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Motherin Law

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Motherin Law by JD
This just happened a few weeks agoand I thought I would share this all of you self-gratificationafficionados:

We were visiting my mother in lawfor the weekend, which we do a lot so she can see the kids. Mymother in law is in her fifties, and still pretty attractive.She's a little too straight-laced at times and can be meddlesome,which drives my wife crazy.

Whenever we're there, Margiealways makes comments about how good looking I am, etc. I usuallyplay it off since it's my mother in law and all and thank her forthe compliments.

Last weekend my wife had taken thekids over to hers dad's to visit since they had been divorced fora few years.

Margie and I were in the kitchen.I was wearing just a pair of sweatpants and she was still in herrobe. Me were talking about the kids and things in general.Margie was cleaning up the breakfast mess, loading the dishwasherand putting things away.

I noticed that her robe wasbecoming a little loose from moving around and I caught a niceview of her breasts. I didn't think too much about it since itwas my mother in law, but I did feel my cock start to stir a bit.

At one point she reached up to putsome glasses away and her robe came untied, exposing her tits andher blue silk full-cut panties. Embarrassed, she quickly pulledher robe together and retied it. Seeing her like that gave me ahuge hard-on!! I saw the outline of her pussy lips and her snatchthrought the thin fabric.

Still embarrassed, she grabbed acup of coffee and sat at the table. I told her no big deal andgot behind her and gently rubbed her neck, trying to relax her alittle bit. I rubbed her neck and shoulders then the back of herhead. Soon, I felt her whole neck flush and get hot - I justturned my mother in law on, I thought to myself!!

My cock was sticking straight outbut she couldn't see it because I was standing behind her. Thesoft fabric of my sweats made the sensation even better. She wasoffering no resistance and not a word was said, so I kept ongoing.

I rubbed the nape of her neck andbehind her ears then pushed her robe away so I could rub hershoulders and her chest, just above her tits. Margie shifted inher chair and uncrossed her legs. This let her robe fall openwhere I could see a small piece of her panties and pussy. Iworked my way down to the small of her back and up around to herchest. All the while we said nothing, but I could hear hermoaning softly.

I rubbed back around her shoulderswhich caused her robe to fall in heap around her on the chair.Still she said nothing! I cupped her breasts in each hand andlighty pinched her nipples and they became rock hard. Margiemotioned me in front of her where she traced the outline of mycock through my sweats. She pulled my cock out and lightly rubbedmy balls and shaft with her nails, WOW! I knelt down and pulledher panties aside and tasted her wonderful juices, running mytongue from her clit to her hole. I circled her clit with mytongue as she inserted two fingers into her pussy while I strokedby cock.

Suddenly she got up and led to meto the couch where she slipped off her panties, exposing awell-trimmed nearly shaved pussy. She had me get between her legswhere she took my cock and used it as a real dildo on her clitand pussy, running up and down her slit. She rubbed her tits withher free hand and I could tell she was close to cumming by theway she arched her back and her strokes were becoming faster andfaster. She let my cock go and rubbed her clit furiously andfucked herself with her fingers. She let out a loud moan as shecame and came. Margie had me straddle her waist because shewanted to watch me bring myself off and cum on her. After about20 strokes, I shot all over her chest and throat. The only thingshe said was that was first time she ever a guy bring himself offand that oneday she would like to feel me inside of her!! Staytuned.



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