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Mom Always Told Me To Eat My Veggies

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My name is Nick; I run a 'Sex Training' course from my home. Basically it has me in a role of a teacher, guiding young and inexperience couples or single males or females to get to the core of their pleasure. The peak of their orgasm one can say.

I learned about sex for the first time hearing my classmates discuss the number '69' in vivid detail. I couldn't understand the obsession with the number, yes it was a Math class, but it puzzled me. It wasn't until one day I was discussing this with my friend Ian at a bus stop when a group of teenagers overheard us, and started making jokes about sex. At a young age of 8 I didn't even know what 'Sex' meant, but the word being repeated as much as 'Expediently' in Chuck Norris's 'Good Guys Wear Black' movie, it stuck in my mind. And later that day I looked it up and it opened my young eyes on a whole world I never knew of.

Young, restless, a force of raging hormones, I would often exhibit urges that forced me to do quite perverse things. Like disrobing my clothing and trying on my mother's undergarments.

Learning about sex at that age is sort of bits and pieces of bad journalism that you pick up and have to sort out through. I heard that baths and showers sexually excited females, but trying this out for myself, it did absolutely nothing. Also having my own mother walk in on me with a shower head aimed at my anus on all fours didn't help this sexual exploration. It nearly ended it with my mom grounding me and watching me with a hawk's eye.

But like Females have the 'G Spot', Males have the 'A Spot', the erogenous zone near the prostate in our anuses. And when that warm flow of the shower head hit me in mine, I definitely felt a sensation I wanted to recreate. But I didn't quite know how, my mom kept walking in to the bathroom each time I showered or took a bath. It wasn't until one day I was home alone, and browsing through my fridge's contents that my eyes fell on to a specific object... a cucumber.

The exterior felt very rough to me, so I peeled the skin off and rinsed it under hot water. The cucumber was very cold and I didn't want that feeling inside my body. I then spit in to my hand and gently glided my spit up and down the cucumber. I crouched like a female about to pee and slowly began sliding the cucumber up my anus.

But in an instance my saliva dried up and I felt pain that was not only physical but emotional. I cried out, and extracted the cucumber from inside my body.

This is when I noticed a liquid that formed at the tip of my penis. I knew about 'Erections' but not knowledge that could be defined as educational. It was simply stated to me by my church going mom that it was something I would sometimes get and I shouldn't pay any attention to it.

I rubbed this liquid between my fingers, even smelled it and went as far as tasting it with the tip of my tongue. I didn't particularly find it satisfying as a beverage, but I was fascinated. I slowly reached down between my legs and started to touch my penis. My touch sent vibrations throughout my whole body and my arousal was in full effect again. I was simply clueless as to what to do next, but kids are notorious for tugging and pulling at things so this is exactly what happened. And tugging and pulling evolved in to full length strokes.

Soon I achieved the point of no return and covered my marble kitchen floor with strings of semen. I was spent and laid back against the cabinets breathing heavily and wiping sweat from my forehead.

I explored the strings of semen with my index finger, even attempted to write my name using it. But white on white blended in too much. But what I noticed was that unlike my saliva this liquid didn't dry up or get observed by my hand as quickly. So I picked up the cucumber and lubed it up with my semen.

I repositioned myself and re-inserted the cucumber deep inside myself. It slid inside me easily and the sensation of my first penetration is still the ever lasting memory that makes my face light up with joy.

Over the years I experimented with many cucumbers of different sizes and lengths, even carrots, but my first is still the one that granted me with the most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life. My students often ask why my garden is full of carrots and vegetables, but only you shall know why.

But there's more to my Childhood Experimentation, this is just a Start. More Stories To Follow.



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