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My birthday gift

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Wife surprises me with a toy for my birthday


Years ago I would comment to my wife that women were fortunate to have such a wide variety of toys while the selection for men seemed to consist of things that were poorly made or just plain did not deliver as advertised. While my wife had a few very efficient vibrators and the like all I could find were rather poor masturbation toys that would get your hopes up but were ultimately disappointing (This was about the year 1999- 2000). Perhaps they existed and I had just missed them.

Apparently my wife took my disappointments to heart and started to search around and find something for me for an upcoming birthday. I learned later that she had mentioned it to her friends only to find they had husbands and boyfriends who also desired a good toy as well.

On my birthday my wife made me a favorite dinner and with a good wine and cake. Two of her friends joined us that night. Her friends lived in town and had stopped by to drop off a card and share our dinner and cake. After we were finished we adjourned to the living room to open a few gifts. I got a couple cards and a gag gift and then my wife gave me a wrapped box to open.

I peeled off the wrapping and found a box labeled Fleshlight , with which at that time I was unfamiliar with. As I had no clue as to what a Fleshlight was I opened the box and took out the contents to show everyone what I had gotten. When I pulled it out and unscrewed the cap it was very obvious as to what it was and I could feel myself turning bright red sitting there in front of my wife and her two friends.

I made a few feeble attempts at jokes but it was awkward sitting there holding a rather large masturbation toy in front of these women. Of course one of them said " Well, aren't you going to try it out?" OK, I thought I would play along so I stuck a finger in it and moved it in and out and made a moan for their entertainment.

"No, really try it out" my wife said. " Use it for real" The other women offered encouragement as well so I got on the floor and unzipped my pants and started to fondle myself trying to get hard. Once I started I was surprised how quickly I had a good erection. Before long they had me take off my pants and shirt as well and there I was, naked on the floor, in front of my wife and her two friends.

My wife produced some lube and proceeded to apply it to my dick and the Fleshlight. She also removed a long silky scarf that she had worn and used it to blindfold me. Then she placed the Fleshlight in my hand and told me to give it a test drive.

By now the embarrassment was gone, partly due to the wine and blindfold and partly due to the very erotic event that I was immersed in. I had never masturbated in front of anyone but my wife until then and I found it to be very erotic lying there naked in front of her friends. I slid the device onto my dick and started stroking myself. I have to say the sensations of the toy were very intense, it was not like using my hand and the feel was amazing. I immediately loved it.

As I laid there masturbating I could hear some sloshing noises emanating from several parts of the room. I started to stroke in rhythm to the sounds and the heavy breathing I could hear. Before long I could not hold it back and climaxed with a loud moan and a shudder. I had thrust myself deeply into the toy and squirted a huge pool of sperm into it. I laid there very spent and heard all three women orgasm in quick succession.

They asked me to just lay there while they got themselves back together so I just took the Fleshlight off my now diminishing and spent dick and laid there naked on the floor. After a minute or two I was told I could remove the scarf and get myself together. I got up and went to the bath to wipe myself off and dress.

When I returned to the living room I found the friends had left and my wife and I were alone. She then told me that she had asked her friends' advice about which toy to get for me. They had become intrigued and helped her to find the Fleshlight. One was married and the other had a steady boyfriend and they wanted to see how it worked as they thought of getting something similar for their men. She told me that all of them were aroused and started masturbating as they watched me on the floor. All of us had
an orgasm and there were wet spots on the couch and chair to prove it.

I learned later that the women had bought their men the same toy. I don't know if they were given theirs in front of others as I was but I am sure the gifts were appreciated. Since that time I have found a few good toys but will never forget how I got the first one. I still masturbate and think about it to this day.



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