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Mutual Masturbation With Store Clerk

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...were her breasts a small C or merely a large B? What were her nipples like? Would her pubic hair be beginning to turn grey?...


I met a woman on-line and we had been corresponding for several months in a progressively more suggestive way. She had left an abusive relationship and I was in an unhappy marriage. She abhorred penetrative sex, we talked of masturbating, perhaps together.

Suddenly she revealed that she lived in 'A'. To my surprise, it was where I worked, 'A' was a mere hour's commute from my home. Eventually she disclosed where she worked and we discovered that I passed through her checkout at least once a week. I had noticed this elegant older woman, had even noted that she suddenly stopped wearing her rings. She usually gave me a special look and smiled.

We quickly arranged to meet for lunch. We hit it off, and our hour together flew quickly by. We agreed to meet again soon.

In her very next email she told me that she had become very aroused during our interlude, and hoped to masturbate with me very soon. A day later I learnt that I would be free for eight days starting Thursday afternoon (my wife was going on a cruise with girlfriends) and would stay in a hotel in 'A' if she wished to see me. Her answer was 'yes'. I booked the room.

Every night until that Thursday, I lay in my bed very aroused for a long time as I thought of my impending tryst with the 5'8' blonde from the store. Were her breasts a small C or merely a large B? What were her nipples like? Would her pubic hair be beginning to turn grey?

She came to my hotel room just after she closed the shop at six on Thursday evening. My intention was to romance her over dinner, but she told me she was very horny. I didn't know what to think. She asked me if she was making me uncomfortable, but before I could answer she began to disrobe. I had been aroused most of the day with thoughts of this moment.

The next thing I knew she was naked, kneeling before me and rubbing my semi-hard cock through my pants. I reached down and started caressing her breasts. She had beautiful, firm B-cup breasts with erect nipples the size of silver dollars. She asked me to undress, which I quickly did.

As soon as I was down to my underwear she reached in over my waistband and pulled my throbbing member free, pulling off my shorts with her free hand. She asked me to suck on her nipples.

I suggested the floor was hard and uncomfortable, and she led me to the bed never releasing her grasp on my cock. She pulled back the covers, we crawled in together, kissed, and then I proceeded to suck her nipples each in turn. As I ministered to the second one she started moaning.

I discovered her bush was not shaved and for a blonde her belly was very hairy. She said that her pussy was very wet and needed some attention. We were laying on our sides, face-to-face, and she opened her legs, bending the upper knee and placing her foot flat on the bed. Now I had easier access to her pussy, and I slid my finger through her slit. She was soaked. She once again began moaning, then bucking her hips as I rubbed her clit and her drenched pussy. She asked me to suck her nipples and rub her clit faster, then faster still.

All this time she was grasping my aching member with her hand, but barely stroking it for me. Her breathing became ragged now and as she came her pussy gushed her cum all over my hand, soaking the bed. She smelled of sex. As she dreamily recovered she said she just had to return the favor. My cock was aching.

She reached down and ran her fingers through her pussy, transferring her lubricity to my enlarged glans. She started to stroke me in earnest. I loved the sensation of her hand flying up and down my shaft. She said that she wanted to see my cum blow. She threw back the covers. This sudden freedom to cum was all I needed. I am 57, yet I blew thick ropes of jism all over. Cum landed in her hair, on her chest, in her pubic hair, and of course all over the bedsheet. She told me she had never seen anyone cum so many squirts.

I told her that I had been saving my jiz for months for just this moment with her. She smiled. She reminded me that she had wanted to play with my cock for a long time. She wasn't disappointed.

She said she wanted to go and have dinner, then satisfy me again. More later...



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