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Mutual Masturbation with Monsignor (FICTION)

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Middle age man's account of reconnecting with a priest from his youth (FICTION)


He was my guidance counselor. I felt very comfortable with him as an authority figure. He seemed nice, gentle. I trusted him. He never did anything sinful to me, although in his position of authority & my vulnerability, he could have if he wanted to.

Although as the moderator for our swim team, he did perform random one-on-one swim supporter checks in the equipment room adjacent to the gym. I guessed the "inspections" were for insurance, safety and liability purposes. What did I know? Other than secretly I enjoyed the rear of my shorts pulled down and feeling him snap the straps against my buttocks for playful fun. it sometimes drew erections, sometimes as soon as i'd be called into the room, through anticipation. I was so sexually charged, i couldn't focus in class, only thinking about how I was going to masturbate over the check I underwent that day.

Over 30 years later, the memories of his mannerisms, posture, demeanor, the snapping of the straps & lowering of my shorts - the whole package - stayed with me. He was now a 70 something Monsignor, running his own parish up in the sticks, a nice & relaxed peaceful place. I was living a happily married life. But I'd think about him from time to time, having searched the web to see where he was.

And now as we were getting up there in years, the wife losing interest as she was going through menopause, my thoughts drifted to my long held mutual masturbation fantasy, and maybe the time was right to try to convert this fantasy to reality. And so I reached out to him, sending him an e-mail.

Introducing myself as an alumnus, not sure if he'd remember me, I gave a brief description of myself before i made my proposal. I knew of a place nearby his parish where you could rent a jacuzzi. I suggested that as an activity to casually lounge in while we chat away about the last 30 years or so of our lives. I told him I was married & assured him that i was not gay nor was i looking for any kind of kissing or penetration (Of course I left out masturbation, hoping to get lucky). What was important was for him to feel comfortable with the arrangements. i even suggested to meet him in his office or someplace public, since even if he remembered me, he didn't really know me.

To my surprise, he not only agreed to meet for dinner and recommended a date to meet, but he also claimed he vaguely remembered me. So the afternoon we were to meet, I went up and checked into a local motel. I neglected to masturbate before making the drive up, wanting to save up for a bigger load to shoot, should my fantasy come true.

I picked him up at his rectory. He was wearing civilian clothes, a yellow gold polo and black pants & sneakers or shoes or some hybrid of both. I was also wearing black pants & sneakers with a navy blue polo.

I remember him saying "Nervous?" after he detected my slight tremble as i shook his hand, and him reassuring me it was okay after I admitted that i was indeed nervous. Did he know? Could he tell? Does he masturbate? Would he want to masturbate me? Would he let me masturbate him? Or would he scold me for thinking sinfully and strongly encourage me to repent? As a self encouragement for hope, i thought to myself that all males have sex drives, so he must? Wait. Oh the head games i was enduring with myself.

And i was mentally just constantly second guessing myself. Dinner was mostly small talk. He got right into asking me about my marriage. I hinted about the menopause and drop off in sex. All the while, i sensed he was figuring out why I had come to see him. But still i wasn't sure. My head was playing so many games with me, for this was a strange new situation. Was he going to agree to a jacuzzi session after dinner ?

To my surprise again, he was willing. After stepping out of the diner, he said "So. What do you have in mind?" I stuttered in my response, as i had occasionally during our earlier chatting. "I was thinking if maybe we could try to see if we can rent a jacuzzi for a while..." i wasn't sure if there would be any available, as I hadn't made a reservation because i wasn't sure if he would be into it. He said "Okay." as he gave me a refined smile.

So we got into my car & I drove us to the place. We were able to have a 45 minute session. Aside from one or two other clients who had another tub in another room, we had the place to ourselves. We went to a locker room, stripped off our clothes, grabbed towels and headed to the tub. Nervous as hell, i remained completely flaccid the entire time, while my occasional sneaky glances made me think i noticed a semi erection on & off from the moment he first disrobed. i was wondering if that was him naturally, or if this could be a turn on for him.

Shortly after we settled into the tub, he asked either "So why are we here?" or "So why are you here?" I couldn't remember which, being nervous as hell. Was this really happening? What was going to happen from here? I had never had an experience with another male before, and now the setting around us is getting intimate, and there we were.

I did stall in my speech between words, trying to get out that i had needs, didn't want to cheat with another woman, and admitted to fantasizing about old times. Then, as if I was "trying to build a case" i started alluding to how older males should "relieve themselves" to maintain a healthy prostate and a few stupid other things like that it's good for mood and anxiety, etc. etc. I was surprised he never challenged the sinfulness of it, and just seemed to mildly smile at me the whole time. I wasn't sure if he was game or not. as i was trying to beat around the bush and avoid being direct. I was too afraid to ask him if he masturbates, and he wasn't disclosing it on his own either. I stayed close to him. The sound in the room seemed to echo and i wanted to speak softly, so i stayed close for him to hear.

Our session time was over & he said "What do you say we get out of here?" From the time he said that, there were almost no words spoken between the time we got out & got dressed to the time we got in my car. What was I going to do? Take him back to his rectory and that would be it? After buckling our seat belts, I paused briefly, wondering what his thoughts were on what our next destination would be.

