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Mutual Masturbation with a Co-Worker

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One of my best mastubation memories happened with a co-worker of the opposite sex.


This is an experience that I will never forget.  Back when I was in the Air Force, I was working a late-night shift with a female co-worker at a radar site.  Let's call her Michelle.  Michelle was married to a guy in the Air Force.  He worked at a different job and I had only met him once when he came to get her after work. I was also married but my wife wasn't in the military and she was back at our home base, while the team that Michelle and I were on was at a different base doing this installation job.

Our team had just finished putting in some new equipment, and we had to do a 72 hour "burn-in" reliability test.  Michelle and I were both assigned to the night shift to monitor the gear. We were the only two people in the building that night.

She and I were friendly, but there wasn't anything romantic. We never even had any physical contact with each other, outside of a slap on the back or a light punch in the shoulder, and the typical military co-worker bantering and teasing.  After a few hours of boredom that particular night, we were chatting about things in general. Then out of nowhere Michelle told me that she was hot and horny, because her husband was on a remote deployment and she hadn't had sex in quite a while.  I sort of looked at her, probably with my jaw dropped, wondering what she was getting at. I just didn't know how to respond to that. Michelle said that she was frustrated because she wanted some sex, but wasn't going to cheat on her husband. 

I told Michelle that I also didn't want to jeopardize my marriage by getting into a physical relationship with anyone. Michelle said that she wouldn't get physical with anyone except her husband, but also that she was getting tired of using a vibrator at night alone, and just wanted a little more sexual excitement.  That started making me get a hard on imagining her using a vibrator on herself; but I still didn't know what to say, except to tell her that I understood her situation. 

As I said, we were the only two in the building that night, and we got into some more talking about sex and some of the things she liked to do with her husband, which kept me pretty much with a hard-on. Then Michelle surprised me by suggesting that we masturbate together while watching each other, but keeping a distance between us.  Of course, by then I was really horny and aroused from our talking, and agreed with her suggestion. 

We went into the small two-desk office that opened off the equipment room. We both sat down in those standard swivel office chairs facing each other. We kept our clothes on, but Michelle lowered her fatigue pants and panties down to her ankles so that she could spread her knees and open up her pussy.  Then she unbuttoned her fatigue shirt and pulled up her regulation white t-shirt and unsnapped her bra to expose her breasts. She soon began to rub her tits and pinch her nipples with one hand while she was fingering herself with her other hand. 

I took off my fatigue shirt but left my t-shirt on, unzipped my fatigue pants and dropped them down to my ankles. Then I pulled the front of my underwear down, tucking it below my balls, exposing my cock and balls to her. I and sat down and started stroking my, by then, very hard cock while watching her. We were fairly close to each other, but not touching. My cock was already flowing clear pre-cum so I had no problem with lube.

I had to pace myself, and stop jacking off several times and just watch her so that I wouldn't cum too soon.  She licked her fingers so she could get her nipples wet.  She kept talking out-loud about what she was doing to herself while she was watching me rub my cock. She said things like, "I'm slamming my fingers into my pussy."  "I'm pinching my nipples."  "My tits feel so good" "My cunt is getting so wet."  "I'm fingering my clit, and it's gonna make me cum so hard."  "It's making me horny watching you jack off."  "Cum for me.  Shoot a big load."   "I want to see the cum shoot out of that cock of yours."

After about five minutes of this, she had a really strong orgasm. She pushed her fingers hard up into her pussy, pulling upward and clamping her legs tightly around her hand, moaning and telling me that she was cumming so hard.  Her body was shaking and her tits, upper chest and neck turned red from her climax.  Well, I just couldn't hold myself back any longer. I stood up so I wouldn't shoot my cum onto my pants. Then Michelle shouted, "Don't cum on me please, I don't want my uniform messed up, but I want to watch you cum!"

With difficulty, I leaned forward so I could aim my hard cock downward - it didn't want to bend that way, and ejaculated several big strings of cum onto the polished office floor between us.  It almost felt like I was going to pass out right then, so I sat back down to catch my breath and composure. I slowly stroked my cock as it went soft, using my underwear to wipe off some of the cum drops that were hanging on the tip of it. 

Michelle closed her eyes then and kept sitting there for a while. She was rubbing her tits with her left hand and moaning softly with her legs still clamped on her right hand, slowly moving it up and down as she relaxed her legs. Then she opened her eyes, looked at me, and with a smile she opened her legs and told me to look at her wet fingers and juicy pussy.  She slowly moved her fingers on her pussy lips and stirred her juices around.  Then she brought her right hand up to her mouth and licked the pussy juices that were coating her fingers. She told me how good it tasted, teasing me but saying that she wouldn't let me taste them, that it was just for her husband.

After a couple of minutes watching each other enjoying our post-orgasm relaxation, we stood up and got our clothes back on properly.  I went to get a bunch of paper towels from the restroom to clean up the mess that I made on the floor while she went and washed her face and hands.  Then I had to get some more damp and dry towels so I could get the floor looking somewhat back to normal again.

We went back to work and chatted a little about what we had just done, Michelle said how much better she felt and maybe we could do it again sometime.  I said I would certainly like to. A couple of hours later our shift was over, and the next crew came in to watch the equipment burn in.

That was a hot session, but the same circumstances never arose again, so we never had the chance to repeat it.  After about a month, her husband came back from his deployment, and she seemed to be more relaxed at work. I guess she was getting what she needed at home.  She and I worked together for a while longer, and would share a quick wink or a smile every now and then, both of us remembering that night.



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