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Mom and Me Learning to Touch Pt. 1

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After our vacation adventures, my mother decided to teach me how to be a loving man.


After we got home from our trip to South Dakota, that summer when I was 18, my mother and I resumed sleeping in our own beds. It felt a little lonely at first, to be honest, but we still spent a lot of time together cooking and doing dishes and all the rest of the stuff around the house. She was still giving me a lot of advice about how I should be as a man, reminding me of the ways to show love and be kind, to show respect for a woman, and how to show a woman appreciation. After a couple of weeks, I was beginning to think we had enjoyed our own private special time during vacation but that was over for us. There were still the mornings where wed be around each other partly clothed or even naked going in and out of the shower, which always turned me on some, and times in the late evening when Mom would put on a nightgown and I might run around in nothing but shorts. Sometimes, I would get fully erect and my mother would look plenty. Frankly, I liked showing off like that but I didnt ever try anything right in front of her. Id go to my room as I always had and masturbate looking at some erotic pictures in magazines.

My mother was under stress at her job and she came home with a sore neck and shoulders. One evening I asked her if she was feeling alright and she told me about the tension and then said, I guess this would be a golden opportunity to teach you some things about how to touch a woman and make her happy. Its not all about the intercourse, you know. I said that I realized that for sure and she commented that the porno mags that I was reading would likely lead me to be only about my own pleasure and just getting to the sex without the foreplay. Maybe it is time for you to learn how to pleasurably touch without getting sexual immediately, she suggested. Want to learn how? Of course I was eager especially since I thought she was going to let me touch her.

I wasnt totally disappointed. However, that first evening, she put on her nightgown and I wore my shorts but I basically just gave her a shoulder rub. She sat in her easy chair and I rubbed her neck, with her giving me instructions on how hard, then her shoulders, with her telling me to do certain things. I stood behind her and boy did I get hard but she couldn't even see it. And, this was one of her modest nightgowns so it wasnt even thrilling but touching her was. Plus, what I was learning was good because my mom went to her chiropractor and got a massage while she was there about once a month. That was about her only treat and I think she learned how a massage was done right. After I was done, Mom stood up and said I was learning well and she looked forward to having me learn more. She gave me a nice hug, kissed my cheek, and told me I was so good she would like me to learn to do a complete massage. As she stepped back she looked down my body and added that she thought Id enjoy learning. Of course I would. I knew that.

The next night Mom asked me if I wanted to give her another rub and I showed great eagerness. Mom replied with a wink, I think you enjoy this as much as I do, dont you? That night we arranged ourselves differently. Mom sat on a kitchen chair, which had a padded seat which she had covered with a towel, and no arms, with a really big body pillow she had against the back of the chair and her straddling the seat facing the back. She wore a different nightgown, kind of short, and much more sheer. When she sat like that, her nice butt stuck out in a very sexy way. Now get my lotion and pull up a chair behind me and sit close so you can do my shoulders and back, Mom instructed. I went and got her lotion and when I came back, she had lowered the top of her nightgown so that her back was exposed to her waist. I couldnt see her breasts because she was leaning forward onto the pillow but still, she looked sexy. I still have a think for a strong, sexy back on a woman to this day.

I put another chair right behind her and stepped over to sit on it. I sat very close, hoping that over the time of the massage my body would get to touch hers because her butt was a subject of my dreams after our trip when I slept in the same bed, spooned her. Mom, though, began right away directing my actions to massage her. She first asked me to do everything I had the night before on her shoulders and neck. I impressed her by doing just that, with more assuredness and now knowing how to do it the way she liked it. She actually made a lot of little noises as I was doing it and when I inquired about if I was doing it too hard, she said, Mmm, no, just right, very good. As I finished her shoulders, I started down the back, always applying more lotion to keep my motions smooth. She only made a few suggestions and complimented how fast I was learning and seemed to intuitively know how to make her body feel good. All of this, especially her compliments, had me throbbing hard in my bikini briefs and soon my penis had leaked quite a wet spot. As I rubbed deeper, my mom also leaned more into the pillow and her butt moved backward. Without me trying, her butt cheeks were soon pressed back against my thigh and my groin. I did her whole back down to where her nightgown was. That was great, she said as she pushed her butt back into me a bit more, relaxing. Im going to bed so that I can just fall asleep feeling all relaxed. Mom stood up and faced me as she pulled up her nightgown and the sight of her breasts bare made me throb as I sat there transfixed.

Hold out your hand, she directed. When I did so, she put some of her special lotion in my palm. I know you used to like to use this to play with yourself before I told you not to. Since you were so loving and sensitive to me, use some right now to massage yourself so you can go to bed relaxed, too. I must have looked puzzled because she then said, Just finish on the towel and leave it for me so I can wash it in the morning. She had barely left the room when I had my penis in hand, masturbating with the lotion I had used to rub her down. Then I heard her to my side in the doorway, Dont forget to turn off all the lights when you come to bed. I said I wouldn't and thanked her for the lotion. She thanked me for the excellent massage and told me the next time I would get a lesson on the whole body. That pushed me right over the edge. I started squirting and the first was so explosive that it flew way past the towel onto the linoleum floor with a splat. I realized I missed and looked down to aim it onto the towel. When I had finished, Mom was gone to bed. When I made it to my room, I could hear the buzzing from her room. I learned that I could turn a woman on with my touch without even doing something overtly erotic to her.



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