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Mum's Friend Comes To Stay

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Unexpected pleasure from mum's friend


I was a young man of 22, with an on-off girlfriend, always ready for sex and wanking furiously all the time. I would wank sometimes eight times a day. I would test myself to see how quickly I could come, but conversely how long I could last. It was 15 seconds and two hours 45 minutes respectively. That long wanking session produced what felt like buckets of cum. The first spurt was about six feet it was so strong.

My mum's friend Julie came to stay. They had known each other since secondary school. I had to give up my bed whilst she was staying, because we lived in a small house. Julie had been divorced for five years and hadn't had a boyfriend for a long time as far as my mum knew. Julie had a tremendous body for a woman of 47. She had large breasts that stood out in front and weren't saggy at all. She had a pretty face and a slight tan. She had a nice ass with wide hips. She was very womanly. My mum didn't see her that often, only about once or twice a year, but when she came to stay, my mum and Julie had a great time and always got tipsy.

So I slept in the lounge on the sofa in a sleeping bag, after everyone had gone to bed. I settled down as I was tired. I was asleep quickly, but woke around three am when I heard faint footsteps going into the kitchen and the door closing. I heard the kettle go so I guessed someone had got up for a cup of tea. So I tried to settle back down again. But I couldn't so I decided to play with myself. I pulled back the sleeping bag cover and started massaging my dick. I have a long foreskin so pulling it back and forth over the glans is wonderful and something that cut guys can't do. After about ten minutes I was getting close to cumming. Then I heard the lounge door open and a faint shadow appeared at the door. It was Julie. She whispered 'hello, do you want some tea?' I said 'no thanks.'. She came into the lounge and sat opposite me in the chair with her tea. She asked 'Did I have a girlfriend?' I said 'yes, but it's an on-off relationship. I whispered that we'd better be quiet or we'll wake mum and dad'. Julie asked me whether my girl was pretty. I said she was nice but I'm not sure I trust her. I said I think she is seeing someone else. Julie said that was horrible and couldn't understand why a handsome young man like me should be treated that way. She said that her ex-husband had two-timed her for a year so they divorced. She said she hadn't had a man since they split up. She said that she needed company as 'all women have needs'.

Then she said 'I know what you were doing when I walked in'. I said 'what do you mean'? 'You were playing with yourself weren't you' she said. I said yes. She then came to sit on the sofa on top of the sleeping bag. She said that all young men do it and I shouldn't be worried. She said that whilst she was in the kitchen, she could hear something in the lounge so she came in. She said she was sorry that she caught me.

By this time, Julie's dressing gown had fallen open a bit and I could see her huge breasts. She caught me looking at them. She said 'do you want to feel them?' I said I shouldn't really. She then grabbed my hand and shoved it in her cleavage. She said she wanted me to touch and feel her breasts. She said a man hadn't done that for a long time and she wanted me to. So I duly obliged. By this time, my cock was hard again, and wet at the end, after my previous wanking 10 minutes earlier, which was cut short by Julie coming into the lounge. She noticed the bulge in my boxer's and started to rub it. She then pulled my cock out of my boxer's and started to slide my foreskin up and down. It was wonderful. The feeling of her breasts was fantastic. She asked me to pull her nipples. I couldn't believe the size of them; they were probably about 3/4' long and rock hard. So I pulled her left nipple, then her right nipple, then pulled both.

She was getting very breathless by this time. I was really enjoying her playing with my foreskin. Then she started to jack my cock. OMG. I was really worked up. I lowered my hand to her pussy area and discovered she didn't have any knickers on. So I found her wet pussy and slid two fingers in there. She was soaking wet. She was really breathing hard by this time and I said please be quiet or you'll wake everyone. She then quietened down a bit. By this time, my cock was ready to explode. She was rubbing the underside of it, which drove me crazy. I was sliding my fingers into her wet pussy, whilst pulling on one of her nipples hard. She whispered she was cumming and to do it faster, so I did. My cock exploded into her hand, what felt like gallons of cum. She then came hard on my fingers and her wet pussy pulsed and gripped my fingers. It was fantastic. We had both finished cumming and she sucked my cum from her fingers, saying that she loved the taste of cum, and it was tidier than having to clean up with tissues. I pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy. The smell was wonderful and musky. Julie then went to bed and I tried to settle back to sleep. I could smell the musky odour on my fingers and it got me hard again soon after. But I was so tired I fell asleep.

The next morning, we all had breakfast together, and she kept eyeing me between mouthfuls of toast and tea. I could see her heavenly breasts again through her dressing gown and it reminded me of a fantastic night. We got to do it again before she left a few days later. The next time she came to stay, we got to do something more adventurous, but that's for another site.



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