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Mom and Me Another Lesson on Touch

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After the night where my mother had me rub her bare back and told me that the next time I would get to learn how to massage the whole body, every morning I could not stop thinking about what that might mean. I wondered if she would let me touch her butt, that full womanly butt I enjoyed looking at so much, and if I could touch her breasts. I doubted both but hopes and my daily erections were high. I never thought it would turn out to be as intimate as it did. I had to wait more than two weeks before mom suggested I have another lesson from her.


I recall us going out to dinner together and at a pretty nice place. We always would put money in a jar, like change and sometimes dollar bills, to save up for things that were not necessities. We raided that jar for some cash and I chipped in from my job earnings and so did mom. She dressed very nice, wearing her black and white dress, panty hose that were dark, high heels that were sexy, and she did her hair up special. I was enamoured. She asked me to wear my suit and so of course I did. In the car, she reached over and held my hand. I opened the car door for her, the restaurant door, and we sat hip to hip in the booth. It really felt like a special date that night. On the ride home, Mom told me that when we got home I could have another lesson if I wanted and she would teach me to do a full body massage and maybe more.

Mom gave me directions to get things ready after I had taken off my suit. It felt a little surreal with me walking around in my bikini briefs with her still in her dress and heels and all. She gave me a brand new bottle of some kind of massage oil and told me how to warm it in a bowl of hot water, how to cover the bed in big fluffy towels, and how to set the mood with some candlelight. She taught me how to take one of her scarves, a blue one, and wrap it around the lampshade to soften the light and give a neat color to the room. Now you need to learn to undress a woman, which is a way to touch and show love, Mom said softly. She directed me to go slowly and not unwrap her like a 5 year old opens a Christmas present. I laughed at that because I knew I was terrible about that. I slowly unzipped her dress and lowered it off her shoulders. Kiss each area as you expose it, be sensual, she taught. So, as I removed her dress, I kissed her shoulders and she shivered. As I opened her bra, I kissed her back where the lines were from her big breasts being restrained and held up. I knelt down and removed her high heels, and one at a time I kissed her foot. The material of the panty hose felt intriguing to kiss. Still on my knees, I reached for the waistband and pulled them down over her womanly but shapely legs, kissing her thighs when they became exposed. Then, lastly, I pulled her panties off and saw her pubic hair. She had shaved around the edges so it was a narrower strip and she had also trimmed it very short. I leaned in and kissed right beside it. Nice but be patient. Stand up now and hold me in your arms.

I wrapped my arms around her and she continued, Kissing is probably the most intimate kind of touch. I know you've done a bit of that with your girlfriend so you two have been very intimate in my estimation, more so that if you had your cock inside her. And kissing enhances everything like when you undressed me you made me feel every moment intensely by kissing me. Let me show you. Mom moved back from me and took my penis out of my underwear where it was straining for freedom. She stroked it gently with her hand. Feel good? Mom asked. I told her it felt great. Now kiss me. I moved in and we started kissing while she did the same thing. I had to reach and hold her hand to stop her from probably making me come. See, kissing intensifies even the simplest sensual things, doesn't it? Mom instructed.

She had me take off my bikini briefs and she lay on the bed. Her curves looked lovely under the candlelight and soft glow of the lamp. I brought the warm oil over and poured some into my hand. Sitting next to her, II started on her shoulders and back, like I had done before, and was met with coos and groans of approval from her. I took my time, as she had taught me, but when I got done, I was stumped. So now you should straddle my body and do both side of my back at the same time. Being across me will let you give equal pressure that feels really good, Mom chimed in. I got on my knees above her and I was glad she couldn't see my erection flailing over her body or else she might think I was out of bounds. As I did long strokes up and down her back, she coached me on how to work on her spine, how to do along the ribs next to her breasts, and as I did my balls kept rubbing on her full butt cheeks. I was so turned on that my penis was dripping precome onto her cheeks. Ok, now move down and do the lower back my fat ass, she whispered.

I assured her that it was anything but fat and it was quite lovely. I used lots of oil as I rubbed. Feeling her cheeks was sublime and I loved parting them and looking at her anus and further to her very obviously wet pussy. Mom kept making sounds of enjoyment as I did it. Then, kind of hoarse, she whispered, Sit between my legs and massage them. I put oil up and down them but then when I rubbed a long stroke up one leg and stopped short of her butt, she told me to go as high as I could and not miss anything. So, I rubbed all the way to her now exposed crotch and as I did her pussy lips opened up like a creamy wet flower. I could see right into her vagina. I massaged her calves and feet, too. I had rubbed her feet a few times before and so I knew just what she liked. When I finished, I indicated she could turn over. That would be fine if this was just a professional massage, she said, but since this is to teach you to touch a woman with love and sensuality, lets try this. A man might lay right on top of his woman, without jumping into having sex, just to press their skin together and make her feel like shes tightly hugged. Try it.

