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Mutual in a Convertible

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This is the first of many contributions I plan to make. Please make comments if you like. I've been reading this site for years and figured it was time for me to contribute.


I've been reading this site for years now and get off reading the stories a couple of times a week. I especially enjoy the stories of mutual masturbation. I have a half dozen or so experiences that I think are worthy of sharing here including the first time a girl touched my dick, a mutual masturbation experience while driving in a convertible, phone sex, cyber sex, some panty sniffing and some voyeurism.

This is the story of mutual masturbation in the convertible. Before the Internet fully took off, there were these dating phone services with live chat rooms that took the place of what chatrooms of the world do now. At various times in my early 20s I would call those phone lines, at first thinking I might meet someone to date, and then I realized that most people on there were only looking for phone sex, which was alright by me.

I had been calling the services off and on for years, which had resulted in countless phone sex experiences, a number of actual sexual encounters and my first threesome,

So I was calling the service one night looking for phone sex and was talking to this incredibly sexy 19 year old girl, I was probably 23 then. We had phone sex several times over a couple of weeks when I told her that I'd love to see her cum. We talked several times about masturbating for each other. Nothing turns me on more than a woman cumming. I love everything about it from hearing a woman's labored breathing, seeing the look on her face, seeing her body tremble and shake, the incredible smell and the taste of her juices. She told me she didn't want to have sex with a stranger but she'd be up for masturbating in front of one another. But when we finally met we didn't establish that it was going to be sexual. She had at some time during our conversation said she'd rather we get to know each other better first rather than having a purely sexual relationship.

She lived across town, about 40 minutes from my apartment and she lived at home. So the travel time to my place and back would have been more than an hour and a half and we only had about two hours. I picked her up not knowing if we were just meeting for a date or if we were meeting for a sexual encounter. Plus, I didn't know what she looked like, other than her self-description, five foot eight inches tall, 120lbs, brown hair, B cups, great legs.

I picked her up around eight. It was February and a bit cold, even though we lived in the South Western United States which is known for its temperate weather. It was probably about 40 or 45 degrees outside. The night before we had amazing phone sex when she was in the bath tub and was telling me that she was shaving her pussy and describing it in detail.

After picking her up, I asked her what she wanted to do. She'd already had dinner and there wasn't much you could do on a date in two hours. So we were just driving around and talking. She asked me to put the top down on the car, even though it was cold. I left the darkly tinted windows up and turned the heat on.

The talk turned sexual and I told her how pleasantly surprised I was at how hot she was and how I would get off well that night with an actual image of my phone sex buddy. She had told me before that even though her tits were average sized, that they were quite impressive. I told her, half jokingly, as I didn't know if she would do it, that seeing those tits that she'd bragged about would give me a great image to have during our next phone sex session. So she took her top off. Remember, the top is down on the car, but the darkly tinted windows probably prevented most people in other cars from seeing anything, though there were some SUV's and commercial trucks where the drivers could have looked down and seen, if they happened to glance our way.

Her tits were incredible. Small areola and perky. I leaned over and kissed her. Then at the next stoplight, I reached over and caressed her breast and then sucked and licked her nipple briefly. We drove a bit with her top off when I asked if I could see the shave job she'd performed for me the other night. She then took off all her clothes. She leaned over and started kissing my neck as I drove and then her hand started rubbing my dick through my pants. She then unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and kept stroking.

I told her that her pussy looked great and asked if I could get a better view of it. She moved the seat back and spread her legs and started rubbing her clit. I was so turned on by now, I needed to find a place to pull over where we could play. Having to drive was getting in the way of the fun. So I jumped on the freeway to drive out to the edge of town, which was about 10 miles away.

She was back to kissing my neck and stroking my dick while I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy. But after just a few minutes I couldn't take it any more. I pulled off at the next exit, where there were lots of warehouses and offices and probably wouldn't be many people around that late at night. I pulled into a parking lot behind a warehouse and just hoped a security guard wouldn't drive by. I put up the cars top and took off my clothes.

We laid the seats back and fondled and kissed and caressed and explored each others body. Then she leaned back in her seat and began to caress her breast with one hand and rub her clit with another. I laid back in my own seat and watched her while stroking myself.

She really started to go at it then. She was watching me stroke myself while she rubbed her clit. I loved hearing her breathing change. The smell of her pussy filled the car. I was just hoping to hold out until she came. I cum so much harder after hearing or seeing a woman cum. I always try to let a woman cum first whether it is phone sex, cyber sex or real sex.

She let two fingers slide in her pussy and started pumping hard. Her eyes were now closed and she was really getting into it. I was starting to feel more like a spectator than a participant so I leaned over and started sucking her tits while she fingered herself. I could feel her body starting to heave as her hips bucked. Her moans and heavy breathing was incredibly sexy. Her whole body was bucking and her moans were loud. Even to this day I cum while thinking about the look on her face as she was cumming that night.

The muscles of her body tightened, then she shook, then her whole body went limp. She lay there catching her breath for a bit then she laid back against the door as if to get a good view and looked over at me with this devilish grin, then looked down at my hard dick.

So I took that as a cue for me to now put on a show. While earlier I could hardly keep myself from cumming, my dick had now been stroked by either her or me for about an hour and was in no mood to cum. It must have taken me five minutes or more to cum. I sprayed all over myself and the steering wheel. I reached into the back seat and grabbed a towel that we used to clean up with. We got dressed then I drove her home.

I hope some of the ladies enjoy this and the stories to come (cum). If you masturbated while reading this story, please say so in the comment section.

Thank you to all the women who have written stories that I have gotten off to.



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