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Mom's Panties

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I previously wrote about the first time that I masturbated and how amazing I felt. Something I hadn't mentioned before is that my mom is a die hard catholic. She's always trying to go to church as much as she can and always warned be about not masturbating and pornography. But of course my hormones got the best of me, and I was really hooked. I loved the feeling and it was really fun.

So one day I came home from school and I was kinda horny. I went straight to the bathroom but my grandpa was in the bathroom we all use, so I went to my parent's bathroom. I did my business first, all the while getting more and more aroused because I knew I was gonna have some fun. I took off my shirt and pants, then I started to tease myself a little. Rubbing my abs a bit, and tugging on my balls. Then I slid off my boxers and played with my cock a little so that it was not fully hard but not 'soft' either. Then for some reason I decided to look in the hamper and I noticed that there was a few of my mom's panties in there.

At this age I was really curious, I had watched porn and stuff but I hadn't really seen anything 'up close'. I was kinda hesitant because they were my moms....., but I was already really horny and curious. So I went through my mom's clothes and separated the panties from the rest of the clothes. There were panties made of nylon material, cotton, and other materials which I wasn't really familiar with. The first thing I did was pick up a pair of blue nylon panties and sniff the crotch area. It was such a turn on, the distinct scent of vagina was really prevalent and there was also the slight smell of pee. I was rock hard, and moved on to the next pair.

Next, I picked up a pair of cotton panties with little designs of flowers and sniffed those. The scent of these weren't as prevalent, as the previous pair but I still enjoyed it. I slipped the blue nylon panties on and looked at myself in the mirror, my precum rubbing off on the panties, then I did the same thing with the cotton panties, and the thong. The thong covered about half my cock but I decided to save the best for last. I went back to the blue nylon panties and sniffed them again, stroking my cock slowly with the other hand. I decided to lick the crotch area, because I wanted to know what it would taste like. And it didn't really taste like anything because they weren't fresh, but I felt myself getting even harder just doing that.

Then I noticed the outfit that my mom had been wearing earlier during the day. I went through it and found the panties, these were also nylon but they were fresh. I instantly sniffed them and then proceeded to lick the crotch area. This time I noticed the scent along with this more white like liquid. It tasted slightly bitter and tarty but I liked it. Lastly I picked up the last item I had gone through earlier, a yellow thong. I didn't bother sniffing this one, but I put the crotch area up to my mouth and started licking it. It was so erotic, I started stroking my cock again.

I picked up the blue nylon panties and wrapped my cock in them, then I started stroking back and forth, up and down my shaft. It felt amazing, then I switched to the cotton panties and tried those out. These also felt really good, the material was thin but this made it so that my head was enclosed tightly by the panties. I grabbed the yellow thong and played with my balls for a bit, then I wrapped the yellow thong around my cock and started stroking faster and faster.

By now I was really close to cumming but I couldn't stop myself. I kept stroking and shot about 5-6 wads of cum into the thong. After I had recovered I cleaned up and put the panties back in place, except for the thong.....I decided to hide it and use it for next time. From this point on I went straight to the bathroom and sniffed and licked my mom's panties, and had fun with the yellow thong. After a while I stopped, but whenever we went to a relatives or friends house I would ask to use the bathroom to see if I could find a cousin's, my mom's friends/ daughter's, or my aunt's panties in their hamper. One of my aunt's gave me a little surprise one time, but that's another story.



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