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Multiple Orgasms With Your Semen as Lube

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I am Italian, so I apologize because of my bad English. I think one of the greatest gifts you can obtain from nature and from yourself is the fact of learning to be multi-orgasmic. Masturbation has helped me to reach more than one orgasm-with ejaculation each time-in one erotic session without loosing the erection. I use always two or more huge mirrors placed one in front of the other, with my naked body in the midst, so I can see myself while I masturbate and ejaculate. Seldom I masturbate standing up without sitting or lying. Longer is my masturbation time; more intense is the increasing pleasure throughout the whole session. The hugest orgasms I have ever reached have come after two or three hours of uninterrupted masturbation. I use several ways to masturbate. But right now I want to share how I reach a multi-orgasm. I force myself to avoid the first orgasm within the first hour of masturbation. The amount of precum increases with time and I use it, together with my saliva, as lube. So my penis starts to be covered by a white soft fluid mantle. My penis becomes minute by minute harder. My glans is very hard and deeply red. I have discovered that the whole secret is to use the same muscle I use to start and to finish to urinate while I feel the semen is coming. I mean I try to let the semen pass while I pretend to begin to urinate. Obviously I do not urinate in that moment of complete erection and ejaculation, and the 'quality ' of this way of having an orgasm is quite particular and extremely pleasant, very different to the normal one. After this first orgasm I feel in perfect conditions to keep on masturbating. My penis becomes more sensitive and the erection is so hard that I feel a little of pain. I like to spread the first semen -and all the semen of the following orgasms-all over my penis and my testicles. With the strong friction of the masturbation movements all the semen becomes deeply white. The precum turns back to get out from my penis. I keep on masturbating, before the second orgasm I concentrate to friction just the glans. It seems is going to explode, and I can see even the small blood vases under the soft skin of this part. Then I feel the second orgasm to come. I make the same than before. I little bit less cum comes out this time, I like to swallow it or just put it into my mouth and look how it comes out again from there. Then I spread this semen all over my chest and my ventris. Sometimes I put some of my semen into my anus. And so on. I control my whole organism in order to obtain the orgasms WHEN I WANT THEM. I reach the third and following orgasms sometimes with a small pressing of mi fist closed firmly around my penis with soft movements of my body. I can reach also another orgasm by simply holding my penis at its base, and forcing an 'overerection.' That means, extending the whole penis, using the strength of the bottom muscles without touching the body or head of the penis, but letting the bigger amount of blood to enter into it and holding this situation for a couple of minutes. Each following orgasm means less and less semen. So I arrive at the very last one. It is the strongest sensation a male body can reach. After six seven or eight times I have ejaculated, this final moment seems to kill me of pleasure. The amount of semen augments for the final cum. I feel even a 'sweet ' pain all over my penis and testicles and inside myself. I remain gently washed by my own semen for a while, looking at me. I like to share my technique with my friends and teach them to masturbate in order to obtain this treasure of being multi-orgasmic.



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