As i was turning the key in the ignition, he asked :"Are you staying in the area tonight?" After telling him of my motel, I asked him if he wanted to come over, and he nodded and said "Sure." Should i have used a period or exclamation for that punctuation. i keep replaying his response in my mind, and maybe they should make a punctuation in the middle, more serious than a period, but less serious than an exclamation point.

The ride to the motel was pretty quiet, except when he commented on 2 songs on the radio. i could feel my hands trembling on the steering wheel as we got closer to the motel. My mouth was going dry, and i reached back in the back seat for a bottle of water. Of course i offered him water too, but he declined.

I had to pee as soon as we got to the room, and when I came out he was standing there, gazing at me. I almost wanted to turn right back around and duck back into the bathroom. He could sense I was nervous. He called me over by slightly tilting his head and rolling his eyes. I slowly approached.

He whispered "What do you want?" I froze. i couldn't speak. He slowly extended his hand out and cupped my genitalia over my pants, softly enough that my cock was able to sprout right up. He held his hand there, knowing i became erect and i started to breathe heavily. I was nervous, but horny as hell.

My cock ran out of room to grow and it started to become uncomfortable, wanting to just bust right out of my pants. He opened his eyes wide as if to ask "Yes?" As i continued breathing heavily, i nodded my head & he proceeded to undo my pants. They dropped to the floor and i could feel his hand grab the waistband of my undies, and as he did he could feel my surprise. I was wearing a jockstrap underneath, and i had wondered on occasion throughout the whole day if we would get to this point and if he would snap my straps like old times. After sliding down my undies, or as he slid them off, his hand ran over the pouch of my jockstrap and i involuntarily let out a moan. If i can recall correctly, he ran his hand around to the back to slide down the back of my undies, and as he swept my buttock over the straps, he mildly tugged on the right one 2 or 3 times. i moaned again, and felt like i was starting to mildly convulse.

Sensing I was about to explode, he had an arm around my back & whispered if i wanted to go over to the bed, as we had been standing. I don't even think i answered as i then felt the waistband of my jockstrap being lowered and him grabbing my very warm cock in his not as warm hand.

With the other arm around me, he guided me over to the bed. I laid back as he got on the bed next to me and began stroking me. It wasn't long before i had produced the pre cum to lube his hand, and i could feel it wouldn't be long before i would shoot my load. The entire time I had been too scared to grab his genitals over his pants, but once he was lying next to me, i stuck my arm out & grabbed at his crotch as he was making me about to soon cum. I was trying to rub him outside his pants, & began to try and fumble with his belt & pants. I wasn't able to get anywhere, being in the high state of ecstasy. He stopped stroking me to undo his own pants & slide them off. The semi erection i noticed at the jacuzzi place seemed a little harder, though i couldn't see it, only feel it. i began stroking him, and having hold of his cock after what seemed like about 15 seconds or so, I shot this dramatically hot explosive load that seemed to burn my urethra. i remember yelling out "ah-AH!" assuming i must've been heard by anyone in adjacent rooms. i was so oblivious as to whether or not there were actually any people in them.

After my load shooting was complete, some of which no doubt cleared the bed as it shot out, I rolled over toward him, guiding him to lie back while it was my turn to get him off. He took like 20 minutes to cum, and when he came, it didn't shoot as far, but he seemed to shoot for a longer duration. I was impressed. Afterward, he said "That was incredible" & i replied in a heavy breath "Yeah !"

I got up, grabbed a few towels out of the bathroom, and cleaned up. He said he had to get back to the rectory and could I drive him back. We didn't say one word to each other.in the car until we arrived at the rectory. I asked him if he'd like to come over again in the morning before i checked out. After asking when check out time was, he offered to drive himself back the next morning.

I was in ecstasy the whole time as i headed back to the room, wondering if i could even sleep.

When he rang the bell the next morning, i answered the door wearing just my jockstrap.He appeared in a gray polo and black pants again. He smiled when he saw me & immediately stepped inside & closed the door behind him. He began to grope me and i started to grope back. He did that tilt with his head as if to suggest we migrate to the bed. As he continued to fondle me over my pouch, i began undoing his pants. Since he was already lying down, he lifted himself up so we could slide his pants off. As i began to stroke him, he reached his other arm around me and grabbed at my buttock really tightly. I began to grip his cock stronger and stoke faster, trying to make him cum faster than me this time. But he had a better angle on me than i did him, and he was able to tickle my balls with his other hand, I was in so much ecstasy i could not rearrange myself to be able to reach his balls and tickle them too. I was completely losing control, and within a few minutes of this tickling i was shooting big wads o' cum, plastering it all over the place.

For some reason, i felt i had to get up & clean it up before finishing him off. After about another 20 minutes, he finally shot his load, not as much as the night before.

At around 11 AM, he suggested doing a lunch/brunch/breakfast before I had to drive back. But I declined, saying I was worried about having bowel issues during the long ride.

As we parted, I said "We'll have to do this again." He nodded his head in agreement as he said "Sure, why not?"



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