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More Than Enough

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I am bi, this story is my sex life with my loving wife of more than 29 years, I love her to death.


We have been married for 29 years. WE have tried most forms of sex, my wife (K) will take me in all three of her holes. We masturbate solo and together since we first started having sex together more than 30 years ago. I am a daily masturbator, many days more than once even if I have sex with K. and have done so since I new I could, at around nine ten years old. My cock is not that long, about 6.5 inches but it is also 6.5 inches around at the base. I stand about 6 feet tall and weigh 225 lbs. I work out daily with weights and have done so for more than 30 years, yes I am very muscular. One of our favorite ways to enjoy sex is through masturbation and this is just one way we have done it recently. My wife is sexually submissive and enjoys role play, bondage, light S&M.

We retired to the bedroom and strip. I placed her dog collar around K's neck and this is K's signal to become my slave. K bows her head in my presence and must address me as Mr. C. I have K lye down on the bed and blind fold her. Then I take Velcro wrist cuffs and place them on her wrists and ankles. I take straps and bind K's wrists to the bed posts such that her arms are fully spread. I do the same to her ankles pulling her feet up so that her knees are bent slightly. I then take rope and lightly wrap several loops around one knee and then pull the rope under the bed and done the same to the other knee. This prevents her from closing her knees; we can't have that can we? Now that she is fully prepared I get up on the bed and put my cock in her mouth, she sucks until I am fully erect.

I turn around so that my balls are in her face and order K to lick then. While she is licking my balls I insert two fingers in her pussy and begin to slowly massage her G spot. K is already wet but I take my fingers from K's pussy and put them in her mouth so that she can lick her juices. K does not like this and never has, she begins to protest. This is not acceptable behavior from a slave and I slap her bottom and pull out one of the many clothespins from our toy bag and clap one on one nipple. K will grimmest from the mild pain and I admonish her for complaining. I resume my position and continue to have K lick my balls while I massage her G spot. I occasionally will move my fingers to K's mouth and have her suck her juices from my hand. As K's becomes more aroused her juices begin to flow and a wet spot forms on the bed sheets. Now I take my other hand and with two fingers, one on each side of her swollen clit, and begin to rub up and down while I continue to massage her G spot. K is really hot now moaning and sucking my balls, her clit is engorged and hard. I can feel her cunt muscles begin to contract around my fingers as she approaches orgasm. This is when I stop, she always whimpers and pleads for me to continue, not good behavior from a slave, so I reach into the goody bag and place another clothespin on her other nipple, she again will complain so I have to lightly spank her bottom, this usually brings her to her first orgasm and this time it does.

Now I am ready for the real fun, which is pleasuring me. I turn around and straddle her chest and place my cock so that my cock head is just touching her lips. I order K to stick her tough out and then I shove my penis deep into her mouth to fully lubricate it with her saliva. Then I will withdraw my cock from her mouth and grip it and begin a slow masturbation. All the time my cock is resting on her tongue. My precum starts to flow and I will spread it over the head of my dick and bring my fingers to my mouth to taste my own juices, I really like the way I taste. I continue masturbating building to my own orgasm; I will edge several times bringing some cum to the end of my dick. I then will remove K's blind fold and let her see the cum on the end of my dick. When I go to put my cum covered head into her mouth she always turns her head away, she has never liked to swallow my cum. I then will pull back and take run my fingers over my cum covered cock head and take my cum to my own mouth, I love the taste of me. I continue to masturbate edging several more times. When I can no longer hold back I straddle K's stomach and quickly remove the clothespins. If you have ever done this it is both a pleasure to have the pressure gone and also causes an instant of pain. I masturbate furiously and ejaculate onto K's breasts. I continue to masturbate until I am fully drained. Then I will spread my cum over K's breasts. When she is fully coated I begin to link my own cum off her breasts. This drives her wild; she moans twists and knows what is coming next. I lick her arm pits (she really likes that), then I work my way down to her pussy linking every inch of her. When I reach her pussy I spent many minutes linking her clit, while I slowly stroke my fingers in and out of her pussy. When I feel her cunt muscles begin to contract I move my mouth to her ass hole and tongue her brown eye while I quickly move my fingers in circles around her clit. This always brings her to a very hard orgasm. When she is spent, I will untie her. By this time I am usually hard again, if not I will have K suck my dick until hard enough for penetration, then we will have a good fuck.




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