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Most Sexual Day of Life, Exh, Prs, Edgg!

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Incredible day of self-pleasure!

The abbreviations are for exhibitionism, prostate orgasms and edging... This story is true but cannot in words totally describe how awesome this day of masturbation was!


So I must elaborate on my masturbation history as it will teach the reader how you too can achieve pleasure FAR beyond what you thought the human body was capable of giving you.

A few years ago (probably while searching for porn) I stumbled across a web-site for a medical device designed to massage the prostate. It was very interesting as it described how it was possible for a man to experience not only orgasms that were completely new, way more intense than ejaculatory and you could have them one after another until your body is literally too tired to go on from all the contracting and writhing in orgasm. So I set out to master this technique. And master I did! I tried every major type of prostate massager from the regular plugs, ones designed directly for the prostate, dildo's that vibrate, the electro-sex line of toys and everything in between. But let me tell you, the first thing available that night after reading about it was a wooden broom handle I cut off and wrapped a couple of condoms over. Low and behold, by lubing, inserting, squeezing, relaxing, squeezing relaxing etc.. I had my first prostate orgasm. For about two minutes long it lasted and I was even hornier when I was done and had many more that night. I was hooked from that point on. So FIRST what I did over a few years was to master prostate contractions and orgasm from direct stimulation.

Next, I discovered a new method of intense pleasure! Edging! Understanding how incredibly intense prostate orgasms were, I just for the longest time didn't believe anything else could ever come close. I spent hours and hours in orgasmic bliss from self prostate massage at least twice a month and as much as once a week, any more would just be too taxing on the body, which is another topic that doesn't need much discussion' GET IN SHAPE! For obvious reasons it helps in every aspect from sex drive to performance etc... BUT THEN, I read up on edging and wow, what a compliment to prostate orgasms... Read up on it, the trick is to masturbate regularly until right before you go over the edge. DO NOT under any circumstances ejaculate. Just like trying to stop peeing mid-stream, squeeze what is called your PC muscle, relax for a few seconds and bring yourself back to near orgasm. THE CLOSER you get to ejaculation WITHOUT CUMMING the more intense it becomes. And add to that, the more times you do it in one session the more intense it becomes. Soon sexual energy that you can literally feel starts radiating throughout your body! And these 'almost' orgasms become even more intense than full on ejaculatory orgasms. So try edging for an hour or so then stop without ejaculating for the night. Pick it up again the next night for as long as you can hold out. The pleasure you can grow to experience is virtually endless. I keep improving my ability to ride waves of orgasmic ecstasy even years after first discovering that a prostate orgasm was so mind-blowingly intense. It was even better than I remember when having my first orgasm, this was an even better 'first'.

Another incredible enhancement to my pleasure came when I started experimenting with different lubes for prostate stimulation. I tried the tingling stuff, the warming stuff, the expensive erection enhancing creams, and everything in between including adding herbal extractions to dissolve into the lube for anal use. One thing I discovered that I have yet to run across anywhere on the internet, is the ability of capsaicin to greatly intensify prostate contraction (orgasm). I discovered this on accident when I ate a bunch of hot food the night right after a few massager induced, super prostate orgasms, well! The next morning just passing a bowel movement that was hot triggered an incredibly intense prostate orgasm without even trying (an involuntary orgasm! Another first!!!). Soooo, I now mix, some of the warming, some of the tingling, some expensive erection (NOT numbing or prolonging) enhancement cream sold at most pharmacies, some plain jelly for mechanical effectiveness, some mint extract, and some red cayenne pepper powder and I shoot in the lube with an anal lube syringe (after cleaning via anal douching) and have several times (if made hot enough) experienced prostate orgasm from that alone. I now have a pre mixed container of it and lubricant injectors! When I inject this and insert a prostate stimulator, WOW! I cannot describe with words the pleasure! And every time I re-inject the sensation renews itself as new!

Next and last before I get to the story, I started combining all. I would load up on certain supplements for a few days, have a session where I would toggle between edging and prostate massaging with my special lube and top-notch massagers (both feeding off each-other to create even better orgasms. It seems edging for about 20 minutes then prostate cumming for 20 and back to edging works fantastic..... And soon I realized with great joy that the pleasure a human body can experience is far beyond my comprehension. I honest to goodness have felt one of these orgasms radiate to my hands and even my tongue, yes, it felt like my tongue was orgasm-ing and the same time having my hand wrapped around an incredibly swollen, vein popping, hard eight inch penis while my body is involuntarily convulsing (pleasurably) while smiling from ear to ear!

On to the story finally! So my girlfriend whom I love dearly and satisfies my needs of companionship (and who I have an incredible sex life with mostly because of being so sexually in shape from all this, and she's amazingly hot) was going away for training for awhile (her and I are both in the military). I have been longing for awhile now to have some time to myself and have a full day devoted to crazy masturbation and the most intense orgasm that I've ever experienced in my life. Mind you that some of my prostate orgasms have already caused almost out of body experiences, and an incredible feeling far better than any drug could ever offer... So, I started off with going four days without ejaculating at all. I did masturbate a little on day one, a little more on day two, and edged both day three and four for at least a good half hour. Then the day came!

