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My Buddy Pete

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My Buddy Pete by
My neighbor Pete and I have know each other a long time. Our wives go back even farther. I'm bi and I guess he's straight as an arrow! One night, our wives were on a girls weekend out. My kids are quite a bit younger than his, and were in bed at my house. His were spending the night at a friend's house. We were in Pete's basement talking, watching TV, and basically enjoying the quiet with no wives or kids around. Flipping through the channels, Pete settled on some soft porn on the Skinimax channel. Nothing too exciting, but I was hoping it would get him aroused. Then, just as the "action" on the TV started getting exciting, there was a wail from the baby monitor. You see, I take the monitor over to Pete's house while my kids were asleep. As it was getting pretty late, and Pete really is straight, I decided it was time to call it an evening. I ran home and checked on the kids. Between the time I left Pete's and got home, whatever was making the kid cry had vanished, and he was back asleep.
I looked over at Pete's and saw that he was on his way back upstairs. I can see in his window from my house and noticed that he was making his way to the bathroom. His bathroom was situated in the back of the house and had a shade drawn only half way. Since we had been drinking beer all night, I assumed that he was on his way up to pee. Since the shade was only drawn half way, I figured that I could run over and peek into the bathroom window. He wouldn't be able to see me, but I should be able to see his dick as he peed. Sure enough, it worked like a charm. Since Pete and I had been friends for a long time, I've checked out his cock before. It was a sight to behold! Long, thick and beautiful. While I was watching the show, I noticed that he shook it off more times than was really necessary. I wondered if that movie hadn't gotten to him a little bit after all.
When he left the bathroom, he headed back down stairs. I thought, "What the fuck", and went to the basement window to see what else there was to see. The Skinimax movie was still going, and he sat down on the couch, with his back to the window. I thought I noticed that his hand was moving down around his crotch, but I wasn't sure due to my position behind him and the couch. Suddenly, he stood up and pulled his shorts and underwear off! Wow, my lucky day!! He then laid down on the floor in front of the TV and began stroking himself. I watched him grow from soft to hard, and needless to say, my dick was doing the same. He began slowly stroking himself, and watching the action on the TV. By that time I had my pants down, in his back yard, and was stroking in unison with him. I briefly thought about what the neighbors might think, but it was pretty late and pretty dark that night. And really, I didn't give a shit.
With Pete's eyes glued to the TV and my eyes glued to Pete's dick, we both started stroking faster and faster. I could see his hips begin to gyrate and knew he was close. It was all I could do to keep myself from cumming the second I saw his hard cock. Faster and faster Pete stroked, and faster and faster his hips gyrated. I felt my balls tighten and began to blow my wad on Pete's lawn and window sill. At that same time, Pete blew his wad all over his chest. He grabbed his underwear to clean off, and I pulled my shorts up and went home. That's probably the closest I'll ever get to doing it with Pete, but I sure enjoyed our first "experience"! Maybe someday, I can clean MY wad off of his chest! One can only dream, eh?



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