her list.



"Oh yes, I haven't jacked off ..... I mean I haven't cu ...... er, that is ........well, I've been saving up my .........uh, semen, like you asked."



"Very good, Mr. Johnson. And, don't be shy about communicating with us. We're all professionals here, and we deal with naked people and ejaculations every day. Dr. Marcus has taught us how to be very casual with our subjects, mostly so they will feel more at ease. My last question: when was your last bowel movement?"



"What? Oh, uh ....... I guess ....... earlier this morning? Yeah, I think I had a small .......... well ...... I sat on the toilet and I'm sure ..."



"Again, don't be shy. We're going to be looking at your prostate, so we don't want any fecal matter in the way. We can give you an enema if you're not sure about what's up your rectum."



"Oh, well ....... I'm not sure how much came out. I guess it would be a good idea ............ I don't usually consider ........"



"Fine. Have a seat, Mr. Johnson, and we'll get you started shortly."



She gave me another knowing smile and I turned to find a seat in the small waiting room. One of the five chairs was taken by a thin woman (possibly in her thirties?) with her eyes cast down, and I wondered immediately if she had heard our conversation. I was just informing the girl at the desk about my shitting and ejaculating habits. I'm sure my face flushed with embarrassment as I realized she had heard everything I had said. I found the seat farthest away, and looked down as well, not wanting to meet her eyes.



"Miss Sweeney? You can come in now," I heard a voice say, and I looked up to see a young man ushering the thin woman into the back. Now I was alone, except for the pretty girl at the desk. She met my eyes and smiled again, so I gave her a weak smile back.



"You're not nervous, are you? Is this your first time here? I don't remember seeing you before. You don't have to worry, they take good care of you. I think it will be a fun experience for you, especially if you give them a really big cumshot."



"What? I uhh .... I think they ........"



"Don't worry, we use regular language here. You're going to have your dick and your balls measured, and everyone will observe and measure your cumshot. It's all part of the research. I'm usually out here, but sometimes I get to see guys cum. I think it's lots of fun, and it should be great preparation for my medical training. I'm hoping I'll do more work in the research room some day."



"Oh, yes ........... I'm sure you will ..........I'm sure you'll have lots of fun watching guys cu............"



"Mr. Johnson, you can come back, now. I'm going to give you your enema," a pretty girl said as the door opened. She looked even younger than the girl at the desk, with long, dark hair, and a slim body. I stood to follow her, and the girl at the desk gave me another smile and said, "have fun."



"I'm Penny, and you can remove your clothes and hop up on this table. I'm using a warm water solution, so this should be pretty comfortable," Penny said casually as she was instructing me to get naked for her. We were in a small room with only a padded table, a chair, the enema equipment, and a toilet in the corner.



I quickly undressed (putting my clothes on the chair) and felt a bit strange standing naked in front of Penny as she smiled at me.



"Now, just hop up on the table. That's good ......... get on your hands and knees, I need full access to your anus. OK, now first, let's get you lubed up a little. Oh, that's a cute one. Sorry, Mr. Johnson, but you won't believe some of the ugly assholes I have to deal with. It looks like you keep yours shaved, and it's so small and wrinkled, like a little starfish. I just had to tell you what a cute asshole you have."



"Uh, well ....... thank you. I'm not used to getting compliments on my asshole, but I guess it makes me feel better. I don't shave it, by the way .............. I just never could grow much hair back there. You can see, my balls are pretty smooth, too."



"I sure can see them ........ these big things are hard to miss. Oh, they are smooth ..... like velvet. Mmm, maybe it's these big boys that got you into the research? Are they just bulging full of cum?"



"That feels nice, Penny. I don't mind my balls being squeezed. Actually, the doctor told me it's because of my prostate. It's kind of large."



"Everything is large on you ..... these big balls hanging down, this big penis swinging in front of them, and your big prostate you're telling me about. Let me feel it .......... I just have to smear a little more lube on this cute thing, and .......... ohhh, there it goes. Oooh, you feel pretty tight. You're not used to things up your butt?"



"Uh, I guess not ............. I mean, well ............"



"That's OK, lots of straight guys don't like their asshole being messed with. That's why I make them feel better by petting their balls (or squeezing them), or even pulling their dick if I have to. Ohh, there it is! Wow, you do have a big one! It feels huge! Did Dr. Marcus feel your prostate? Does he know how big it is?"



