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Met Up With College Professor And His Friends

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Unexpected Nude Fun Together

I was at the local library getting ready for the final year in College, dressed in a tee shirt, shorts and flip flops when I encountered a Professor (Mr. W) whom I had as a tutor previously.


He asked how I was and commented on the great tan I had and I said I had just returned from a backpacking trip in Europe. We chatted a bit and he asked if he could hear more and invited me over for lunch at his home on Saturday.



When I arrived, the door opened and he was wearing a long robe and had a coffee in his hand, as I walked in I saw his robe was loose and it opened and I saw his big balls and a soft penis with a very long foreskin covering the head and handing down.



He invited me to sit and excused himself with a smile for being casual but he was relaxing in his sauna when he heard the doorbell ring.



Mr. W asked me to tell him about my trip and show him photos, I showed him on my phone and said the highlight was the nude beaches, he said, “Oh that sounds lovel.y” As he scrolled though the photos there were pictures of me nude and he said I liked very athletic and well tanned, he asked if I minded if he stripped off his robe as he usually is nude at home. I said sure.  



Mr. W asked if I wanted to take a sauna with him, I said sure!



As I stripped nude I noticed he was looking at my penis intently! We entered the sauna and he sat across from me and he asked if I enjoyed the sauna, I apologized and my penis was getting erect, he smiled and said it’s sexual tension, it’s all good. 



He smiled and said I had a great body, and my penis looked quite large! Soon I was fully erect and suggested that we leave the sauna!



It was odd walking around his house with an erection but he stayed nude and we sat in his TV room. I sat on a recliner chair and it made my cock stick up even more. He said that’s a beautiful circumcised penis, when did you last have an ejaculation? I said three days, Mr. W moved closer and asked, “May I feel it?”



I nodded yes, he gripped my penis with his big hand and said, “It’s very hard and throbbing.”  



Then he put asked would I like to cum? I said yes, please, he squirted some lubricant on my erection and started slowly stroking my hard penis and pulling on my balls and then he started going faster. 



Mr. W. said it is a big cock, must be 8 inches and thick, the cock head is a beautiful purple!



He asked me, “Tell me when you are going to cum, we don’t want a mess.” I said okay, I was moaning as he went faster and pre cum was dripping out, he asked if he could swallow my cum, he said he loves that.



I nodded yes and soon said, “I am cumming soon!” With that he slowed the stroking of my cock and held it lighter and placed his mouth over the head as I ejaculated what felt like a big load of cum, I felt it squirting about six or seven times!!



I gasped as he sat back, my still fully erect cock standing up! He said that tasted lovely and I said it felt amazing. He thanked me and I said I appreciated it felt wonderful.



I went and cleaned up my semi erect cock shrinking and we had lunch, both nude. After he asked if he may masturbate me again and I smiled, he sat me in the same chair and repeated the performance I had a great ejaculation and orgasm again and again he swallowed my cum.



He said it was wonderful that at 20 I could cum again so soon, and later that afternoon he masturbated me a third time and the orgasm was even stronger, I was in awe.



We developed a good discreet relationship and for the next year I went over and visited Mr. W on average twice a week where he would masturbate me. 



And sometimes he had his friends over who would also sit nude and would watch. They were in their 50’s like Mr. W. and would enjoy the show and eventually they asked if they could masturbate me as well, which they did, it was wonderful.



They invited me to their home and soon that developed into  BI – Threesome experiences where they each had desires of my hard body and it was tremendously exciting. 



Needless to say I had no interest in a girlfriend as I had an amazing relationships with Mr. W. and the couple that was greatly mutually satisfying and provided a frequency of encounters where I loved being masturbated.




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