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Mom's Toys

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Finding some of moms "personal" items


I know that know kids don't like to admit that their parents are sexually active, but lets face it, we all came from some where. I know my folks did it. I'd lay in bed awake at night and I could hear my mom moaning in pleasure. I remember being very young just hanging with my mom in her room as she did things and just going through her drawers and finding this long black thing. It didn't look like anything, I though it kind of looked like a cucumber and if I twisted the base it kind of hummed a bit. I had no idea what it was, but as I got older I figured it out. Even as a teen I'd snoop around just to see what I could find. I remember one day being in her closet and finding this average size box. It was a little heavy, it wasn't taped or anything so I opened it to find this big, heavy, clunky electric back massager. I took it out of the box and unwound the cord and plugged it in and the vibrations it produced were so strong and intense, I knew immediately what to do with it. My cock got instantly hard. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and layed it on the floor and I took the massager and put it upside down on the towel. It had a big rectangular massage head, it was made of vinyl and was very soft. I knew my dad had a tube of ky jelly in his night stand drawer and I put a little dab of that on the head of the massager. I stripped my clothes off and got on my hands and knees and straddled the massager and I put my hard cock on the lubed up head of the massger. I switched it on low and began humping it, the feeling was absolutely amazing. Within minutes I felt my orgasm approaching so I decided to try high speed and I flipped the switch and all I could do was roll my eyes back and gasp as my orgasm hit me hard. I had cum shooting everywhere, thank god for the towel. When I couldn't take it any longer I switched the massager back to low to try and prolong the sensation for as long as I could. It wasn't long before even low speed was too much and I had to turn it off. I layed there for a few minutes while my cock continued to throb and pulse and the cum still oozed out. Once I came down from my orgasm and I caught my breath I was all covered with lube and cum so I took the massager and towel and went to the bathroom and grabbed a wash cloth to wipe everything up and I put everything back just as I found it. Mom's back massager quickly became the mastubation method of choice. I had so many great orgasms with that toy. I could always cum within minutes on the low setting, on high the orgasms were instant. It was very common through most of the year for both my parents to work on Saturday mornings. My sister would hide in her room so on Saturday mornings I would sneak down to mom's closet, grab her massager and some lube and towel, bring it back to my room and have some fun, I don't think my sister ever knew, if she did, she never said anything. At that point I didn't have any experience with the female body, so at one point, my curiousity got the best of me and I told my sister about the massager and asked if she'd be willing to try it with me, but she wouldn't. I was so disappointed. I hope asking my sister to have a sexual experience like that isn't too sick or gross. I used to have such great fun with that toy, I was disappointed when it got sold at a yard sale. I look back on it and remember all of the great times I had with that toy.



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