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Mike and Me - Part 1

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My first post - Wish we had Solo Touch when I was younger!


My family had just moved from a concrete neighborhood in Chicago to the forests and fields of the suburbs in the late autumn of 1974. While the rest of my siblings were moping around because they missed their friends and former surroundings, I was felt like I was in heaven! In my old neighborhood, everyone knew my older brothers and sister and I was just their pesky little brother. There was nowhere I could go in that neighborhood without someone knowing me and hassling me about some problem they had with my sibs. Now, I was free! I could finally cut loose and have people get to know me first.

The suburb we moved to was situated around hundreds of acres of forest preserves full of huge trees and open meadows. There were running trails all over the place where you could take your bike, but you had to be kind of careful that you didn't get lost or you could spend hours trying to find your way back. For a ten-year old boy with a fast bike and a lot of energy, it was an awesome time! In the Fall, the colors were simply amazing. It was like the best fireworks that nature could offer! During that Indian summer, I explored everywhere I could, every day because I knew that the pre-winter cold was coming fast. It was on one of these after-school adventures that I first met Mike. I was riding through one of the forest preserve parking lots close to my home when I heard someone yell out my name.

I stopped my bike and turned around and saw one of the kids in my class ride up to me. Mike rode up to me fast and his face was a little red from the exertion and the cool weather. 'Mind if I ride with you for a while?' he asked. Mike was about 5 1/2 feet tall, thin and wirey just like me. He had an uncombed mop of long brown hair and big brown eyes set in a delicate face. Mike was another class brain who lived a few blocks away from me. We knew each other in class, but didn't socialize much outside of class. Mike never played football at recess and seemed like kind of a loner. I was surprised that he actually wanted to play, but always enjoyed a little company when riding. 'Sure, where do you want to go?' I said. He told me that he had a couple of quiet trails that he really liked and we headed up one of them. It was a pretty hilly ride and went on for a few miles. I was pretty tired already and getting a little nervous because I hadn't been out this far in the woods before. We came down over this rise into an open field and spooked some deer. It was awesome! We both skidded to a stop and exchanged excited looks.

'Wow! I've never seen deer out here before!' I exclaimed. 'Yeah. If you get here at just the right time in the late evening or early morning, you can sometimes catch them feeding.' Mike said. Since we were both stopped, I took the opportunity to get off my bike and catch my breath. 'Man, you sure can ride fast!' I told him. 'I like to ride whenever I get a chance.', he said, 'I don't have too much longer before it gets too cold and I hate being cooped up in the winter.' We both sat down and looked out over the field. I knew exactly how he felt and told him so. We talked about how beautiful the woods were and how it was cool to get away from the house. I found out that he had only one younger brother, who was always getting him into trouble. I laughed and told him that I was the little brother that always got my older sibs in trouble. We talked for a while about our teachers and school and TV shows and music. I was impressed by his deep knowledge of music and how freely he talked to me here, while he seemed so shy at school. He told me that he didn't like football because it was too rough. That kind of made him feel like an outsider at school. I told him that I understood and told him how I felt about all the fighting in my old neighborhood. I asked him what sports he did like and he told me that he was signed up for an after school program for gymnastics and self-defense in November. He didn't really want to go, but apparently his dad wanted to 'toughen him up'. I found out some more details and asked him if I could still join.

After that day, I talked with Mike a lot more in school. He seemed pretty happy to have someone to eat lunch with and talk to at recess. I got a couple of funny looks from the kids playing football, but I figured that I could be friends with whoever I wanted. Plus, Mike and I could talk about things like books and music that some of the other kids just didn't know about.

Next thing I knew, it was November and time for the start of our self-defense and gymnastics classes. Gymnastics was right after school two days a week and was a lot of fun. I noticed that I was starting to get a little more muscular in the arms and legs and since we were in shorts and tee shirts, I noticed some of the kids in class seemed to be looking a lot less like little kids as well. There were no locker rooms in elementary school, so we changed out of our school clothes into our shorts and tee shirts in an empty classroom while the teacher set up the mats and equipment in the gym. The boys changed in one room and the girls in another. I had never changed clothes in front of other boys before, but since we didn't change out of our underwear, it didn't seem like a big deal. We were all a little nervous at first, but most of us got over it pretty quickly. A couple of kids were genuinely uncomfortable and Mike was one of them. I looked over and saw him looking at me with an almost pained and embarrassed look on his face before he looked away.

Self-defense was in the evenings, which was a bit of a pain, since we had to go home first and then back to school and then back home again. It was also a little frightening because it was the time of year when it was dark when we were coming home. Since we lived close to each other, I would go to Mike's, do my homework with him and walk back to the self-defense class with him. We would walk back after class to my apartment building and he would walk the remaining three blocks home by himself. Since Mike and I were the same size, we were partnered in self-defense class. It was pretty cool and I was enjoying learning some moves to protect myself. We moved in ultra slow motion to avoid injury, but I got some full speed practice with my brothers at home! I was surprised how strong Mike was, considering that he let the kids in class give him so much crap. He knew how to do all the moves, he just didn't seem confident enough to engage when confronted.

