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Mid-day swim

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When I was 18, I had been fooling around with a woman who was around 35 yrs of age. She lived with my family and was a good friend of my mothers, obody had a clue anything was going on.

This is about one of those times. It all started when My mom and was gone for the day helping friends or something I forget the details of where she was. Well L was cleaning the kitchen and I was getting ready to go for a swim. I walked into the kitchen and found her cleaning out the refridgerator, and was bent over with her nice round ass in the air. L was about 5'1", close to 115. Large DD breasts. Well since she doesn't wear any panties and her shorts are always those little short shorts, I couldn't resist. I quietly slid up behind her, pulled out my ever growing cock and slipped it between her legs. Needless to say she was quite shocked, but took it in stride. As I tried to pull the middle of her shorts to the side she pulled away and told me later and that she had to finish cleaning. I accepted her excuse and went ahead to the back yard and jumped into the pool. About twenty or thirty min passed and L came out in her little bikini. She quickly got in and climbed on the raft to lounge in the sun. I swam over and started flirting and playing with her, pulling at her top strings and tickling her in various places. She half heartedly ignored my advances but after trying to play in the kitchen I was really horney and she knew it. Eventually she relented and we started making out. She climbed off the raft and we drifted over to the shallow end. I started to slide my hands down to her pussy and playing with her clit. She pulled my hard cock out and started to stroke me slowly. I pulled her out of the pool and thats when I started kissing down her body and ending up with my face between her legs, she loved it, I went down on her for a while. After she had cum a couple of times I pulled her back into the pool where I finally got her top off and my shorts off. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close to me, she wrapped her legs around me opening her pussy up for my cock. I slowly slide in and being eighteen didn't wait for anything and once it was to the hilt I started pounding it in hard. She was loving it, we were going at it for a while and in the pool. In the middle of all this going on, L looked up and saw the neighbor looking down from her bedroom window. L didn't tell me, but she really was turned on. L pushed me off of her and pushed me towards the stairs of the pool where she climbed on my cock and started to go really wild and was getting louder by the second. She had never really gotten this wild or let loose like this before. Since I was now looking towards the neighbors house, thats when I saw her. It looked like she was playing with herself, cause I could clearly see her hand down the front of jeans and she looked like she was really enjoying it. Seeing this was all I could take and with out warning just exploded inside L, unloading shot after shot in her pussy, with me exploding and pulsating inside L, she also erupted into a loud orgasm. I looked up and saw that the neighbor was also cumming and she made it really apparent, by this time her shirt was up and one hand was caressing her breasts, and the other was down her panties, I had missed her take her jeans off. L colapsed onto my shoulder and was coming down after her longest and hardest orgasm she had had since being with me. L asked me if I had seen the neighbor, and told me that it had gotten her really turned on to know someone was watching us. I agreed and suggested that next time we do it outside of the pool so she could see everything.

A couple of days later, I saw the neighbor in the street in front of her house, she was taking her garbage in. I waved at her, and she kinda gave me a little wave a and a huge grin. Nothing like that really happened again.



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