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Mirror Mirror....

Posted by: Age: 16 then Posted on: 8 comments
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I’m 16. I’m sitting naked on my bed with a hand mirror trying to see what this thing is between my legs that is making all this mess.


at first, I can’t see much. Just two puffy outer lips and a little lower, my asshole, puckered and soft. But it’s my vagina I’m interested in. 

Gently, i part the outer lips. I am wary of hurting myself, but curiosity drives me forward. Gently, they part and.....damn....I’m already wet. Wet enough for the flesh to look shiny and glistening. I see my clit and I smile to myself. Oh yes. I know my clit. That super sensitive little bud and I are great friends, but also adversaries. Although it can give me pleasure so great that I almost faint, sometimes she has a life of her own and she will throb and pulse gently and make me flood my panties. 

I open myself a little further and a hole appears. I know this is my pee hole. I’ve watched myself pee before, and I know (unlike some girls and most boys) that we have a separate piss hole. 

Below it....ah yes....below it is my vagina. I know that a baby can come out of this hole, but I just can’t imagine it. I can barely imagine a boys dick going in it. It looks closed, puckered a little like my ass. But then, as I relax, it seems to open! 

And there it is. My hymen. My cherry. My virginity....what they write about in old English novels as my ‘maidenhead’. 

I don’t really focus on it though because my attention is taken by my....my what? Vagina is too clinical....my pussy? Maybe. Too common though. I mill over different words I’ve heard for it. Twat....cunt...minge...the English call it a fanny, but that’s what we call our asses. Quim? That’s a nice word. Dirty enough maybe for when I want a dirty word. Although I like the C word a lot. Mainly because it is THE dirtiest word in the world. As I think of the word, a flood of wetness wells out of me and I see where it’s coming from. It is pouring from my.....cunt! There! I’ve said it. Now I know! 

My clit throbs now. I stare at it as if I expect to see it moving, but I doesnt. Boy, I can feel it though! Wow! I touch it gently and pleasure shoots through me.

i keep looking into the mirror as I rub my clit. I form short dirty sentences. I only say them in my head at first, but soon I’m saying the words out loud. “Fuck. Fuck my cunt. Fuck me with your hard dick. Fuck me and spunk in me.” Each dirty utterance brings me closer and closer and I know I’m going to watch myself cum. 

I see and feel the wetness run down over my asshole making my duvet wet. Then it happens. That tight, gut-churning tension and release of orgasm.

i see muscles close to my cunt clench and unclench with each savage stab of pleasure. “Yes....fuck me....make me pregnant....fuck my dirty we cunt.”

I’m soaked. My bed is soaked. My room smells of sex....my sex. Although I hate it when I get wet at school, or when I want to masturbate in the bathroom at school at break, I love this feeling. This wetness will help a guy fuck me when I’m ready. I will be a girl who can squirt on her boyfriend....I know boys like that....they talk about it often.

i use my already damp panties to dry myself as best I can, but my duvet is too far gone for just a wipe over. I flip it over so mom won’t see the stain. Anyway, when I come to bed tonight, I will get my scent again, and who knows, maybe I’ll masturbate again. Maybe I’ll fantasise not about boys, but about girls. Yes, sometimes I think about doing stuff with other girls. Sometimes it makes me cum, one day, I hope I get the chance to find out, 

im about to put my mirror back when I notice it’s surface is also wet. I put it to my lips and gently lick myself off the glass.



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