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"Money for nothin' and chicks for free"

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"Money for nothin' and chicks for free" by GYN Curious
Hi Mick; GYN Curious here again.Could you post this one for me, please?

This is my second post on thispage, relating an experience I had some years ago at the age of20. At the time, I was playing part time in a little rock bandwith some friends. We would play sort of sporadically at clubs inthe area and at functions that other friends of ours wouldorganize and such. This occasion was a wedding reception for acousin of the bass player. Our pay was free beer and food. Well,it was a great night. Everybody was having a good time and wefelt like rock stars. At some point, I noticed this young girlwith the most perfect, round butt I'd ever seen. I made thecomment to our singer to check it out and he agreed, her ass wasperfect. She looked quite young to both of us. I sort of made apoint of trying to make eye contact with her, and did so a coupleof times. I smiled and she smiled back. I was starting to get alittle excited and tried to think of a way to approach her. Mymind was racing in time with my pulse.

by the end of the night she hadbeen dancing in front of the stage a few times, again making goodeye contact. I knew I was going to meet her soon after wefinished the gig. We wrapped up on the last set and I startedstowing my gear as fast as I could so I wouldn't miss talking toher. I found I didn't need to hurry, as the bass player's wifecame up to me:

"Someone wants to meetyou," she said. I looked past her and there was the girl,looking at me.

"That's excellent! I'vereally wanted to talk to her,too," I said, barely able torestrain my excitement.

"How old are you?" sheasked.

"I'm twenty. Why?" Ireplied.

The bass player's wife neveranswered my query, instead she began walking towards the girl. Ifollowed. The two of us were introduced. She was about five feettall, probably didn't weigh 100 pounds; she had faily short"dirty" blonde hair and green eyes. Her breasts weresmall and hard looking and her butt... We spent the next couplehours getting aquainted. It was getting very late and I told herI needed to get some rest.

"If you want, we could rent aroom and take a shower together," she said quietly next tomy ear.

I couldn't believe my luck.

"Without a doubt," Ianswered quietly back.

I grabbed her by the hand and weheaded out, stopping to say goodbye on the way. I noticed thebass player's wife following us with her eyes as we walkedthrough the door. When we got to the room, the second the doorwas closed, she started to kiss me and rub my penis through mypants. I was erect instantly. We both started to take our clothesoff on the way to the shower. I stopped to hold her and fondleher hard little butt on the way. We laughed at the difficulty Ihad getting my tight pants off, in that my erection kept gettingcaught on them. We stepped into the shower and soaped up eachother, spending a lot of time at each others' genitals. It wasdream-like, time slowing, like you were "in the zone"to borrow a term from athletics. Our excitement was buiding tomammoth proportions. We stepped out and half heartedly towelledoff. We were feeling each other up almost constantly as we headedfor the bed. She crawled onto the bed on her hands and knees.

"Do you like mybubble-butt?" she asked sexily.

I never answered, I just reachedout to touch it. From that position, I see how wet she was. Herouter labia were sort of puffy and red, the inner labia weresoaked and glistening with lubrication. She was looking back atme. I don't know why, but I reached up and started to stroke mypenis. After a few strokes, it was like I realized what I wasdoing and I quit.

"Don't stop. I want to seeyou jerk off." she said, and then acted sort of embarassedfrom having said it.

"Have you ever seen a guyjack off before?" I said.

She shook her head no.

"Well, I will if youwill." I said.

"O.K." she replied. Shesort of covered her face and added, "I don't believethis."

I climbed onto the bed, assuming aseated position. She sat up, moving forward. We were both sittingwith our knees bent and our feet pulled in towards our bodies.She was able to slide in very close between my knees. I startedto massage my penis and initially she did nothing. She reachedforward to play with my balls and slid a couple fingers under thesack, sort of feeling the pulsations of my PC muscle underneath.She sighed and slowly began to rub around her clitoris with herright hand.

"That's it." I said.

Her face flushed red, I hadembarassed her. She didn't stop rubbing though. She shuddered alittle and moaned, closing her eyes a little.

"Don't come right away; canyou hold youself on the edge for a long time?" I asked, myvoice shaking with excitement.

"I don't know, I'lltry." she sort of moaned and spoke the words at the sametime.

For what seemed like a long time,we both continued our self pleasure. I would get close to orgasm,then lessen my stimulation, just as my initial contractions wouldstart. She still had her left hand under me, rubbing just infront of my anus. She would rub her clit faster, then slower,then not at all. Her eyes would look at my face, then my hand onmy penis and back again. She pulled her left hand out. It went tothe entrance of her vagina and she pushed two fingers in. Thiscaused her to shudder again and she quickly pulled her right handaway from her clit. Her eyes were closed and she exhaled shakilythrough her "O" shaped lips. Then she drew her fingersout of her vagina. They were covered with wetness. Her right handwent back to work, her left was making its' way back under me. Iwas stroking my penis very hard now as she continued to pushthose slick fingers back. Soon, she had them resting against mytightening anus. She rubbed around the outside, lubricating me.Both fingers slid easily inside a little way. My anus started tothrob around her fingers.

"Your going to come soon,aren't you?" she said through half closed eyes, her fingersthrusting slightly in my anus. Her other hand was flying on herclit.

"Any second." It was myturn to moan in response.

I reached out with my left hand,sliding two fingers under her. Her back side was slick and my twofingers slid into her anus without a problem. I duplicated hermotions. Her hips started moving slightly, helping to embed myfingers into her. I felt her tighten up and her mouth opened,head tilting back. Then she sort of went "Oh, God.."her hips shaking. Her anus was pulsing hard around my fingers andshe uttered an "ugh" with each pulse. She must havepulsed that way around fifteen or so times. That was all I couldtake. Her fingers had stopped moving in my anus, I startedcontracting strongly around them. My semen flew from my penis,hitting her upper body and over her shoulder. Literally three tofour feet!! We were both shaking and moaning, looking at eachothers faces through heavy lidded eyes. Toward the end of myorgasm, I started to pull my fingers from her ass. She jerked herhips forward, trying to keep them in. Her hand was still rubbingaround her clit. Her back arched and I felt her tighten up again.She was coming again! I started thusting my fingers in and outand she started to moan and pulse once again, probably not 30seconds after the end of her last orgasm. This one seemed to beeven more intense, or maybe I was just more aware because Iwasn't coming myself. After her spasms subsided, she gentlypulled my fingers from her body. We kissed and fell asleep, neversaying anything to each other. We woke up later and hadintercourse a number of times; I came another 3 times that night.Since then, I have had the mutual masturbation experience anumber of times. This particular one still stands out as one ofthe best.



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