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My Cousin and I (Chapter ten)

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Chapter ten of the story about my cousin Sarah and I when we were younger. Please read the earlier chapters before this one so that it will make sense.


Chapter Ten

I went to bed early that night but I couldn't get to sleep. Our promise not to masturbate alone was proving to be a difficult one to keep for me but I intended to keep it. Our relationship had developed from a naughty fling into one of mutual respect and true love between Sarah and I. I would not betray her trust.

I was lying there trying to get to sleep when the phone on my bedside table rang. Mobile phones or cell phones as you call them in the USA were a new technology. Some people had them but they were quite expensive and un-reliable. No one in my family or Sarah's had one. Instead we had a landline with a base station connected to it from which there were about three telephone units that you could place in different rooms or carry about the house, as long as they were within about 50 metres of the base station they were in range. I was lucky enough to have one of these in my room and it was now ringing. The problem was that when a call came in all the other phone units would ring too so it was just a matter of who answered first. I picked my handset up and lazily gave our phone number, expecting it to be a call for my parents. The beautiful, sexy voice on the other end said "hi David, how are you?" It was Sarah. Just hearing her caused an instant erection and my free hand shot under the duvet to stroke it. I said "Wow Sarah, I didn't think it would be you, are you in bed?"
"Yes, are you?"
"What are you doing David, you don't sound very tired?" She giggled.
"I was trying to get to sleep but it's hard because of our promise."
"What do you mean David, what promise are you talking about?"
I realized that she was teasing me and I wondered where this was leading.
"You know what promise, you tease" I said.
"Well, that's why I rang you, shall we do it together over the phone?"
"What if someone else is listening?" I whispered.
She said "If someone else is on another phone it will sound different, like a bit of an echo, does the line sound normal at your end?"
I said "yes, it sounds like it usually does here."
She said "well it's OK at my end too so we should be alright."

My heart was beating wildly. This was a new experience, we had never done this before. I threw the duvet off and lay on my back, my shaft hard and pointing along my body.
I said "Sarah, are you naked?"
She said "no, but I've pulled my PJ bottoms down so I can do it for you, do you want to do it for me?"
I almost came right there and I groaned into the phone, "oh Sarah, yes, yes."
She said "tell me what you are doing, are you stroking RobRoy?"
"Yes I am and it feels so good."
"I'm stroking my clit too."
"Sarah, I wish you could see me doing this."
"Me too, but we'll soon see each other, can you feel it coming yet?"
"Oh Sarah, I'm doing it so slowly because I know it will come if I rub a bit more, tell me when you are going to come and I'll do it at the same time."
I could hear her breathing on the phone and it was so sexy. I kept stroking gently, holding my orgasm at bay. I heard a sharp intake of breath and she said "ah, David, it's coming." I instantly felt the tingle in my toes and increased my movements. As it rushed up my legs and detonated in my shaft I buried my face in the pillow and tried to stifle my cries. I heard Sarah obviously doing the same, both of us hoping our parents wouldn't hear anything. As we subsided she said "oh, that was good, oh so good." I was still twitching with the aftershocks and I didn't say anything. Sarah said "David, are you still there? Was it OK for you?"
"Oh Sarah, it was great, thanks for calling me."
We agreed that it would not be a good idea for us to do that very often as there was a good chance that we would be caught sooner or later. We had been lucky this time, I had answered the phone on the first ring and no one else in the house had heard it, but we might not always be so fortunate. No, we would keep this method of contact just for when we were desperate, we were seeing each other almost every day anyway, but we had certainly enjoyed it this time.

I couldn't concentrate on my lessons at school the next day. What Sarah had done was so thoughtful. She knew that I was having trouble keeping my promise not to masturbate alone and she had come up with the idea to phone me so that I could do it with her. I loved her even more and couldn't wait for school to end so we could meet again at our shed.

Finally school was done for the day and I ran down to the allotment where I knew Sarah would be waiting for me. She always got to our love den first because her school was a bit nearer than mine. When I got to the allotment there was a lot of noise and activity going on. Sarah was waiting at the entrance to the allotments but she couldn't go in and to our shed without being seen. People were working on their crops, digging and hoeing or whatever it is you do to grow vegetables, we were so disappointed but we certainly couldn't go in our shed with all this going on. We felt terrible. I surreptitiously took her hand and we gazed at all the people in the allotments, willing them to disappear. Then, the idea seemed to come to us both at the same time; we could go to that deserted spot in the woods where we went before we started going to the shed, there would be no one about, there never is at that spot, yes, that's the answer. We ran as quickly as we could. It was about a kilometre to the woods and then we would have to make our way deep into them to our secret place.

