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My Best Friend and I (cont)

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Continuation of what happened between Kyle and me a few weekends ago.


I was still in awe. I couldn't believe that Kyle and I had just jacked off together. I had been waiting for this moment for such a long time, always having to find ways to hide my erect penis when in the locker rooms together. Now I sat on the ground, a supposedly straight young man, with my friend's and my semen splattered all over my sweaty body, neck and face.

I reached down and scooped up some of our semen and tasted it. It was too much to handle. I followed Kyle to the bathroom.

When I got in, the shower was already on and the room was steamy. I saw Kyle's body through the translucent sliding glass door.

'Might as well come in,' he said laughing.

I opened up the door, and saw him as I had seen him hundreds of times before. He was very naturally standing there, soaping off his body as if after a long work out. However, I noticed a difference in the way I saw him.

I noticed how the steam made his muscles glisten; how the water droplets beaded in his chest hair that accented his pecs. A stream of water dripped down the center of his abs, into his trimmed pubic hair and over the head of his penis which was now only semi-erect.

'I'm a mess,' I said, referring to the sweat and semen sticking to my body.

'I'll help you with that,' he said. He soaped up his hands and began to rub all over me. He ran his fingers across the chest, soaping into my chest hair and groping my pecs. He moved his hands downward to my stomach, and traced my treasure trail down, soaping up my pubes and finally made his way to my penis. He began to once again fondle my penis and balls and I threw my head back, becoming slowly erect again.

He stopped and poured shampoo into my hand. I took the note and began to shampoo his hair and he did the same to me. We were scrubbing each other's heads as I instinctively leaned in for a kiss.

'Oh crap!' I said. I had just kissed my straight best friend. Masturbating was one thing, kissing was another.

'Just... it's... fine...' he stammered. I leaned in to kiss him again. There was no furthur argument.

We made out, massaging each other's heads, our tongues flicking each others. He began to get into it, scratching at my back and fusing his body to mine. We were both fully erect again. I felt his penis nestle into my stomach and we wrapped our arms around each other, strong biceps over lapping, the hair on each other's chests grazing and sending waves of sensation to our nipples.

He took the move this time and threw me against the wall of the shower. He reached down and grabbed my penis. I grabbed his.

We started frantically stroking each other, one hand on the others penis and the other gripping one another for balance.

We stroked even faster. I felt a wave of feeling come over my body. Kyle began twisting his hand with each stroke. I did the same. We moved even quicker, out of breath, the room becoming even steamier. Kyle and I shot directly at each other, hitting ourselves directly in the stomachs, the hot stream of his semen dripping into my pubic hair and down again over my hand. We kept pumping until we were both dry. We both let out a huge breath of air, our foreheads crashed together as we once again deeping kissed, gasping for air.

We both looked into each other's eyes and started to laugh. We soaped off, finally, and headed to bed.

We slept together, naked and close. We did a few more serious stuff, but that's between Kyle and myself.

All in all, it was a crazy weekend. We've hooked up a few more times on a more serious level. Kyle has a girlfriend, and she even knows about it (she's bi herself). I hope Kyle and I can keep this going for as long as possible.



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