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Thank you for the encouraging comments. It makes my husband and I very horny to think about people jacking (and jilling?) to my past experiences! I have tons more tales, but not much time... Back to work soon!
I was definately a frequent jiller during my teen years, every day, sometimes even four times a day, perhaps more often at times. I eventually settled into a circular rhythm of pressure on my clitoris, but I tried lots of other things in the meantime! From the time I was about twelve I had some advanced knowledge of sex and masturbation from reading my sisters' diaries (sorry) and from a paperback that magically appeared in our family book closet: 'Woman's Body'. I found out later on that my mother knowingly placed it there for her daughters' curious eyes, and it was a big help! There were diagrams, explanations, scientific research, and statistics... Some of the information was beyond our needs, i.e. sexual positions for pregnant women, but there was also a great deal of fun material to read and explore. My sisters and I would surreptitiously borrow the book to better understand our budding bodies, and after a few years of voracious research the book became tattered and dog-eared, its blue cover nearly unrecognizable. I would take the book into my bedroom and flip to the juicy sections, pages with line drawings of people in various sexual positions and close-up drawings of genitalia, which I particularly savoured. Most of the time however, I would sneak the book into the bathroom with me. I would close and lock the door and turn on the fan to disguise my inadvertent sounds. Usually, I would put down the toilet lid and sit down, but I also tried other places and positions. It was really fun for me that one time I discovered the bathtub ledge to sit on... I began with my usual ritual of locking the bathroom door and turning the fan on. Someone else in my family had just used the facilities so I didn't feel like sitting on the toilet lid. We had a tiny bathroom so my choices were rather limited. I quickly scanned the room and decided to sit on the edge of the bathtub. It felt like a naughty thing to do so I started to feel really horny. In a flash I unzipped my pants and pulled down my pants and panties. I kept them around my ankles as I felt more secure, and I had little time to spare! The dirty supper dishes were waiting in the kitchen and my family would be wondering why I was taking so long in the bathroom. My shirt and bra stayed in place lest a sister or a parent catches me, how could I explain bare titties in the bathroom? I remember the sensation as I sat down on the edge of the tub. Yikes, it's cold! I almost stand back up again, but I stay seated, knowing my body heat should soon warm the porcelain. I look down at my silky white polyester panties and I can see a puddle of fluid gathered in the crotch. I reach down and touch it; rub my fingers in it. Curious, I move my panties over slightly and touch the crotch of my pants. They are wet. The drippings from my pussy soaked right through my underwear and left a wet spot about two inches in diameter right on the seam of my pants. Interested, I open up 'Woman's Body' to the section about women's genitalia. I scan the paragraphs until I find information about genital fluids. I read that my juice is called discharge, and that it is normal. Thank goodness! I love playing around in it, sniffing it, rubbing it into my crotch, so I don't want my juice to be considered abnormal or strange. While I am reading, I bring my fingers to my nose and sniff them. They smell mild but definitely sexy. I have discovered that my pussy smell varies according to the time of day, time of month, horniness, and so on. Usually, my juice is clear with whitish streaks, especially when I am feeling horniest. Sometimes by the end of the day my panties have a creamy stain, but it is more often white. There is also a close up drawing of a pussy on the page, and my eyes can't stray from it. The parts are labelled, and it is here that I learn the word for my favourite part: clitoris. My right hand reaches down to my pussy while my left hand awkwardly holds the book open. First, I slide my fingers down between my lips and dip down to my vagina to get some more warm liquid on my fingers. Then I pull my hand back up to my clit and touch it very gently while my thumb lifts the hood that almost completely hides my clitoris. My clit is tiny and very sensitive, so direct pressure can be painful if not carefully applied. An extreme sensation of pleasure washes over me as I slide my fingers directly on my clit, but the feeling quickly becomes too intense and I move my hand further up to massage my clit through the hood. My head arches back and my eyes close as I experience the familiar sensation. My hand moves in circles, with my first three fingers rubbing the hood over my clit. I put lots of pressure on the area right above my clit, where I can feel my clitoral stem sliding back and forth under the skin. This makes my hood slip around atop my clit....It feels amazing (like a soft tongue I would later find out at a much older age), and my technique has hardly changed to this day. Overcome with pleasure, my left hand spasms and I drop the book THUMP on the floor! 'Everything okay in there?' My mom asks, perhaps with a smile in her voice. 'Yep, just bumped the garbage can,' I answer; trying to sound normal, though my husky voice surely gives away my activities. Paranoia makes me wonder if she can hear where I am sitting in the bathroom, but I push the thoughts out of my head. I take a deep breath and start rubbing again. My hand starts to move in faster circles, and it feels like my whole pussy is swelling up. I can hear and feel my pussy lips jiggling as my hand movements become more forceful. I lean forward into my hand slightly, and I notice that I can now feel the porcelain tub pressed between my ass cheeks. Intrigued, I reach back with my left hand and spread my cheeks farther apart while I lean forward a bit more. A jolt of surprise and pleasure shoots up from the skin around my asshole, which is now fully in contact with the tub. My right hand never stops rubbing my pussy, and this new feeling coming from my ass makes my movements even more urgent as I get closer to orgasm. I start to rhythmically, uncontrollably buck my hips back and forth, which pulls and rubs the skin around my asshole. My left hand automatically grips the edge of the tub so tightly my knuckles start to turn white. I push back and forth on the porcelain so hard it hurts a little, but that only makes the sensations feel better and better. As I feel the waves of orgasm approach, I rub my pussy in wider circles, pushing the lips down with each pass so that they also touch the cold tub. I can feel it coming closer and I know I am almost there. My left hand wants to experience the sexiness going on under my ass, so I reach under my butt just as the waves of orgasm hit me, and I feel my asshole and pussy twitching and throbbing against my hand in rhythm with my climax. My legs snap together instinctively and my face twists and bunches in pleasure. I can feel heat rising up my body and my face reddening as my breath comes in short gasps and my heart beats harder and faster... and then release. A stream of pussy juice slides down the side of the tub. Feeling a little ashamed by my antics, I pull up my pants and panties, wipe up the tub, wash my hands, hide the book under my shirt, open the door, turn off the light and fan, put the book back in the closet... and go wash the dishes.



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