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Michelle in the Summer

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Some fun strip poker and nakedness


Michelle was a childhood friend of mine, we hung out a lot and were really good friends but never took it further, until that summer.

So it was in the middle of summer 2001. Me and Michelle had just graduated high school and like most of the kids in our class, were celebrating all summer long before going away to college.

It was after midnight, and me and Michelle had been drinking all night, walking around our neighborhood. We held hands and stuff like we often did. I gave her a piggy back ride, there was a lot of physical contact all night. I remember her wearing these short jean shorts, and when she was on my back and I holding her smooth, tan legs to support her. Well, she was the navigator and told me we should go back to her house, and we could drink there. I walked back to her house and we went to her poolhouse.

It was a small guesthouse separate from her house where her parents were sleeping. It had a small kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom/livingroom. She didn't want to turn on the lights because her parents might see that we were in there. So she lit a small candle off on the side. Between the candle and the nightlight, there was enough light for us to be able to see, but not enough to let anyone in the main house know that someone was using the poolhouse.

She got out a bunch of beers out of the fridge, and a deck of cards and we started playing some drinking games. It was a simple game. There was a rule for each card. Drink this amount for this card, etc. So we played for a while, we were getting fairly drunk, laughing a lot and stuff. We had a piece of paper that had the rules for each card, and what you had to do when you drew that card. Well, she started changing the rules to the cards. I had no objections. Some cards required you to kiss the other person; some required you to strip, or the other person to take off something. There was one card where you could demand the other person to do something and they had to. She was obviously horny and intending to take this game to another level.

So there we are, sitting at a table in the dim light, drinking and drawing these cards back and forth. As more and more cards got drawn, we were wearing less and less clothes, French kissing, doing quick stripteases and stuff. Then I drew a card that made me give her a massge. I was only in my boxers, she had a bikini top and bottom on. So I went over and sat on the couch and she sat in between my legs with her back to me. I started rubbing her neck and shoulders and she stopped me. She untied her bikini top and threw it aside, and told me to continue. I started rubbing her again and she was really enjoying it, she started to lie back into me as I rubbed up and down her back, she really liked it when my hands got close to the sides of her breasts. After about five or ten minutes of this, she took one of my hands and guided it to her right breast. It felt so good. She had perfect 34C tits. So I'm rubbing her right nipple and playing with her breast. My other hand is rubbing her stomach and she is leaning all the way back into me. I started sucking on her neck and she went wild, her head went all the way back onto my shoulder and I sucked and kissed her neck. She slid off her bikini bottom over her smooth legs, I took that as a cue. I continued kissing her, and gently squeezing her right breast. I then took my left hand and started rubbing her stomach and getting lower until I reached her wet pussy. It wasn't the first girl I had ever touched, but she was definitely the wettest. I started rubbing her clit with a few of my fingers. She was bucking into my hand as I rubbed her pussy more and more. I didn't even put my fingers into her, I just rubbed over her clit faster and faster. It didn't take long for her to reach a crazy orgasm, I could feel the wetness on my legs and the couch was soaked. After she came, she just laid there with her back to me, turned her head and kissed me some more. She told me she had never had anyone make her cum that hard before. By the time she was done cumming, my hardon had been raging the entire time. She returned the favor by standing up and sliding my shorts off. She knelt on the ground and gave me an awesome handjob, while she looked me in the eyes. She looked so sexy in the candlelight, I'll never forget it. I came all over her hands and the couch, some landed on her chest.

That night was the beginning of an entire summer of sessions like this one. I never had sex with her, but we did more stuff like this. I'll write more soon.




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