The rest of the next few months went by pretty quickly. I got to know Mike's family a little bit and met his younger brother Tom on several occasions. Mike was right. Tom was a pain in the butt. However, he seemed to have the upper hand in the relationship. He was smaller than Mike, but seemed to bully him whenever he wanted. Mike was my friend and I didn't like the way his brother was acting, so I mixed it up with him a couple of times in their basement and he fell in line pretty quickly whenever I was around. I couldn't figure out what was going on with Mike. He could have kicked the snot out of his brother and half the kids in class, but he just wouldn't.

I had a lot of other stuff on my mind as well, so I didn't give a lot more thought to it. We were getting into some pretty complex moves in self-defense, we were preparing for a gymnastics show in a month and we had finally moved into our new house! I had also turned 11 and was starting to become aware of some of the changes in my own body. My penis was getting longer and thicker and I had wisps of blond hair growing around the shaft. At gymnastics practice, I found myself looking at some of the other boys when they were in their underwear and wondering whether they were going through the same kind of things I was. I always liked girls (and even kissed a couple), so I wasn't worried about being gay. I was just curious. I looked over and saw Mike again. It was pretty clear he was looking at me and he was embarrassed again. Instead of looking away like we usually did, we stopped and locked gazes and looked at each others bodies for a few seconds. I was surprised to feel my penis getting harder, my breathing getting a little faster and my face getting warm. I could tell that Mike was having the same kind of reaction. The pouch of his briefs was getting fuller and his face was staring to blush. I abruptly turned away and quickly got dressed.

For the next week, I wouldn't talk to Mike during recess. I knew he had seen me become aroused and was totally embarrassed to be near him. He came up to me a couple of times to engage in conversation, but I found some excuse to be somewhere else. I could tell he was upset, and I wanted to talk to him. The only problem was every time I tried, I couldn't get the image of his young body out of my mind and I would start feeling light headed and weak in the knees. This couldn't be happening to me. I couldn't be attracted to a boy! I started getting angry and put the blame on something that he had done or said. In our self-defense class the next week, I moved at near full speed instead of quarter speed like the instructor told us and flipped him in the air and flat on his back, knocking the wind out of him. His hurt look told me that I'd gone too far. He had tears welling up in his eyes and when the instructor hurried over, he decided that we better not work together anymore.

Mike and I didn't speak to each other after that incident for a couple of months. I hung around with other kids at school and we just kind of drifted apart. The school year ended and I couldn't wait. I'd be going to a bigger Junior High School in the neighborhood and I wouldn't have to see all of the kids in my elementary school so much anymore.

A golden haze in a bright blue Midwestern June sky marked the end of this school year and the beginning of an endless string of uncluttered summer days. I had been looking forward to this for months! This was to be my first summer in my new neighborhood!

That Saturday I got up just before sunrise. Everyone was asleep, so I was super quiet as I went downstairs. I wolfed down a bowl of cereal, wrote my folks a note where I was going and took my bike outside. It was chilly outside, but I knew it would be warmer in a couple of hours, so I was dressed in shorts and a tee shirt and sweatshirt. I rode out to where I'd seen the deer with Mike before, hoping to catch them again. By the time I got to the woods, I'd worked up a pretty good sweat and took off my sweatshirt. I rode down the winding trails Mike had shown me, trying to remember when to turn right and left. By the time I got to the meadow it was just after sunrise. I was disappointed that there were no deer this time, but I was very hot now from the fast ride and got down from my bike to rest for a while. I spread out my sweatshirt and took off my tee shirt and tolled it into a pillow. The early morning sun felt good and warm on my chest and legs. I took a quick look around to be sure nobody was around and stripped off my shorts and underwear and lay out naked. The feeling of the warm sun on my genitals and the excitement of being openly nude quickly got me erect. My pubic hair had grown in a little since the winter and I had learned how to masturbate in the spring. It was pretty much my favorite pastime now and I wasted no time running my hand up and down my swollen 6 inch shaft. My balls were still hairless and I took my other hand and felt their smoothness as I picked up the tempo with my other hand. Pretty soon I was feeling that familiar heat rising through my balls and up through my erection. I stood and sprayed several thick jets of hot cum into the bushes. After I was spent, I cleaned myself up with my sweatshirt and was about to get dressed when I heard another bike coming up fast. I did not want to get caught out here without my clothes on. I hurried and yanked on my underwear and shorts over my shoes and zipped my pants just as a bike flew over the top of the rise. It was Mike.

I quickly threw on my tee shirt. 'Hey Mike!' I called out nervously. 'I didn't expect to see you here this morning!' I could tell by the look on his face that Mike was equally surprised to see me there. I wasn't certain how much he had seen, if anything, but he had a kind of smirk on his face that let me know that he suspected something. Knowing that I was pretty close to being busted and that I had left a pool of cum on the ground about three feet away from where he was standing, I thought a distraction and movement away from that spot was urgently required. 'My folks just put a pool in our backyard' I offered, 'do you want to go swimming today?' Mike gave me that embarrassed and sad look again. 'I thought you were mad at me' he said. 'Not really. In fact, I've wanted to apologize for a couple of months now and didn't really know how. I was an asshole and I didn't mean to hurt you. Friends?' I asked sticking out my hand. 'OK', he said shaking my hand, which was still a little sticky from my previous activities. He looked at his hand and back at me again with that knowing smirk. God! I was so busted!



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