We got to the clearing panting for breath and happily anticipating what lay ahead.
It was a very warm evening in July and the sun was still high in the sky. As usual the place was deserted. We hadn't seen anyone at all in our mad dash to get here and we felt completely safe and secure. It felt different being outside and I started to take my things off. Soon I was standing naked in the open air, a warm breeze caressing my skin, it felt so naughty but oh so good. Sarah undressed too. All the while her eyes fixed on my hard erection which gave a little twitch every few seconds. There had been no rain for weeks and the ground beneath our bare feet was hard and dry. It was grass and comfortable to walk on but such a strange sensation being outside completely naked. We lay down on the grass and Sarah took my shaft in her hand and I reached down to slip a finger into her hole. She gasped as she felt it enter her. I started to move in and out slowly, trying to brush her clitoris as I did it. She was wet and my finger moved easily in and out of her, and as I looked at her lovely face her eyes were closed and I could see the pleasure that I felt so happy and honoured to be giving her. She was stroking me slowly as I was sliding my finger inside her and it made me think what would it be like to let my penis enter her. Sarah had already lost her virginity during one of our earlier adventures in our love shack on the allotment, so it would be easy to come into her. As these thought drifted around my head I felt Sarah stiffen a bit and heard a sharp intake of breath as she started to move in time with my finger thrusting into her. I knew she was going to come and I started to move a little faster. Suddenly she opened her eyes wide, screwed up her face and cried out as she burst around my finger. I tried not to lose contact with her as she bucked and twisted around. "Oh David, so good, so good." She whispered as she finished and lay still on the carpet of grass. I lay with her, not wanting to take my finger out of her, the palm of my hand covering her sex lips and my finger exploring inside her.

As Sarah calmed down after her orgasm she turned her head to look at me and said "turn on your back, I want to try something." I reluctantly withdrew my finger from her warm, soft hole and did as she instructed. RobRoy was hard and wet and aching for release. Sarah knelt at my side. She said "I want to kiss him David." Before I could say anything she bent down and her sweet lips brushed the top of my shaft, sliding down a little and then back to the tip. "Oh, your wetness doesn't taste of anything at all." She said. "It's just wet and slippery." She slid back down and this time opened her mouth and it went inside. Oh, what a sensation. I gasped and thrust upwards so she was now fully enclosing me. For a moment she kept still and I could feel it twitching and throbbing in her mouth. Then she slowly started to move up and down. I could feel her tongue flicking around the tip as she slid up and then she would go down again, swallowing me. I wanted this to go on forever but I could feel the tingle starting. I said "Sarah, it's coming." She moved up again and let me slip out of her mouth, replacing it with her hand. In just a few strokes it came and I shot a salvo of spurts high into the air. The sensation was incredible, probably one of the best orgasms I had had. Sarah giggled as the first jet spurted out and landed with a splash on my chest, then she directed the next shots away so that they landed in the grass, quite a way off.

I was still jerking and twisting around and Sarah kept on rubbing. I had never told her to keep going after it seemed that I had finished, but she seemed to instinctively know that was what I liked. She slowed and then stopped as I lay, gasping for breath on the cool grass. I said "Sarah, that was lovely." She said "that's called a blow job, I learned that from our magazine, but I don't know why it's called that, I wasn't blowing at all, I was sucking." She giggled again. Slowly she reached out and put her finger into the pool of semen that had landed on my chest. Rubbing it between her finger and thumb she said "it's very slippery isn't it, I wonder what it tastes like." Before I could say anything she licked her finger. She said "agh, it tastes like wet cardboard, I don't think I like it." She smiled and said "we had better get going, we have further to go from here than from our shed." We quickly got dressed and left our secret place, holding hands as we walked back to our homes.

It turned out that there was a contest coming up for the best vegetables and that was why there were so many people at the allotments. The competition was at the end of the week so we would not be able to go to our shed again until next week when it had finished. It seemed it was an annual thing but we hadn't noticed it last year, maybe we just didn't go there when it was on. Anyhow, we had our place in the woods and it would make a nice change for a while.



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