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More Teenage Masturbation, Boys and Girls, Part 5

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First time trying on a condom and wanking into it.


After the experiences of the previous 3 weeks with Helen, her daughter and friend, I was becoming obsessed with the need to fuck Anne and fantasized over this every time that I wanked. Which as usually twice a day. The girls and I were regularly having mutual wanking sessions. They wanked me, I fingered them, and kissed their nipples until they came. Anne's mother Helen, was well aware of this as the girls had told her and she was happy that they were having such similar experiences as she had had the same, at the same age. Very progressive for the age. I was now far less inhibited in talking about sex with her and felt no need for teenage boasting or myth projection.

With one week of my time at their farm to go, I came down to breakfast early to find Helen alone as her husband had gone out early and the girls were still asleep. Helen was wearing one of her cleavage revealing blouses which had its usual effect on me. And she could see it, too.

She asked me quite openly if I know how to use a condom. 

Somewhat startled I said, "no...I've never even seen one close up". 







"Ah", she said, "you need educating". 







My heart really started racing as I had no idea what to expect next. However, she informed me that she had some pictures that would explain how to fit one. Pulse rate was still high as I went off for the days work.

We had a tiring day hauling straw bales back to the stackyard and I was hot and dusty when I arrived back at the house. It was empy so I went straight to have a bath. But not a wank as I felt tired.

Back in my room, but still not dressed, I found a package on my bed. Inside was a brief note, some pictures and a packet of condoms. I started to erect as I looked at the pictures which showed a condom being fitted over an erect cock. The note said just ' look and learn '. So I did. I opened a packet and had my first close up sight and feel of a condom. I started to roll it on as in the photos and was surprised at how tight it felt and when I finally unrolled that it only covered about two thirds of my erection.

I started to wank being careful not to be too vigorous or to pull the rubber off. When I came, I did so in a great gush as maybe the tightness of the condom enhanced the rush. I looked to see if it had burst. But no. Nor leaked. When my cock subsided I took it off and looked at it again and at the sperm in the nodule at the end, and marvelled. Here was I, aged 16, wanking into a condom.

Helen gave me a wicked smile when I went down for the evening meal and kept looking at me all through the meal. Afterwards we were alone so she asked me if I had explored the package . By this time in this household I was almost as uninhibited about sex as Helen and the girls so I said that I had tried one on but was surprised at how tight it was and that it only came so far down. And had not burst. She laughed and said that was a teenage myth, they almost never burst and tightness was part of the pleasure. But I must be a big boy if it felt small. I blushed a bit, though more at the teenage myth than at the big boy jibe. I knew that I was a bit bigger than average from my time in the school boarding house.

Then the girls came home so conversation turned to their day and matters of farming.

I went to bed full of thoughts . During the night I awoke erected and tried another one. This time it went on more easily, still felt tight and still only came so far down my cock. I wanked and then fell asleep again still with the condom on my cock.

It was still there in the morning as I awoke with an erection but I unrolled it before wanking.

Final part next.









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