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Mr. Taylor's Jock Strap

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This happened to me when I was young, I still get hard thinking about it today.


When I was young, I had a newspaper delivery job. It was a great way to make some money and get to know all the neighbors that lived around me. I used to take on odd jobs from folks on my route, to earn extra money. I would do gardens, clean houses and walk dogs.

There was a house on my paperoute that belonged to a couple named Dan and Janice Taylor. They had a dog. They also were going through a nasty divorce. That summer, Janice had moved out, leaving Dan and the dog alone in the house.

Dan Taylor was a real jock and had a great body, which he kept toned by working out and playing tennis. I would often see him in his tennis shorts, and I couldn't help noticing how they hugged his ass and muscular thighs. I also noticed the outline of the jockstrap he would wear. Although I was still developing, I had started to jack off about a year earlier. I used to fantasize that when I grew up, I wanted to look just like him.

One afternoon, while collecting for the paper, he asked me if I wanted to earn some extra cash by walking the dog a few times a week. I told him sure and we made a plan to meet a few days later to talk some more about it. On that day, I arrived at the house and rang the doorbell. No one answered, but I noticed that the backdoor was ajar. This didn't surprise me since it was a really safe neighborhood and most folks left their doors unlocked. I knocked, then entered and called out his name. There was no answer. I waited a few minutes and then proceeded to the family room to see if I could see Dan in the back yard.

On the way to the family room, I passed the downstairs bathroom and noticed that someone had recently taken a shower. The room was still somewhat steamy and had a nice fragrance from the soap that had been used. As I passed, I also noticed, hanging from the bathroom door handle, a jockstrap. I stopped as something stirred inside of me. I felt my face flush and a tingling sensation in my groin.

Without even thinking much about it, I reached out and took the jockstrap off the door handle. It was still damp and as I looked closer I could see a few hairs in the front pouch. The stirring in my groin had now turned into a full on boner. I brought the jock closer to my face so I could get a better look at it. For an instant I imagined Mr. Taylor's cock nestled inside the pouch. I had an incredible urge to jack-off.

At this point, I didn't get the sense that anyone was in the house. And I really wanted to use that jock to jack off. I quickly lowered my pants and underwear and got to it. I was almost in a trance as I jacked away, holding his jock close and inhaling it. I didn't even hear him approach.

To Be Continued~



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