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My "Bestie and I" Experiences, continued

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A continuation with Paul and our wives 

I want to say that reading a story or 2 almost daily on this platform has been wonderful. Thank you to all the authors!

So, a few weeks after my dp experience as told before with my wife and best friend, I headed out to Paul's one evening as my wife had a bachelorette party to go to for a coworker friend. When I arrived, he was just out of the shower and in some pajama shorts. I smelled a hint of marijuana in the air and saw he had a cold beer. I chuckled and commented I didn't know he was smoking and but could see he had already started drinking. He replied that it was his first and that his wife Robyn was the one who wanted to smoke since it had been a long time since she had the kids gone from the house for the weekend.

I laughed again and he handed me a beer. We talked for a few moments, but as we talked I heard a noise. I asked about it and he stated that Robyn was getting ready. I'd assumed she had already gone to the party but Paul told me that she had no interest in going. I took a hit from the joint they had, saying, "Man, it's been a long time" as we chatted another 5 minutes or so. 

He said he thought we would not go out as planned but drink and hang out safely at his house.  He then excused himself for a minute. I walked from the bar to the living area as he had turned on the television. A few minutes went by and I could feel the buzz kicking in. Paul as usual had porn on, as he really was all about his collection.  As I was checking out the scene, I heard a brief conversation from the hall. A minute later Robyn comes in to greet me. She is this petite blonde with a curvy shape and almost perfect tits. We had become very close as we had shared intimate stories about her and her father when she was a youth. She greeted me with a beautiful satin robe on, face made perfect and hair pinned up. I took in the view and said, "Damn babe, you look incredible." She smiled, then thanked me with a long hug and a small kiss on the lips.

Just for context, it was she with whom I had confided about my male curiosity and she was the one who pushed me into exploring, and who had pushed Paul's beautiful penis in my face when we played around a couple months before. Anyway, she then stepped back and opened her robe revealing a lovely matching bra and panty set, complete with thigh-highs. She says, "...you like...? I know thigh highs are a turn on for you."

I nodding softly, barely getting my "yes" out. She does a slow twirl, dropping the robe, then comes up and kisses me full-on placing my hand on her ass. She puts her mouth close in and whispers in my ear that Paul agreed that I would get to control all happenings tonight. (I later found out afterwards that he had told her of our threesome and she got so turned on she wanted the same.) We kissed again and I began exploring her fantastic body with my hands as she slowly worked her hands to my now-swollen cock.

She sat me down and took my shirt and slacks off, then began giving me the best blowjob. (Even my wife once said Robyn had the best oral skills!) After a few minutes, Paul, who had been watching from the hall, came in naked, his 7" and girthy, perfectly shaped cock swinging straight out. He came sat next to me and Robyn began servicing both of us. She was all smiles and enjoyed herself as she loved sucking dick. After a bit Paul stood and I sat up. She had her hands on us both and concentrated her efforts on him. They were both vocal, him asking her feedback as she did the same. She looked at us both, saying how lovely it was to have such great cocks. She then looked directly at me and said, "Look how juicy Paul's dick looks...don't you agree?"  It really was beautiful and I shyly said, "Yes, it is." She then instructed me to put it in my mouth. She held it and I did. God, did I want to! She had rubbed the precum around the head and that was my favorite part, aside from the the feeling of it filling my mouth. She bent down, sucking me again, and I took over handling his swollen cock. 

After several minutes of bliss she pushed me down on the sofa and went 69 with me. She was so wet her pussy was dripping.  Paul got in behind her and started fucking her, periodically removing his cock and rubbing on her clit.  Each time, I would lick his tip as he did this. She told him to let me taste them, and he put it back in my mouth for a few seconds. He fucked her for a while as I was licking them both-- to this day I love fucklicking. She then got up and got on top of me. She moaned heavily as my 8" cock slid into her. Paul asked her if she liked "that fat dick?" To which she replied, she loved it. After him watching for a few minutes he got behind again at her instruction and slowly entered her ass as I fucked her. I still can hear her as she put her head back, exclaiming "oh my God! that feels amazing." We went at it slowly then per her commands increased the tempo. This went on for 20 minutes with her cumming several times; the last left her legs trembling. This sent me over the top and I softly said, "I'm gonna cum." She softly increased her bouncing saying, "yes... cum!"  Paul, on cue, was exclaiming the same sentiment and within seconds of each other we came. 

 We got up, rehydrated and would restart again an hour later in their bedroom...



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