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Memory Lane Part 3: Nature's Surprise

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Ever masturbate to a live audience? Heres one way of doing it . . . albeit accidentally!


As with many readers, I've had the pleasure of masturbating in some pretty strange and wonderful places. Sometimes both at once. What happened to me one summer day in 1988 is one of the most memorable ever. My family and I had a cottage on the western shore of Priest Lake, Idaho, and one day while alone I decided to take my office paperwork with me on a solo trip in my ski boat to the far end of the upper Priest Lake.

I spotted a small, fairly secluded cove and slowly edged the boat into the shore, while elevating the out-drive. After securing the boat to a nearby tree, I looked around and quickly spotted a small clearing of about 12 X 12 a place where someone had obviously pitched a tent. I could see faint signs of a hiking trail, running parallel to the lakeshore as well as a game trail leading up the incline of a steep hill about 100 yards distant. I retrieved a chaise lounge chair from the boat that I'd brought along, together with a carry-all bag in which I had packed a beach towel, a lunch, and my trusty lubricant [having thought earlier that I'd most likely want to enjoy some solo play time throughout the day.] Did not take my swim trunks since it was my habit to swim in the buff as often as possible, whenever no one was around [even at our cottage].

For the next half hour I sat nude on the chaise lounge, going thru assorted paperwork items and making notes from time to time. At a certain point my subconscious took over and was sending strong signals to dicky boy that it was play time. I tried to ignore the signals, but they were persistent. So, I gave in, set aside the papers, applied my favorite lube to the appropriate places and began slowly stroking.

What a feeling . . alone in the seclusion of the woods, listening to the breeze and the great variety of bird calls, and watching the occasional trout rise to break the lakes surface. As my head was tilted back and eyes closed, feeling the wonderful sensations from what was by then a highly aroused penis, I thought I heard a twig snap fairly close by. Couldnt be a squirrel or chipmunk, I thought they were all around this area of the woods but they don't usually snap twigs.

So, while still slowly stroking I opened my eyes, sat up a little, turned my head, and suddenly saw five pairs of eyes looking down at me from about six feet away. Well, I don't know who was more startled, the five white-tailed deer, or me! I must have jumped a few inches off the lounge chair and simultaneously the doe closest to me sprang up on all fours. She and her companions all leaped, turned tail, and with lightning speed bounded up the hill and out of sight. It was all over in no more than five seconds.

My heart had to have skipped a few beats and was momentarily racing. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Taking a more studied view of my surroundings, I now noticed that the precise spot where I had positioned the chaise lounge, about 15 feet up from the waters edge, was dead center in the game path that led to the water and back up the hillside behind me. Quite obviously, I had interrupted the animals daily trek down to the lake for a cool drink. Given how quiet I had been the deer weren't at first alarmed, and were probably just curious as to who this fixture was that was planted in their path.

I've wondered often whether, if I had kept my eyes closed and not made a movement, they might have simply stepped around me and proceeded down to the lake. I don't know what deer think, but if they do have thoughts, they may also have been curious about this being who was slowly stroking an erect shaft poking up from his midsection!

Anyway, after a minute or so of some soft stroking dicky boy resumed its usual firmness. Getting myself back into a dreamy state, in fairly short order I felt a strong urge to let it fly . . . and so I did. Periodically I'd spend time on paperwork, then taking a dip in the cove, and back to work again. Had lunch, began reading again, and not unexpectedly my mind turned to my penis which of course stirred up an erection. So . . .I lubed up again, spent the next half hour relaxed and gradually became more aroused. Finally came off. Again a terrific feeling, at one with nature. The only difference was that I was a bit more attuned to my surroundings than I had been in the morning. . . I wouldn't want to scare off any more of Gods creatures wandering my way!



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