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Mr. Bird

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by Olivia
I'm an 18 year old girl. my e-mail is kent_olivia@yahoo.com My profile is http://profiles.yahoo.com/kent_olivia. I enjoy masturbation very much. I have played with myself as long as I can remember. I had my first orgasm at 12. I have to do myself two or three times a day. I realize this is excessive and I have tried to cut back, but it seams there is nothing I can do so I have just went with my sexual desire and stopped worrying about it. When I was 12 years old my snoopy grandmother caught me masturbating and told me I shouldn't do it that it was a nasty, filthy habit and that every time I masturbated God killed a kitten and that I should thank of the poor kittens. That kept me off for about two weeks, Then I said to hell the kittens, full speed ahead. Of course I was only masturbating about once a week back then.Not killing very many kittens anyway. By the time I reach high school with in a year I could have wiped out the entire species from North America I was masturbating two or three a day. I did myself in the shower each morning. And usually I could make it home before I had to do myself. But sometimes I got so horny in school I couldn't hold it. I had to do myself right there. I had just joined the cheer leader squad and we practiced at the field while the ball players were practicing. Just watching them practice and get all sweaty was enough but some of the sexual gyrations we would go through to get them to notice us was so erotic by the time practice was over I was so horny I was seeping, my pussy was so swollen and wet I felt if I couldn't do myself soon I would explode. I would rush home after practice head straight for my bedroom and lock the door. If I had a secret admirer oh computer I would turn on the computer, strip naked and write him a long e-mail telling him what I was doing while I was masturbating. This always made it better being able to share it with someone who could never know who I was. Then later I could do myself again when I read his reply. I don't like to do it on IM I have tried it a couple of times but trying to type and do myself at the same time is so distracting. It takes the pleasure out of it for me. While writing an e-mail I can take my time and not be distracted at critical moments and write about them just after they happen or while they are happening if I so desire. e-mail is perfect for masturbation. When I was in the 11th grade Mister Bird my history teacher would make me so horny I could hardly set still. As he lectured I would always keep my eye on his crotch. Sometimes he had a slight bulge. I would daydream about what I could do with that bulge. I would scoot my ass around in my chair at every opportunity by the time he finished his lecture my panties was soaked. One day I managed to get a table by myself at the back of the room for some reason several of the students were absent that day and the remaining students took the seats up front. As Mister Bird begin his lecture I noticed the slight bulge in his crotch. I couldn't help fantasizing about it. I started sliding my ass across my seat but I couldn't keep my hand off my pussy. No one could see me I was at the rear of the class behind a table. I reached down and grabbed my crotch and squeezed. This sent a thrill surging through my body and put a cramp in my curled toes. I would try to take notes with one hand while I saw about my other needs with my left. I reached down and unfastened the top button on my jeans. This gave me room to slide my hand inside the front of my panties. Oh God when my fingers touched my swollen clit I couldn't help a quite moan. Some of the students glanced back but I covered my mouth and cleared my throat. "Sorry" I whispered, "a cold." and they turned back to work. I slid my fingers father down across my smooth shaved wet vagina and slid a finger inside the wet swollen lips, God I could hardly keep quite. I noticed my last few notes were just scribbles. I pulled myself together and started taking notes again while I started the in out, in out rhythm with my finger inside my pussy sliding over my little swollen clit poking out of its hood like a little red bead then down inside my hot wet vagina.The class was almost over. Mister Bird started winding down and so did I. Then suddenly my thighs begin to tremble. Jesus my pussy started to cramp then suddenly I started spasmodic pussy convulsions. I was cumming. My eyes glazed over and my neck suddenly involuntarily bent backwards. One of the students noticed me. "Mr Bird" she screamed, "Olivia is having a seizure." "Yes I'll take care of it" he said, "class dismissed." As the students filed out Mister Bird walked back to my seat. My Orgasm was over and though my pussy was still throbbing I managed to get some of my composure back. "Miss Kent" he said, "I have been watching you all during this class. You almost got caught by one of the other students and that would have caused a scandal which could have damaged your life. Don't ever do that in my class.again" "Sorry no sir I wont." I mumbled so embarrassed and red faced I couldn't hold up my head and look him in the eye. I was almost in tears with embarrassment as I left his class. "If it helps" he said as I was leaving, " you gave me the nicest erection I have ever had." I lifted my head and smiled. "Thank you sir." I said. That night in bed I had one of my best orgasms fantasizing about Mister Bird. He was my secret love the remainder of the year of course he never knew.
The End



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