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My Aunts Going Away Gift

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I was caught masturbating by my aunt when I was sixteen and when travelling the country visiting all my relatives before joining the navy. She was my mother's youngest sister and I was staying with her for a couple of days.

On the night before I went home she took me out for the evening. She was very attractive, in her thirties and between husbands at the time.

When we got back, she threw herself on the couch. (This is where I would be sleeping that night) and as her skirt rode up I could see her blue knickers and stocking tops (I got an instant 16-year-old erection). I was embarrassed, especially as she smiled at the obvious bulge in my trousers, so I bent over and tried to hide it and went to make a coffee so I could let my cock go down again. When I came back in the front room she had straightened her clothing. We talked for a bit, drank our coffee then she went to bed.

I went to bed on the couch and tried to read a book, but the image of my aunt sprawled on the couch with me looking up her skirt wouldn't go away. Neither would my hard on so I started wanking. I was enjoying my fantasies of her and some other women while I rubbed my cock up and down and I had my arm over my eyes, as I hadn't bothered turning the standard lamp off.

The feeling was getting stronger and stronger and I wasn't far off coming, when something made me take my arm off my eyes. My aunt was stood right in front of me wearing a black see through shorty negligee. I panicked and tried to cover myself up but I had kicked the covers off. I felt like my world had ended, my erection died and I thought she would go mad. She told me to calm down, and that it was all right and not to worry as everyone does this including her. She sat down on the edge of the couch and started rubbing my forehead and chest. Making soothing noises and telling me what a fine grown up lad I had become. I was in such a state that I didn't notice at first that her left hand was circling lower and lower and then it just lightly brushed my penis. Much to my embarrassment I soon started to become erect again. I was trying not to look at her breasts through the flimsy material, and also trying to ignore the fact that her negligee barely covered the top of her thighs. But the harder I tried the more I felt my eyes drawn to her.

She then leant right over me and kissed me on the lips and as she forced her tongue in my mouth she wrapped her hand around my hard cock and squeezed it. I at last began to realise that she didn't mind me getting a hard on and I relaxed and wondered how far this would go. She sat back up and I lay there and watched her rub my cock up and down.

She continued to masturbate me with her left hand, all the time complimenting me on how wonderful I was and what a big cock I had got. I was watching her breasts jiggle about, and looking at her thighs of which the left one was leaning against the side of my chest, while for the first time someone else was rubbing my cock.

As the feeling got better and better, and she gave me a beautiful smile, I then got a little bolder and lifted up the hem of her negligee. She opened her legs a little and I could see her vagina which looking back now I could see was very moist. I started to slide my hand down towards it but she closed her legs and trapped my hand and said I could look but not touch, and then she opened her legs and let me see it again. She continued masturbating me while I looked up her negligee.

I felt the build up to me coming. She was telling me good boy, good boy. I was about to shoot my load when she put her other hand over my penis head and I came in her cupped hand, trapping the come. I had what was up to then the most powerful orgasm imaginable.

My aunt then took off her negligee and moved to the far end of the couch and sat with her legs each side of mine and told me that girls liked to play with themselves too, which was news to me.

She then started playing with her nipples showing how she liked them to be touched. This continued for a few minutes and I started to feel another twinge in my balls. She then opened her legs wide and showed me what her clitoris was and what it did. She then started rubbing herself. I got an erection again (oh to be sixteen again) while I watched her masturbate herself and she told me to wank myself off again if I wanted to. I got up onto my knees and got a bit closer. She watched me masturbate as her fingers were working busily away then I saw her arch her back, throw her head back and whimper as she came. She then stayed there with her legs open for me as I continued wanking looking at her wide-open fanny lips. I could feel myself coming and spurted three times on her leg, though it didn't feel as powerful as the first time. She then got up, kissed me, and said that it would give me something to remember at sea. But I mustn't tell anyone else about it. Then she went to bed.

Nothing was said the next morning or ever again. That was over 30 years ago and occasionally I have stayed at her house on my own since. I have even made a point of masturbating loudly so she would be in no doubt as to what I was doing. But there was never a repeat of that wonderful night.



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