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My Brother Taught Me How

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During the summers my older brother and I stayed home while our parents went to work. My brother Josh was supposed to be watching me.

Anyhow, one day I was hungry and ready for lunch and I was looking all over for him and calling him but he didn't answer. I went up to our bedroom (which we shared) and opened the door and he was looking at a porn magazine and had his hand down his shorts rubbing very fast. When I opened the door he yelled to get out and pulled his hand out of his shorts and jumped up to push me out of the door. I yelled back that I would tell mom if he didn't let me see that magazine. He reluctantly agreed but said just for a few minutes. I had no knowledge of masturbation or sex but I knew I liked to look at tits.

We climbed on his bed and he started turning the pages slowly. It was a Hustler magazine. After about 15 minutes of checking out all the tits and pussies my dick was so hard. In fact it was the first time I saw what a pussy looked like and my brother said something like that's where you put your dick in, there was a large spread of a close-up pink pussy, with the girl spreading her lips apart so you could see her vagina. I asked if he ever fucked and he told me once and told me how good it feels to put your dick inside a girl.

I noticed that he had put his hand back inside his shorts and I could see it rubbing or moving. I asked him what he was doing... he said playing with himself. I asked why and he said if you jerk your dick it feels like you are fucking a pussy. I told him my dick got real hard from the pictures. He told me to jerk off but I told him I didn't know what that was. So he said he would show me if I promised it would be our little secret. I agreed and he told me to take my shorts off. He took his off and his underwear and he had what I thought was a huge dick... it was probably average but to me it was huge. He had big balls and everything was real hairy. I had started to get hair and my dick and balls were growing but not fuly grown yet so at first I was a little embarrassed that I would not 'measure up.' He sensed my embarrassment and told me not to worry about it, I would be as big as him when I got to his age. In fact as I dropped my shorts he said I was big for my age and he was surprised I had hair at all.

So he then tells me to copy what he does... he grabbed his dick in his fist and started an up and down pump making his balls bounce. It was very exciting for me to be doing this 'man stuff' with my bro. I took hold of mine and did the same. We kept looking at the pictures and my brother was saying stuff like he'd like to suck on her tits or lick her pussy, etc. After about 10 minutes he asked how it felt and I said o.k. but not amazing like he had described it. He went to the bathroom and brought this tube of clear stuff he said he bought at an adult bookstore with his friends, he said it was made for jerking off.

So he squirted a glob of the lube in my hand and some on his and said now it will REALLY feel like your fucking a wet pussy. Well as soon as I put my lubed up hand on my dick I almost passed out from the pleasure of it and I moaned out loud... he was like, yeah little bro get yourself some! He was moaning too.... then we turned to the page with the close-up pussy and concentrated on how it would feel to put our hard dicks inside that wet pussy. I started feeling strange and was sweating and breathing heavy and felt like I was gonna pee and my bro said to keep going no matter what and then it hit me, I had my first orgasm! It was amazing, I threw myself back on his bed and was bucking my hips and a few drops of clear stuff came out of my dick. I was just lying there breathing heavy and my bro says here it comes and I look up to see him shoot eight shots of white stuff all over his stomach and chest. He got some tissues and he told me it was called cum or semen and its how men got women pregnant, and how rubbers worked, etc. It was fantastic. After that day we used to look at his magazines and jerk off together at night if we happen to go to bed at the same time.... I started doing it two to three times every day.

Soon after that, I showed my best friend how to do it but that's another story.



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