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My 1st Experience at 45 (Cont. by Anne)

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My sweet friend Angela wrote about our first FF experience about a month ago. She has encouraged me to write about it from my perspective.


As I explained above, my sweet new love of my life, Angela, wrote about our first experience together and she proudly showed me the contribution she wrote when it was posted. By the way, our names aren't really Angela and Anne. If one of our husbands happens to know about this site we certainly don't want them to put two and two together and find out our secret. Nevertheless, our emotions and the events as Angela wrote about are certainly true, and if anything, fall short of the raw sexuality and enormous amount of passion we shared that first time. Angela has been encouraging me to write about that experience from my perspective so I will attempt to share with you some of the feelings I had that day and continue to have with Angela.

About me first. I played competitive tennis in high school and was fortunate enough to win a scholarship to a major university playing tennis. When I went to college we had several outwardly lesbian women playing on our team, and I suspect a few who had not 'come out' yet. I was hit on several times but at that time in my life I was into boys totally, although I had fantasized about women. I never would have admitted that though. I married my college sweetheart and we had three children. I am still happily married. My husband works hard and travels with his job way too much.

We moved into a nice subdivision and met our neighbors Angela and Tom the first day. I was immediately attracted to Angela's beautiful face. As several years passed we became great friends and did lots of things with Angela and Tom. Angela's husband also travels frequently with his job and Angela and I spend a lot of time together after work talking, shopping, eating out, and doing 'womens' things together.

I found myself thinking about Angela very often. She has a beautiful shapely body and luscious full kissable lips. One evening while home alone I found myself lying nude on the bed after a shower and my mind wandered to Angela. I thought about what it might feel like to feel her bare breasts against mine, our nipples gently rubbing together, and I fantasized about kissing her fully on the lips, our tongues exploring each others teeth and gums and wet inner lips. It was too much for me. I began rubbing my clit and nipples, and I continued until I had a massive orgasm. I decided then I wanted Angela.

The week arrived when both husbands were traveling. Angela and I chatted one day after work about having dinner. I suggested a sleep over. I felt like an adolescent because not many adults sleep over, but she thought it a good idea and I was happy about that!

We had dinner and changed into our night clothes to settle in on the couch and talk and catch a movie. I purposely chose not to wear underwear. My heart was pounding as I changed into my nightie knowing I was going to accidentally (on purpose) let her glimpse at my vagina. I was hoping against hope she was having a similar thought.

We sat on the couch and I rested my right leg out on the coffee table. My short nightie was barely covering my pussy. I crooked my left leg up on the couch which I knew was exposing myself, not fully but I knew she could see some of my pubic hair. I saw Angela looking discreetly, trying not to lose eye contact, yet looking when she could. My heart was pounding so wildly. We continued to talk and she then placed her left leg out on the coffee table and I almost lost my breath when I saw her beautiful patch of pubic hair. We were breathless. Our hearts were pounding.

By now, we both began to stare at each other. Her eyes explored my eyes, expressing beauty beyond words...with nothing being spoken. I began massaging her foot with mine as they touched each other on the table. Our eyes returned to our pussies with no attempt to disguise our staring. I adjusted my position slightly and opened my legs a bit more, almost fully revealing my pussy to her. She did the same and told me how nice it felt touching feet.

I then told Angela how wonderful it was making me feel to simply look at her. I asked Angela if she had ever had thoughts of other women. She told me she had, but like me, she had never done anything about those feelings. Without saying a word, I took my right foot off the coffee table and leaned back against the arm of the sofa, placed both feet on the sofa, bent my knees, and spread my legs wide open. I was so afraid this overt gesture would frighten Angela, or upset her. Our eyes locked and then she stared at my pussy for what seemed like forever. She then turned sideways and placed her feet on the sofa and spread her legs. For the first time I found myself looking right into another woman's wide open pussy. I have studied my own using a mirror while on the bed or on the bathroom stool never having decided if this piece of a woman's body is truly the least attractive piece of anatomy I've ever seen, or if this is the most beautiful piece of anatomy I've ever seen. Now I found myself peering right at and, in fact, into another woman's most private of places. Her slightly puffy vulva is surrounded with a beautiful shimmering coat of thick brown pubic hair and her wet pink lips gently open exposing her opening. I briefly thought of the thousands of times her husband's hard penis had enjoyed her there before I returned to concentrating on her pussy.

There is no way in words I can possibly convey the overwhelming feelings of the moment. We were both engaging in something radically different for us and a taboo in society. We subconsciously scooted out butts closer together and without really thinking about it, we both began rubbing our clits, gently fingering ourselves, and passion took over.

I leaned over and put my hands against her face and fully kissed her on the lips. I could feel our breasts under our nighties lightly brushing each other. It is hard to remember what happened in the following minutes in the proper order, but we explored each others breasts and with free hands explored each others wet pussies, fingering each other and rubbing our clits. We both had powerful orgasms and collapsed into each others arms. We kissed for what seemed like an hour very passsionately.

It seemed we both had the same thing in mind and stood and pulled our nighties off. We hugged and kissed standing up, our nipples and breasts against each others, our pussies tightly pressed against each other. She took my hand and we went to her bedroom. I don't believe the rules allow me to explain what we did the rest of the night but I'm sure the readers understand what happened next, and it was wonderful.

Angela and I are now unseparable. At almost every chance we are together. When our husbands are around we find ourself looking at each other with desire pounding in our hearts. When our husbands travel we find ourselves in each others arms naked, enjoying the anatomy we were given at birth to the fullest extent. There are seemingly no limits. We use fingers, toys on each other, and just about anything else that works to send us both into a level of orgasmic passion neither of us had ever in our lives discovered. We do love each other very much. Thanks for reading about us.

Angela, I love you so much.



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