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Moving Out

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My college girlfriend and I say goodbye to my dorm room...


By the end of my junior year of college, I had finally taken the plunge and gotten an apartment for both the upcoming summer and the following year of school. Up to that point, I had been in the same dorm room since freshman year (I'd had it completely to myself for all of my sophomore and junior years, which was great), and I figured it was time to try the apartment thing.

My girlfriend, Hannah, played a big part in helping me find the new digs (a small, but very nice place), and after talking with the landlord and signing the appropriate papers, I was ready to move in as soon as the spring semester was finished.

That day finally arrived on a sweltering early summer afternoon in mid-May. Finals (for me) were over the previous day, but I waited until this particular day to move out so that Hannah could help me. It didn't take us too long (I had everything sorted, boxed, and packed away) to move my stuff out of the dorm room and down the three flights of steps to the parking lot. Three trips was all it took, and both our cars were packed.

We returned one final time to my now-empty, barren dorm room to sign a university-mandated checklist and hand in the room key. I checked everything over, signed the sheet, and was about to make for the door when Hannah closed it and locked with with a smile.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, though I kind of got a sense of what she had in mind just by how she was looking at me.

She said, "I think we need to do this right. Say goodbye to the room, I mean."


"Yes," she said. "One more fun memory of this place."

She slid her sandals off her bare feet and moved towards the now-plain, uncovered mattress that I had called my bed.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked.

She unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down her legs, along with her panties. She stepped out of them and climbed onto the bed, spreading her thighs open to reveal her pussy to me.

"I think each of us should have one last orgasm in here," she said, and then gently began to touch her delicate folds. "Come on over."

Seeing her touch herself had me almost instantly hard, so I dropped my shorts and joined her on the bed. She threw one of her shapely, bare legs over one of my legs, then moved her other leg underneath my other leg, so we were in a loose "scissor" kind of position. She shifted forward so our groins were close, and then we started masturbating.

As I worked my hand up and down my cock, I watched her play with herself, her fingers moving in a gradually shrinking circle over her clit. Normally, I wouldn't last long in a situation like this, but I decided to take my time because I wanted to watch Hannah cum before I did.

It didn't take her long, either. A look of intense concentration came over her face as she watched me slowly stroke my shaft. Then to my right, I saw her cute toes curl and flex, and I knew she was only seconds away from her orgasm. Moving quickly, I reached out with my free hand, stuck two fingers into her pussy, and pumped them in time with the circles she was rapidly working over her clit.

"Oh, yes," she breathed out. "That's so good. I'm right there."

Her eyes closed and her jaw dropped open, forming one of the most beautiful "O faces" I'd ever seen from her, with her flushed, glistening skin and the smile of pleasure forming at the corners of her lips. I felt her walls contract and flutter around my fingers as she rode her orgasm to completion, letting out a sexy, low groan as her fingers slowed to a stop over her clit. I pulled my fingers from her and transferred her wetness to my cock, which I worked into my shaft.

Hannah was looking at me, and I saw the gears in her mind turning. She scooted closer to me.

"Let me finish you," she said, and then used her fingers to spread open her pussy lips and press them around my shaft. Then she started to slide her pussy lips up and down the underside my shaft. She grabbed the base of my cock to hold it firmly in place, and proceeded to grind hard against my cock. Her slick folds felt amazing as they moved on my shaft, and I began to feel the tell-tale pressure rising.

I held my breath as the tension in my groin increased. Hannah smiled at me with genuine affection.

"Cum," she said. "Don't hold off. Just let it happen."

That was all I needed to hear. The pressure exploded and I was suddenly cumming. I savored the deep, hard pulses of my orgasm, and pulled up the bottom of my shirt, allowing my load to splatter onto my stomach in big, warm droplets. Hannah kept grinding on my shaft all throughout the orgasm, drawing out my pleasure and managing to get some of my cum on her lower belly in the process. As the pleasure slowly began to fade away, I released the breath I had been holding and met Hannah's gaze with a smile.

"Thank you," I said. "That was great."

With a grin, Hannah pulled her pussy away from my cock, and instead of getting up off the bed, she straddled one of my legs. The she took much of the cum that had splashed her stomach, smeared it onto her clit, and started to vigorously hump my thigh.

"What?" I asked, half-amused. A semi-naughty grin spread across her face even as she concentrated on her quick, hard grinds against my leg.

"I want another one," she said. "I'm so close again."

"That's not fair," I said. "You said 'one last orgasm' for each of us, remember?"

Of course, I wasn't really upset that she'd be able to cum one more time than I could, but I felt like ribbing her anyway. Humping as hard and fast as she could, she leaned down so her face was just inches from mine.

"Sorry, pal, but I need this," she said, and then kissed me. It was a hungry, passionate kiss, and our lips were still connected when she came again, moaning into my mouth as her hips jerked sharply a few final times and then stilled. My thigh was now slick with a mixture of my own cum and her fluids.

We broke our kiss. Hannah pressed her forehead against mine and we looked into each other's eyes. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice giving away how satisfied she was. "That felt so awesome."

She pecked my lips quickly, then was up off the bed. She got tissues from her purse to clean ourselves as best we could, then we made ourselves presentable, gave the room one final, fond look, and left, locking the door behind us.



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