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My Best Friend

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I owe you guys a debt of gratitude!


I started college a year ago. During my first semester my roommate and I were different in a lot of ways. One way is that I need to jerk off a lot and I don't think he even ever did it. He was very absorbed in his study. I couldn't get the private time I needed to do it as much as I want, and felt really weird doing it in bed if I wasn't absolutely sure he was asleep. At home I had my own room and could look at computer porn or read Solo Touch, and JO to my dick's content. So it was hard getting used to this restraint.

I still read Solo Touch almost every day last year but couldn't jerk off while reading it, which is what I liked to do. One day the guy in a room down the hall---who I knew some but with whom I wasn't close---came over for some reason and saw that the Solo Touch site was up on my screen. He laughed and said he liked to read Solo Touch too. We got to talking about which stories we liked, and which we believed and didn't believe. Mostly we just talked about the M-F stories and the solo F stories. I was nervous to say it, but I told him after a while that I found it interesting to read the stories about guys who feel comfortable jerking off in front of their buddies when they get the urge, and confessed that I had a lot of trouble lately because I had to be so discreet with my roommate all the time. He told me he has the same problem, and said he sometimes thinks how great it would be if he could just come home after class and beat off in bed watching one of his porn tapes, or while sitting at the computer.

My heart started to pump faster and I said, since we both felt this way, how cool it would be if we roomed together. Then I started to notice how good looking he was and I got a bone on. He noticed it (I didn't know it was so obvious at the time, he told me later that it raised a tent that he couldn't miss). He said that since his roommate was away for the day I could come over and watch a video with him and if we felt like it we could just beat off and see how it went as a kind of test.

I went to his room. He hitched up the tape, pulled off his pants, and set up his pillows against the headrest of the bed, so he was sitting up with his legs on the bed. I just watched standing up for a few minutes then he invited me to sit next to him. I took off my shoes and pants and joined him. We were both in the same small bed, shoulder to shoulder. He was the first one to pull his dick out of his briefs. Mine popped out of its own accord not long after. It was SO hot just to be lying there like that I would not have even needed the video.

We both touched ourselves a little bit, looking over in the corner of our eyes and just not doing any more than the other one was. Within five minutes we were both raging and whipping it for real, and noisy about it too. Turns out we both enjoy hearing each other making noises so we don't have to be quiet.

This is getting pretty long. All I want to get to is that we signed up to be roommates the next semester and still are, and we both enjoy jerking off whenever we feel like it. But it got further than that because we have come around to jacking each other too. One day we both said why not. We have done it in a lot of ways but the way we both like best is he sits up in bed with his back against the backrest, I sit facing him with my back propped up by pillows and bolsters and our legs go around the sides of each other. We get up close so that our dicks are right next to each other, and we start by doing ourselves and at some point one reaches over and starts doing the other for a while. We also like to squeeze each other's balls while we do this. It seems we are very compatible this way. We both like to look into each other's eyes while we are jerking the other, and especially when we are near cumming.

We do it ALL the time now! I feel much more happy and relaxed since we started to do this and my grades have improved. He is reading this and approving it before I send it, and agrees this next thing I say here is correct: I don't have any romantic feelings toward him, like wanting to hug or kiss, but he has those feelings toward me. He is still my best friend and if he WERE a girl I would marry him tomorrow. I hope we will always stay friends.



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