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Mom's Italian Boyfriend Pt. 2

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The rest of the long story


...I slowly pull down the fabric band of my bikini briefs, so I won't lose any of the precum on the head of my dick. At this point I am throbbing, because of all that I had witnessed, and all that I wanted to do to myself, while the Italian was showering in the bathroom next to me. I look down, and watch the pulsing of my dick for a split second, just to watch, it helps me get ready for jacking off. I put my finger and thumb tips together, and slowly run the 'ring' over the head of my dick, and spread the precum down the shaft...It feels so good...I felt that ever familiar tingle run down my dick as I did this. I oozed a little more precum, and repeated my ring motion to evenly distribute the precum over my head and shaft...I wrap my hand around my dick, and start a slow, and pleasurable push and pull method. With each pull, more precum oozes out, and after a couple of minutes, I was entirely lubed up, which allowed for tighter squeezing, and releasing motion. (in the background I can hear the steady water running, and light splashing sounds)

I start to thrust my hips a little bit, and use my left hand to pinch my left nipple, for some reason it's a little more sensitive than the right. I start sliding my smooth ass up and down the 1200 thread count egyptian cotton sheets...my hungry, smooth, ass...I grab a corner of the flat sheet with my left hand, that is at this point twisted, and wrapped around my thigh...I start 'riding' the thick roping of cotton sheet, while my slippery, moist right hand keeps the pleasure on. My whole body at this point is moist, from the steam, the pleasure, the excitement, the lust...I keep my breathing under control, because if I breathe too deeply I'll cum, and I'm not ready for this to be over, not yet...

The Italian must have been done for a few seconds before I noticed, cause I heard the click of the glass door of the shower. I keep riding the twisted sheet, and I feel my prostate throbbing beneath the sensitive skin of my balls, and shaft. My balls are high and tight at this point, so I have to pause in between thrusts, so I can keep the sensitivity without cumming...I could cum at any second. I look toward the bathroom, and notice the Italian's muscular, hairy legs getting toweled off. He hangs his towel on a peg on the wall by the pantry, which is in full view of my door, next to the full length mirror, that is at this point completely fog free. I get a quick look of his left side, ass cheek, and thigh. He goes to the other room, and I hear a drawer open. I stop for a second, and take a break. My entire body is moist, and my breathing is starting to pick up...I'm almost done... I wait for a second, as the Italian walks back into the bathroom. I see him go toward the vanity, in the reflection of the full length mirror. He starts the water, and I can hear him brushing his teeth...His perfect, white, teeth...

At this point, I notice my dick is dry (damnit)...I get up, and pull my bikini briefs back on, and put my erection to the side a little bit. I start rummaging through my weekend bag, on the chaisse at the end of the bed (I know I have lotion or something in here)...I hear a creak, and look over my shoulder. The Italian is standing in the doorway, in boxer briefs, that don't hide anything...He's big, strong, perfectly formed, and the wavy stomach hair is oh so sexy. 'Did I wake you up?' he looks kind of nervous. 'No, I've just been lying in bed, it's cool.' I'm semi hard, but it just looks like a big bulge in my bikini briefs at this point. 'Oh...Okay. Have you been working out man?' 'No, just stopped drinking soda.' 'Cool, you're lookin good.' He looks me up and down for a second, and turns around and goes back through the bathroom, to the next bedroom...(Thank God these briefs make my ass look good) I smile...I find my lotion, but at this point, he knows I'm awake, and I'm not that much of a voyeur. I drop the lotion back in the bag, and walk up the stoop to the bathroom. I see him through the doorway, sitting on the edge of the mattress, with one foot up on the bedrails, and one foot on the floor, checking his phone. I go to the vanity, and take a quick peek at myself, not that it matters now, but I brush the wavy dark hair from my eyebrowline, and check for sleep in my watery blue eyes. I go to the pantry to look for a towel, but can't find one. 'Just use mine.' I look over, and he half smiles and points to the towel on the peg...'Thanks'...I grab it and walk over to the shower, folding the towel over the top of the shower frame. The towel, that the Italian used, to dry off his hunky, olive toned body.

I open the door and step in. I turn the shower head to the corner, turning the nozzle between blue and red. I step back out, take off my briefs, and toss them to the basket by the pantry, they catch on the edge, and hang there...in full view of the open door...where the Italian is sitting on the edge of the bed. I step in, and close the door.

I quickly get my entire body wet, and soap up. My semi-hardon is now a complete erection again. I put a light portion of conditioner in my palm, and turn my back to the shower stream. I can feel the soft water pour down my back, and lightly over the front of my shoulders, down my chest, over my nipples, and down to my smooth stomach. I slowly start rubbing the conditioner into the head and shaft of my hard dick. My sensitivity quickly peaks, and I pause for a moment. I love cumming while I'm on my back, and preferably with something in between my ass cheeks, or at least underneath my prostate. I reach my left hand back and push the shower head toward the corner again. I lean my back against the granite wall, and slowly slide down, until I'm sitting on the bench of the shower. I slide over the smooth surface, til I'm on the rounded edge, and my feet are arched, and heels pressed against the front of the bench.

I glance through the mosaic pattern glass door. Everything's distorted, but out of habit, I still check for shadows...I arch my back slightly, and start running my fist up and down my shaft. I brace myself with my left hand, and start thrusting my hips. My ass makes slight little splashes in the water, on the bench, while I thrust my hips in rhythm. I moan a little, softly, and then I can't help myself...'oh my...' I feel the quick rise of ejaculation in my dick, and rest my head against the granite wall. I glance down to watch a few short spurts, a long shot, and another double spurt of cum shoot out. I keep jacking, even though I know there's not much left...I can hear the rhythm of the water flow slow down, and I start to relax...I sit there for a second, just to cath my breath. I stand up, and re-adjust the shower head, to feel the soft, hot water, pour over my pulsing body. I wait another few seconds, til I'm completely rinsed off, and turn the water off. After a quick cum inspection around the shower, I step out, and close the door behind me. I towel off quickly, and wrap the now completely damp towel around my waist, and tuck it in on the side. I walk toward the door, and glance to the right. The Italian is still sitting on the edge of the mattress, phone in hand, looking toward the bathroom door. I smile slightly, and walk into my room.

I take the towel off, as the wetness isn't comfortable, in a chilled room. I turn and toss the towel through the open doorway, into the basket by the pantry. I walk the rest of the way to the chaisse, and dig out a fresh pair of briefs. I slide my legs into them, feeling the softness ease up my thighs, and over my ass. I tuck in my freshly relieved dick into the contoured pouch, and look for something to wear. I hear the front door of the house close (has it been two hours already?), and the clicking of Mom's shoes on the hardwood floor, through the foyer, to the kitchen. I hear the Italian dress quickly, and walk toward the hall, as I pull on my jeans. I giggle inside...He'll be my dirty little secret...



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