I was already loaded up in my prostate, testicles, and penis has been hard multiple times a day. I started off my morning with an ultra incredible edging/prostate/edging etc.(all without ejaculating nothing more than a little pre-cum) then had to clean up and go into work for a few hours. I had everything packed in order to leave right from there and travel to the beach. I was so horny to begin with and knowing where I was going just made it worse, so much so that I enjoyed masturbating in my car on the way there. I was careful not to be seen by truckers, males, or anyone that might be offended. A huge turn on but one must be super careful because if you do it knowing it is likely to cause affront or alarm and the wrong person decides to get your license plate. Well life would be ruined as you know it for a while.

Anyway, I definately cover up anytime a car has kids in and only am a little more careless when it is a car full of girls that are obviously of age but not mama-bears if you know what I mean. The trick is to act like you have no idea they can see you at first and do not blatantly drive next to them and look at them while you are stroking yourself but if you notice out of the corner of your eye and someone sees in the car rest assured they will all be soon looking and laughing there asses off and or gawking in disbelief or enjoyment thus not offended. It is a fine art and a thrilling and somewhat addicting fetish but you must be ULTRA careful not to break laws or offend the wrong person or else suffer serious legal consequences! Being so careful I only managed to gain one attentive and appreciative audience. I am certain no one else saw but that in itself was so incredibly stimulating, knowing you are being watched by a few good looking interested strangers mmmmm!

So off to the beach: A nude beach! It is popular one on the north-east coast, you can probably guess which one it is. I am familiar with beach etiquette there and new that at least in the day, in the mixed/family portion of the beach you can not openly or blatantly masturbate without getting kicked out or worse, arrested by the rangers. However, you can subtly play with it, as long as you remain discreet, just enough to keep it mostly hard. So that is exactly what I did for a few hours.

I did hear that after six pm the lifeguards went off duty and that is when things start heating up. If you look around some you will undoubtedly catch a couple playing with each other, the occasional man was masturbating, and on rare occasion a woman going to town on herself! The day was a bit crowded and although a lot of women gave me a smile, and some even pointed me out to their husbands and/or friends, I just did not feel that all of the people around me would appreciate blatant masturbation. So I made some conversation here and there, had a lot of stares from the ladies (I am not that incredibly conceited but have been told factually many times, that I have a huge penis and an awesome body. Yes everyone can write that in these stories but I honestly have nothing to prove. This whole story is 100% without stretching ANY truths, completely factual)!

Continuing on, I decided that I wanted to have some more fun with my-self and so worked up a throbbing erection, some courage, stood up, grabbed my chair and walked down to the gay end of the beach. To my relief, there were some females on that end too with their husbands that were straight so I was not completely disappointed (no offence to any I just personally am not gay), but went to that end because I knew that I could get away with a lot more! I sat my chair close to waves and started edging myself! Before long I had an audience of all guys except one fellas wife. She was older but still had a decent body and was nude like 50-60% of the people there! So I sat in my chair, closed my eyes, opened them now and again for a fresh glimpse of her beautiful shaven pussy and started edging!

I peaked and the first orgasm had me involuntarily moaning out loud, straightening my body out completely even though I was sitting in a folding chair and pulsated through what must have been a full minute or two of outta-body super orgasmic bliss! I somehow managed to hold it in, did not ejaculate and continued on. I opened my eyes to an ever growing audience of mostly gay men. I did not care at that point, I was just super horny and enjoying myself by the waters edge, enjoying the hell out of myself and I have never received as many sexual offers and compliments in my life lol! I just said no thanks I just like to enjoy myself and do not mind if yall watch!

Finally after a few hours of this continual super intense peaking/edging the crowd died down as it was getting cooler out (It did not bother me at all as I was sweating from all the work) and before long it was just me and the ocean itself. It was then that I laid on my towel, inserted some of my super lube and had THE SINGLE GREATEST ORGASM OF MY LIFE. I used a waterproof hard plastic anal vibrator and had to take a few minutes to catch my breath, drink some water, use baby wipes to remove sand, and start at it again! Finally the park was getting close to closing so I walked back to my car. I somehow managed to make it all the way home without falling asleep from fatigue but was determined to go at it again when I got home. After some more edging and another MEGA PROSTATE ORGASM I had nothing left in me (still did not ejaculate but body-energy-wise, was totally drained). I then showered and crashed into a deep sleep. It was the most sexual day of my life and it took a few days to fully recover (as any hard physical workout would).

So to all, learn from this, try some or all of these techniques, research to discover some or all of what I mentioned in here and be ready for a whole new world of pleasure. Done carefully, these things mentioned in this story can help get you in shape physically (overall) will definitely get you into the best sexual-shape of your life, and make you a much happier person over all. There are also other health benefits which purportedly include prostate cancer prevention etc. I realize that sexual satisfaction, as great as it can be is not everything there is to life HOWEVER: without sacrificing the greater things in life why not experiences the pleasure the body you've been given can give back to you in it's fullest potential???

My fantasy, (please help in your comments so it can become a reality) is to be studied. There are a few colleges, one in Pennsylvania that has a major in sexual education. I would absolutely love to be a workshop of some sort, a test/study subject and/or teach how a man can be multi-orgasmic. I would volunteer my body for science and study. I really want to do this as I feel everyone could benefit, I do not even seek to be paid for my time as the thrill of being in front of students studying what I was doing would be payment enough. The experiences I have with myself are just too good to be selfish and not teach others and pass on the good techniques and information!

Happy jacking and jilling everyone!




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