I put my body down on top of hers so my head was laying on her shoulder where I started giving light kisses. I wrapped one arm around her side and cupped her breast the best I could and the other hand I lay on top of her hand, rubbing the veins on the back of her hand very lightly. That always made my girlfriend shiver so I figured it might work now. The position resulted in my penis being trapped right between her butt cheeks. As I touched her and kissed her, Mom started breathing heavier, giving noises of approval, and also was flexing her butt by clenching the muscles, which grabbed at my penis, and was tipping her hips just so slightly causing the head of my penis to rub against her oily, slick crack. Ok, before we fall into something else, you need to get up and Ill turn over.

Mom rolled over and scooted away from the head of the bed. She told me to sit kneel above her head so I could begin with her face and head but not to use any oil. I felt kind of weird because my now throbbing erection was almost over her face as I knelt between her head and the headboard. As I massaged her temples, face, and jaw, she kept her eyes shut. When I did her scalp and the back of her neck, she opened her eyes, looking from my penis to my face, back and forth. Sorry, you probably don't want that right in your face, I apologized.

Well, not right in my face but its beautiful. I haven't see a young athletic body and a truly stiff hard dick like that for year. Its really nice, she approved. I felt relieved and admired but my penis was about to drip another crystal clear blob of precome when she reached up and rubbed it off. Don't want that to fall in my eye. She winked at me.

Mom directed me to sit next to her and told me how to rub her arms, then her breasts. If this was a professional massage, you probably would not do the breasts and definitely not the nipples but I am inviting you to touch them. I want you to. Remember, always ask and get a girls consent and never do anything when they tell you now. Got it? Mom taught. Then she told me how to knead her breasts, twiddle and play with her nipples, until her hips were positively squirming. As I was doing this, her hand came to rest in my lap and she held my penis like it was a bar to steady her from falling. I loved her touch and she was loving mine. I massaged down her belly, and then sat between her legs and massaged them fully. All the time, I was staring at her wet vulva and the clitoris that was peeking from under its hood. I had no frame of reference then but now I look back and realize that her clit was large and lovely. When I finished her legs, I asked if there was anything else I could massage.

Mmmm. Let me show you something you've never seen. Stay there, just watch now, Mom said. She used both hands and parted her pussy lips and touched each part, naming it scientifically first then with an acceptable common name. As she was doing it, she was also telling me how to touch each part, demonstrating a little, how to pull and play with the inner lips, how to rub deeper on the outer lips, how to masturbate the clitoris and how to finger inside her. OK, youre turn. Touch me, Mom asked.

I got down low, with my head beside her thighs, and started to touch like she had shown me. I started with the outer lips, gently kneading them and playing with them so that they got even more engorged. Moving to her fleshy inner lips, I used her own lubrication to tease them between two fingers to gently massage them and pull at them so they in turn pulled on her clit hood and made her squirm. Put a finger in me and rub my clit, please, she gasped. I did just as she instructed, teasing the clit slowly, and very shortly I felt her vagina grab at my finger. One more, faster she directed so I put in another and rubbed her clit more quickly. Ssss, good, yeah, feel me have a little orgasm, yeah, she managed to say. I told her I could feel her vagina contract a little and she replied, That's just the first little one. Keep going because I feel a big one.

Instinctively, I took the knowledge I had from just reading sex instruction books and dirty magazines and leaned right in. I put my mouth over her clitoris and sucked it into my mouth. She gasped, Oh fuck, oh yeah. I knew it was ok to keep going and so I started flicking it with my tongue and wiggled my fingers inside of her. Her hips started to rhythmically rise into my face and her thighs pressed tight to either side of my head. I licked her more firmly and over a larger swath of her clit and hood while my fingers gently but quickly rubbed inside her. Moms hand grabbed my hair and she hunched upward and came so hard I thought my fingers would get pushed out of her. It must have lasted a minute at least and then I heard, Stop, stop, oh god stop. I just rested my face against her as she relaxed, let my hair go, and opened her thighs. I gently kissed all around her and she told me to come up and hold her as she came down from the high. As I moved up her body, I kept kissing until I got to her mouth, but she turned her head to the side and wrapped her arms around me. I hugged her back and her legs came up around me. I pressed against her body but we didn't connect down there. Her legs just held me tight around the hips and pressed us together. Her breathing was still fast and irregular. She whispered, Ive never kissed after doing that I mean after he did that to me. I have to admit my face was all wet and sticky. We held each other like that for several minutes and the feeling of her warm wetness against my achingly hard penis was driving me crazy.

Lets spoon, Mom said. I got behind her and she curled up. I wrapped an arm around her and held her breast just like she liked. My penis was pressed against her butt cheek sideways and I felt her hand snake between us and move it to rest between her cheeks. Mom started that motion with her hips that she had done earlier when I was massaging her back. It felt so good to have her rubbing against me but I had been waiting so long that I couldnt get to orgasm. After about 10 minutes she reached back and pressed my penis against her more tightly and I came so hard and so long it was the best orgasm of my life. We were covered down there in my come. After I finished, mom took that hand and placed it over mine on her breast. I started to pull away but she held me and told me to just lay still and it was ok. We fell asleep like that.



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