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Midsummer Self Pleasure

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After enjoying so many personal stories I'm now ready to share my own. Since summer is rapidly approaching, I am thinking back to my early teens when my hormones kick started my libido and introduced me to the wonderful natural art of masturbation.

I was fortunate to live in an upscale suburban community with large wooded areas and open fields. My desire to pleasure myself outdoors came with the arrival of those warm summer nights where your senses were greeted by sounds of crickets and the sweet smells of summer foliage and blooms.

It was after dark when that wonderful urge would well up in my loins and the sense of doing something naughty and forbidden proved too tempting to pass up.

It first began with me sneaking out of the house to a designated spot on the sprawling grounds. I would then eagerly peel off my clothes and be thrilled by the cool air bracing my young body. I was plenty hard by then and with my nipples fully erect, it was time for a blissful release. I first took to stroking in one particular place, shooting my ropes of cum and returning to the house satisfied at what was accomplished. However, I immediately became enboldened by the sense of utter freedom one felt at being stark naked and aroused outdoors under the stars.

So I took to scampering around the edges of the fields and wooded paths with my fully erect member bobbing and slapping all the while being careful to remain in the shadows of the trees and shrubs. I even climbed a tall pine tree naked once and rubbed one out to a glorious orgasm almost losing my balance in the process!

A couple of years later we had to move to a subdivision where my summertime excursions were curtailed by the utter lack of privacy. I'm not an exhibitionist so I never dared to venture outside to do the pleasure deed, though I was often tempted!

Ah, how I missed those midsummer nights of my youth. Flash forward to my thirties and I'm visiting a relative who lives in a beautiful mountain area upstate. I was married by then and while our sex life was enjoyable, I still had this powerful childish urge to pleasure myself outdoors.

So one beautiful moonlit summer night, I waited until everyone was asleep and quietly slipped out the front door, freedom at last! I walked a few hundred feet to an area that was out of view and stripped naked. I was so aroused by then, that precum had already soaked my underwear. As I stood there completely nude, bathed in soft moonlight while looking out over a serene country valley, a youthful giddiness came over me.

It was here while standing up, body taut, knees slightly bent, back arched, stroking my manhood looking up into the Milky Way, night sounds all around me that I felt such sense of primal arousal that it almost brought me to howling at the moon!

It was so quiet that I dared not disturb my surroundings instead I would whisper to my self, ooh yeah.. that's it.. running my free hand over my goosebumped skin, balls and rock hard nipples, keep goin... oooh, stroke it baybee, sample some precum, keep goin!, rub that yummy stuff all around, edge a little here, wait! Hold it off a little longer, oooooh, ooooah, oh man here it comes! ah..ah..yahhhh!! oh,oh, oh....yesss!!

Man those were the best orgasms I've ever felt leaving me compleately satisfied after shooting loads of ropey cum into the summer night while grunting and shuddering in the throes of pleasurable abandon.

My most recent outdoor experience upstate (last summer) was the most memorable since I left my clothes by the house and strolled out to an open field to be at one with nature. Little did I know then how close nature was to me! As I was stroking away, I heard the familiar sounds of deer grazing nearby. Until now they would keep their distance upon sensing my presence.

However this time I heard one approaching much closer than I was used to. Suddenly, as I was crouched there stroking away and panting, what must have been a buck, let out this loud wheezing snort and stomped at the ground in an apparent territorial gesture.

Boy was I startled and put off by this! However a certain primal urge to stand my ground and finish what I was doing quelled any sense of fear, in fact I felt emboldened and further aroused by this impromptu turf challenge. Needless to say, this brought me to a glorious life affirming orgasm which I proclaimed to the buck by shooting my seed stream in his direction. I think he got the message and beat a hasty retreat shortly thereafter.

I'm really looking forward to this 'cumming' summer!

Hope you enjoyed my story, and now I must go and release some erotic 'tension'.



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