"Um, actually, the other doctor was the one feeling it. Dr. Marcus just saw my semen in a jar. He wanted me in the study right away."



"Well, he's the one in charge. Now, I'm going to insert this tube, and push it in a little farther .......... is that comfortable? Let me start the warm water ..............."



"Oh, that's not too bad .... it's so warm ........... oh, I'm getting a full feeling ........... how much are you ............?"



As Penny was filling my butt with warm water, we both heard moans from another room. We didn't mention it, but the moans became louder and more insistent, followed by little gasps, definitely a woman's voice. All of a sudden we heard little shrieks, followed by a prolonged scream.



"Is she OK? What's going on?" I asked with concern as Penny kept pumping water into my butt.



"Oh, that's just Miss Sweeney. She always cums pretty fast. I'm not sure how they're doing it this time ........... I'm on your team. I've heard about her orgasms, though, and she has big ones."



"But, she sounds in distress. She's screaming!"



"Don't you make some noise when you cum, Mr. Johnson? We don't mind in this clinic ..... that's what we're here for. I'll bet you make some noise when you start squirting your cum. I'll have fun watching it."



The screaming suddenly stopped, and all I heard was a few gasps when the door burst open and the young man came in (with my smooth anus fully exposed to him) and blurted, "Penny, I need your help! There's cum everywhere!"



Without a word, Penny left my room with the young man, leaving me on my hands and knees with an enema tube up my butt. I heard some shuffling down the hall, and after a few minutes, Penny was back in the room. She came up to my exposed rear and touched around my anus, feeling the tube.



"Is everything OK?" I asked as Penny began to remove the tube from my butt. She pulled it all the way out and pressed her finger at my wet pucker, pushing in slightly. 



"Oh, that's just how Miss Sweeney cums. We all know she cums a lot, but this time she squirted so far it went on the wall. We're supposed to catch all of it, so David was kind of concerned. We wiped off what we could, and just measured the rest. Now, hold that in, and when I pull my finger out, hop down quickly and push everything out into the toilet. Are you ready? Go ............. ahh, that feels better, doesn't it? Just push it all out. Are you all done? So, get back up here so I can examine your anus. I don't want anything left in there. He, he, he .......... your dick just wiggles so nice ........... even soft, it looks bigger than most. OK, up on the table .........


let me get a little more lube on your cute asshole .......... oh yeah ......... you're nice and clean. Hmmm, your dick is stretching out. Do you like my finger in your asshole?"


"It feels pretty good, and I was just imagining that lady in the next room squirting lots of pussy juice on the wall. I'm not used to having a pretty girl put her finger in my butt ......... or feel my balls. This is a very new experience."



"I hope you're enjoying it. Your hard dick tells me you're liking it a lot. That is a pretty big one. We'll get the exact measurement when we strap you in for your exam."



"You strap me in? What am I getting into?'



"Don't worry, Mr. Johnson. There's nothing painful, we just don't want you moving around to much when you cum. We have to collect everything that you squirt, so we try to control it a little. I guess they'll have to make a special notation for Miss Sweeney, since they couldn't collect the stuff on the wall. I don't think anyone has squirted that much before. OK, now hop down, and follow me to your exam room. Ha, ha, ha ......... that thing really bounces when you jump down. Does it go higher, or does it point straight out like right now?"



"Um, I guess it's pretty much at full mast. Maybe it points a little higher when I'm ready to cum ..........."



"Well, just follow me .......... maybe I'll pull it like a leash ....... don't worry, I won't squeeze it too hard."



I followed Penny into the hall as she pulled on my hard dick, and five steps down the hall, David and Miss Sweeney came out of another door. She was totally naked, and her face looked very flushed. She saw me in the hall and looked down immediately, as if she was embarrassed to see a penis, or possible that I was seeing her naked body. It wasn't much to look at, unless you like thin, boobless women. She didn't seem to have an ounce of fat, but her hips were slim and her tiny tits barely poked out at all. I did notice that she had large, dark nipples standing out from her tiny tits. The small bush at her crotch concealed any view of her labia.



"Oh, hi David. Just taking Mr. Johnson in for his session. He's got a big one," Penny said as she wiggled my hard cock for him to look at. Then she squeezed it slightly and pulled me down the hall.






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