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Milestones the Anthology

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This Anthology is my complete and "unabridged" biography and is a genuine account of the last fifty years plus the odd fantasy for good measure. Some passages will have been seen in the previous two Milestone stories, but after these had been posted other memories re-surfaced. So together with the introduction of biographies I decided to change coarse, and what started out as my Trilogy has become my Anthology. As they say, all names have been changed to protect the embarrassed people involved, but I do hope it does not spoil the content.

My very first recollections of a sexual nature are way back in the 1950s it was with a friend and two girls of the same age and was just a case of you show me yours and I'll show you mine followed by you can hold mine if I can touch yours. We did not know what we were doing but it was fun.

The girls, however decided it was rude and it did not last very long. So my friend David and I built a camp in his garden which had an opening in the roof where a head could pop out to check for the enemy or parents approaching. We soon used it for touching and feeling, as you were kneeling down looking through the "spy-hole" a hand would slide up your shorts and fondle you. We would take turns, but David said he preferred to do the feeling so as I did not want to let him down and always volunteered to be the lookout! Sometimes I got really lucky and he would pull my shorts right down so that he could see what he was doing. We did not know about masturbation then so it was just touching and feeling, great fun though and it set the scene for the future.

So moving on a few years to around 1956 I think it did not take long before the older boys began talking about what they got up to in their bedrooms and I soon decided to give it a try and the rest as they say is history.

It all began one Saturday morning when I had my very first wank or "rub-up"as we called it in those days. I was standing in my bedroom with my pajamas around my ankles, gently playing with myself as I had been told, until I felt that wonderful sensation and watched as my come flowed for the first time and dripped to the floor. I had some tissues ready for the next session.

I could not wait to go round to my friend Graham and tell him what I had done. He had not tried it yet so I gave him a demonstration, he was impressed.

Soon after, I started going to his house where we spent time touching and feeling each other and sometimes had wanking races (I may have won the most). It did not take long before we started wanking each other off, the only problem being who took the first turn. After a while he got fed up with me playing with him because he did not come very often so we devised a new game. As I had no problem with anyone wanking me off we agreed that I should pull down my jeans and pants and lay on the bed, while he knelt on the floor beside me so he could tease and then give me the really good seeing too I loved so much. This developed until I had to lay there totally naked while he ran his hands all over my body finally finishing me off with the wonderful "masturbation marathon" that he became so good at. On one occasion I decided to play hard to get and as he stripped me off I turned over, lying on my stomach. He responded by slowly teasing my bum with his fingertips which felt nice, I raised my body so he could slide his hand under my hip stroking and squeezing me. I began to role over to give him more space but it was too late, I had already come a full load on the bedspread, my very first premature ejaculation, but not the last. He was less than impressed this time, commenting "sometimes you come too soon" but what he really wanted was to see my come shooting out and watch it drip on me. Although this was the very best way of being wanked off we decided it was perhaps getting a bit out of hand and we should call it a day. We remain good friends and no mention has ever been made of our enlightenment to the wonderful world of wanking and we both moved on to find out about girls.

By now we are in the "Swinging Sixties" and we had gone our separate ways. Peter was more successful than I by soon relieving a local girl of her virginity. I on the other hand was happy enough to go solo wanking anywhere anytime I wanted plus regular sessions on and in my bed. After a while I met a few girls at the youth club, the first time I got lucky we were having a fumble at her house when I was fingering her fanny she slowly slid her hand down the front of my pants and ran her hand up down and my cock as though trying to work out how big it was. This was more than I could stand as she was the first girl to hold me this way and before long I came big time in my pants, messy but nice.

A few girls later I met Barbara she was about 18 years old with long blonde hair. I drove her home after our first date and parked outside her house as I ran my hand up between her legs she parted them to allow me to get my finger inside her panties and feel her nice warm pussy. I must point out at this stage that under their skirts girls wore stockings and suspenders so to "gain entry" you just slid a finger under her panties and you were there.

I could not wait for our next date but it was well worth it, we found a good place to park and before long I had rearranged her clothing. She ended with her panties round one ankle, skirt pushed up to her waist, legs wide apart showing off her pussy bordered by stockings and suspenders. This was a dream come true, I pushed the palm of my hand onto her pussy moving it up and down 'till I could feel the moistness then slid my finger inside onto her clitoris moving ever faster until she shuddered with delight as she reached a climax. She got her own back though and soon unbuckled my belt, pulled my trousers right down to my ankles. Then pushing my shirt up to my arm pits she then ran her hands down my chest before finally reaching the largest, hardest erection I could remember. She then stroked and caressed me in a most expert manner before wanking me to perfection. The most amazing thing, she done all of this without any prompting and I have always assumed she learned these skills from her ex-boyfriend who it seems was a good tutor (nice one Derek). I find it a turn on thinking about her wanking off another boy. I wish I could watch! She just loved having her fanny felt so if I did not do it then someone else would and it would be a shame to disappoint her.

