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Mutual Masturbation with a Willing Partner

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An evening out and a man to calm my restlessness


I was alone at the house for the evening and seriously needed some company. There was no-one to call: my friends were out of town, my wife was visiting her mother, the kids had sleep-overs with their friends, which left me all by my lonesome self. I was feeling horny and was hoping for something more than just attending to matters by myself. I wish I had a friend to share some erotic play with,  but I haven't established bonds for the kind of activities I was hoping to engage in for the evening.

About 20 minute's drive from my home there was a porn theatre.  I cannot say that porn theatres are like a huge magnet to me, but there are usually a loaded atmosphere and activities that enhances even when just masturbating yourself. I actually think they are shady and a bit tacky and you don't know the guys you meet there from Adam. 

My horno metre was pushing deep into the danger red zone and I needed company. I find that most theatres have a straight and a gay cinema, but that all men present are looking for some man on man action in both. It seems that all men looking for action accept the fact that they will find action in either one of the two.

Cruising for someone is a bit of a game, but not too seriously. If you are more or less clean and looks presentable you should be able to find someone to help you cum. 

In the straight theatre a movie with a blonde  and a dark-haired man was playing. To most men in the theatre the screen is just an excuse to get your dick out and see whether someone else is showing interest in your joy parts. 

The guys that was in there did not look too promising, and just maybe a little too needy. There was one guy standing appart from the small bunch which drew my attention. I walked over and let my hand slide over the bulge in his well-fitting jeans. He kind of turned me a cold shoulder and said 'Sorry, but I am married".  With that I took my clue and left for the gay theatre.  

There was a few men standing around, none making an active effort to engage into some erotic play. Most were standing against the walls, hiding the fact that they are playing with themselves in their pants.  Maybe thwy were just more patient in getting their penises some serious attention. I lingered a bit, but the evening was slow and the players were involved with not much more than pleasing themselves. I decided to explore the other rooms and passages as well, since my penis begged for attention other than my own very capable hands. 

As I left the gay theatre the married man from the straight theatre came walking straight at me and his intentions were clear: he grabbed my crotch as he reached me and whispered in my ear: "Let's find somewhere more quiet ... ". I followed him and he made his way to a back room that even had a barrel lock on the inside of the room. We locked the room with the barrel lock and started to take our clothes off. Once the clothes were off we started to kiss. I often see stories on ST where the guys write that they don't like kissing: but to me kissing is as much part of man play as masturbation or blow jobs. I love the way a man's lips are usually softer than what you anticipated, the incredible feeling when his stubble scratches your skin and yours scratches his in return. I love kissing a man in his neck and sliding my hands over his hairy body. Everything about this guy was manly: from the way that he smelled, to his hairy skin, his well-toned muscles and his big hands. I loved all of it and wanted to experience all that was on display. We both enjoyed kissing and didn't want to stop. While kissing we let our hands slide and explore each other's bodies, teasing and enjoying nipples, ears, backs, the way that the shoulder muscles joins the neck and be in awe about all of it. I cannot accurately say whether this lasted 20 minutes or even more, but everything about it was liberating and free and full of respect and wonder.  

Sometime during all of this we started pushing our erect dicks together, humping like you would a woman, though no penetration was taking place. Pre-cum made it easy  for one penis to slide over the other. Initially we just allowed our dicks to touch and slide without trying to force where they were going and how they would touch. Later we took turns to take both our dicks in one hand and give ourselves over to the erotic stimulations of frottage. All of this was just so enjoyable that we didn't want it to end.  We had to stop a few times not to cum to let it last longer, but kept a steady pace trying to make the moment last. 

He finally errupted first with me following a few seconds later. We both shot a few loads and smeared it over our bodies. Afterwards we just stood there, holding each other until the after glow faded as well. We exchanged contact details and I tried to hook up with him again,  but he had some guilt issues that he found to difficult to overcome. But it was an amazing experience and would like to have some more of those in future.



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