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Mom's House Keeper

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Mom and dad had divorced years earlier and I lived with mom. She worked and hired a house keeper.


This is a true story that happened years ago when I was 18 years old. Mom had hired this lady to come in once a week and give the house a good cleaning to help her out. Mom was working full time. The lady she hired was a nice looking lady who was somewhere between her mid and late thirties, I would guess. She had been working for us for several months when summer came and I was out of school.

Then, one day, the house keeper was working on my room and found this girly magazine that I had found in a neighbour's trash bag. Of course, I was using it and the pictures to stimulate me when I jerked off. It was a very "nasty" magazine that really showed everything.

The house keeper's name was Gloria. I was outside that morning doing some work in our garden and came in to get a drink and rest a minute. I went up to my room to lay down a minute. I went in not knowing the cleaning lady was there in my room. I walked in and found her sitting on my bed looking through my magazine. I was very embarrassed when I saw her with that "nasty" magazine.

She looked up at me with a smile on her face and ask "Is this yours"? I couldn't say no. I knew that. It was in my drawer. So, I said "Yes". She said "I know young guys like seeing stuff like this and I know how you use it". I didn't know what to say. I just stood there. She then said "Come here. Sit down" patting the bed next to her. She said "Don't worry. I'm not going to tell you're mother". That was a relief so I went and sat next to her. Then, the what turned out to be some mind blowing fun began!

She showed me a picture of one of the naked girls in the magazine and ask "If this girl were here in your room right now instead of me, what is the first thing you'd want to do with her"? I Said "I don't know. Probably feel her tits and legs". I was just telling her the truth. That is what I always pay the most attention to when I look at the pictures and jerk off. Although I'd never actually felt a girl like that before, I just knew it had to feel good to me. She ask "Have you ever felt a girl's tits or legs before"? I said "No". She then raised her skirt up showing her legs to me and ask "Would you like to feel mine"? I looked at her thighs and said "Would I ever". They were beautiful. She then unbuttoned her top and took it off. She reached around and undid her bra. She took it off and said "How about these"? I said "Oh yes"! She said "Go ahead. Feel them. I don't mind".

I couldn't believe this was happening. This was like a dream come true. Believe me! I nervously reached over and touched her tits. They felt even better than I had imagined they would. I then ask her "Can I feel there too?" looking down at her thighs. She said "Sure. Go ahead". I reached over and ran my hand over her thigh. Again, the feel was even better than I thought it would be like. My dick was so hard by now it was about to burst out of my shorts I had on and I know this woman knew it.

She began looking down between my legs making sure I saw her. She said "I can see you're needing to jerk off right now. I said "You better believe it"! She then ask "Would you like me to do it to you"? What a question! Would I ever! Another dream come true. A girl seeing and touching me there was all I could think about. I said "Yes". She got up and went to my mom's room and and came back with a tube of something in her hand. I later found mom's toys and condoms in her night stand when she wasn't home and I was looking for the gel. She opened it and put some on her hand. She said "Take off your shorts for me". I gladly took them off and showed her my hard dick. She said "Lay down for me" and I laid down on the bed. She got besides the bed and put her hand around my dick. I put my hand up her skirt on her thighs feeling them. She went to jerking on my dick. I was in another world then and I lasted around 10 seconds if that long before having the cum of my lifetime. What a feeling it was.

We then got up and cleaned up and put things away like nothing had ever happened. She went back to work on the house and I went back in the garden. Before she left that day she told me not to say a word about that day. I told her I wouldn't. I now know that if I had said anything to my mom about it that that house keeper would had been in deep trouble. At the time, I kept my mouth shut just so I wouldn't ruin a good thing. After that first encounter, I was always looking forward to house cleaning day with Gloria. This continued until I got older and had my own girlfriend. But, I'll never forget Gloria and her hand, tits and legs. And, her wonderful hand too!



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