Most of our dates ended up the same way with me fingering Barbara's fanny and then being wanked off, what a way to end an evening.

We had been out for a drink one evening and when we returned to the car Barbie knelt on the car seat to put her bag in the back. As she did so I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh, slid my finger under her panties and into her warm, moist fanny my finger going right up almost to the limit. She was ecstatic and moved almost in a frenzy until she reached her inevitable climax. I think what made this more special was the location, in a car-park in view of anyone who chanced to walk past.

Perhaps he would like to have joined in by stroking Barbie's fanny while she wanked me off before turning her hand on him as I watched. Only me daydreaming again, Barbie has never been into anything kinky, shame can't win 'em all.

Of coarse the subject of full sex was mentioned (by me) but Barbie made it quite clear she was a virgin and intended to remain one. After being pushed on the subject she admitted to a close shave with Derek months before. It seems they were at a party and he had her in a corner with her panties down but as he was about to slide his cock home she changed her mind and pushed him away.

In my minds eye though I can see the pair of them, her panties down around knees and skirt held aloft. He with his trousers round his ankles and as she pushes him back his come shoots onto her thigh and runs down to her stocking top. I doubt this true but has made a good fantasy over the years while laying on the bed with my best friend in hand ! He dumped her soon after which was of coarse to my advantage.

As we move through the 1960's it was a sad day when stockings and suspenders were replaced with tights/pantyhose, gone were the days of "easy access" but it did bring the arrival of the mini skirt which was nice to look at but made fanny feeling a real challenge.

We also had mini dresses though, which was a different matter as they had a long zip up the front that was easily pulled down to reveal a bra which could be unfastened in no time and present you with a nice pair of breasts to fondle.

Barbie and I decided to get married so things became respectable, married ladies do not wank you off they masturbate you, still feels the same to me though. Of coarse the bed was much better than the car so full sex became the norm. Barbie as always enjoys the foreplay and sometimes reaches a climax before I can connect and then loses interest. She does not object to finishing me off by hand, lucky old me.

The seventies and eighties passed without much incident, with children to bring up there is not much time for any spontaneous naughtiness...

The bedroom was something else though, masturbation still paid a big part in the proceedings. I remember once during foreplay as I slid down her panties she stopped me when they had only reached her thighs."Leave them there 'cos it makes me feel rude" she said and what a difference it made to her enjoyment, so much so that she climaxed there and then. Was her mind going back to the days with ex-Derek as he gave her a good seeing to up against a wall?

Of coarse, I then received the benefit of her slow left hand followed by what she called her trade mark! After she made sure I had finished coming her hand slid down, cupped my balls then gently gave them a tap, this was always done after she had wanked me off.

So if you have ever been masturbated by a fifty-something blonde lady, who knows it may have been my wife!!!

Another favorite of mine is when she cuddles up behind me, runs her hand over my hip, into my pajamas then slowly caresses me chuckling to herself as I soon become aroused. Having got a massive erection I turn over to find her just wear her panties, these are quickly removed, her legs spread apart and her knees drawn upwards to allow full access to her very moist fanny which is caressed smoothly with two fingers, one each side of her clitoris and works wonders.

Sometimes I if get the chance, as she lays there with her legs spread apart I get my kit off and lower myself so that my cock just rubs along her crack. As I move to and fro she arches body higher to get more feeling, it is then just a matter of time before she cries out in ecstasy and I come between her legs onto the bedspread.

Moving on to the present time I have been very successful on holiday with my camcorder. I have secretly taped Barbie on top of me making love and me on top of her.

This does not make very good viewing as you can only see a bum going up and down. Far better is a masturbation performance. This is achieved by leaving the camcorder on a suitable table top or chest of draws being recharged but recording with the tally light switched off or covered up. This really does work I have taped Barbie naked on the bed legs wide apart while I face the camera, strip off giving a full frontal before turning to stroke her pussy and finger her fanny, she then in turn gives me what she knows I want so much which of course is a good old fashion wanking.

So here we are right up to date, I hope you have enjoyed this canter through time and that you perhaps feel inspired to let us into some of your past secrets.




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